Saturday, October 3, 2009

Photo Hunt - Words

We are playing Photo Hunt today and the theme is words! Here is Darby keeping tabs on the local news! Such a well read kitty!!!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tortie Tuesday with Chica

Chica is doing so much better...thanks to all of you for your prayers, purrs and advice! She is eating and drinking on her own and seems even perkier. I just have to make sure she is hydrated and that she eats well to keep her chronic renal failure in check.

I took her to a new holistic vet in the area. I had a holistic veterinarian for ten years before we moved here and still talk to her for phone consults but it is too far to take my cats for exams.

Dr. Davis, our new vet, is wonderful. Very much like Maggie was - her office is a big open room with plenty of couches and chairs to sit and lots of windows. The exam room is the same - very little machines and metal tables - just a braided rug and some comfy chairs and her desk. Dr. Davis took off her shoes and sat on the floor with Chica to examine her. Chica was quite comfy herself and checked out the room thoroughly.

After we discussed our treatment plans and what to expect from this disease, I had a big surprise. I did not realize Dr. Davis was also an animal communicator but Chica knew - she sat sprawled out on the rug with her back towards the vet. Dr. Davis mentioned Chica was very in tune with what was going on. The vet told me Chica thanked me for all I was doing for her especially all the research on the computer for natural treatments. I just about fell off my chair! I have used animal communicators in the past for other issues but was not aware that my new vet was able to do this. What an added bonus! Dr Davis said Chica wanted to tell me that she did not like the other cats - I already knew that! She would have preferred to be the only one!

My heart was so touched by this opportunity to talk to Chica. Chica also said that she was not planning to leave this world anytime soon. Oh I was so happy to hear that - my eyes welled up with tears.

We decided to give Chica vitamin B12 shots twice a month, 250 milligrams of vitamin C a day plus her Standard Process Renal Support glandular and Renalix homeopathic blend. I purchased a sub-q fluid kit to have on hand but we did not feel I needed to do that on a regular basis just yet. I hydrate Chica with water or Pedialyte by plastic syringe throughout the day.

Chica's spirits are high and she is enjoying her life and all the extra attention. Thanks again for all your help. We will keep you posted!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Spot on Mancat Monday

Mom said I could be featured on Mancat Monday this week. I am so excited...gotta get all spruced up for my photos!

There now to find a suitable pose to show off my manly catness! Is this good?

Drat, Al is trying to steal the show by sneaking into the picture - he gets all the attention! Well at least I am in more photos today! Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sunning

It is a beautiful sunny day here in our neck of the woods and we are all enjoying the warm sun and nice breeze on our screen porch!

Norm is relaxing under the chairs in the sun.

I'm Two Spot and I like to stretch out in the sun!

Smidge likes to get all warm and cozy on the shelf.

Georgie falls asleep on her perch on the shelf.

Even big Al has himself a sunny spot to relax in. Hope he doesn't bother us today - he can be a bit too playful! Have a great Sunday ya'll! Happy Fall too!

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