Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tortie Tuesday with Chica

Chica is doing so much better...thanks to all of you for your prayers, purrs and advice! She is eating and drinking on her own and seems even perkier. I just have to make sure she is hydrated and that she eats well to keep her chronic renal failure in check.

I took her to a new holistic vet in the area. I had a holistic veterinarian for ten years before we moved here and still talk to her for phone consults but it is too far to take my cats for exams.

Dr. Davis, our new vet, is wonderful. Very much like Maggie was - her office is a big open room with plenty of couches and chairs to sit and lots of windows. The exam room is the same - very little machines and metal tables - just a braided rug and some comfy chairs and her desk. Dr. Davis took off her shoes and sat on the floor with Chica to examine her. Chica was quite comfy herself and checked out the room thoroughly.

After we discussed our treatment plans and what to expect from this disease, I had a big surprise. I did not realize Dr. Davis was also an animal communicator but Chica knew - she sat sprawled out on the rug with her back towards the vet. Dr. Davis mentioned Chica was very in tune with what was going on. The vet told me Chica thanked me for all I was doing for her especially all the research on the computer for natural treatments. I just about fell off my chair! I have used animal communicators in the past for other issues but was not aware that my new vet was able to do this. What an added bonus! Dr Davis said Chica wanted to tell me that she did not like the other cats - I already knew that! She would have preferred to be the only one!

My heart was so touched by this opportunity to talk to Chica. Chica also said that she was not planning to leave this world anytime soon. Oh I was so happy to hear that - my eyes welled up with tears.

We decided to give Chica vitamin B12 shots twice a month, 250 milligrams of vitamin C a day plus her Standard Process Renal Support glandular and Renalix homeopathic blend. I purchased a sub-q fluid kit to have on hand but we did not feel I needed to do that on a regular basis just yet. I hydrate Chica with water or Pedialyte by plastic syringe throughout the day.

Chica's spirits are high and she is enjoying her life and all the extra attention. Thanks again for all your help. We will keep you posted!

For more cat photos on Tuesday vist Gattina's Cats on Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Vitamin B is some PURRty good stuff. Momma gets those from her dog-tor in the winter time. Furry happy to know that the kitty is feelin' lots betters.

Anonymous said...

That is GRRR-8 news!!! And, that sure is an added bonus! Our mom wishes she knew of somebody who could talk to her for us! We ALL know what Skeeter would say! We're a super happy to hear Chica is doing well...

Mishkat said...

We missed your earlier post about Chica's illness - we are so sorry that she has been so sick! And we're very happy that she is feeling so much better. Your vet sounds wonderful - and I'm happy you are able to keep her hydrated with a syringe. I just had to give SubQ fluids to Dobby for a week for cystitis - it was very difficult at first, but he got used to it - and they definitely made him feel much better. He is the most mellow of all our cats though - I can't imagine giving them to Tasha the tortie!

We're sending many purrs and good thoughts to Chica.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I think it is so wonderful that you have given forever homes to the feral cats.

Chica is such a beautiful cat. How old is she? In wanting to give you some encouragement regarding Chica, I want to tell you about my Mr. Sunshine. He was a beautiful longhair dark red-gold and white. He started having problems with his kidneys after being neutered and was on prescription diets for awhile but did not thrive on it. He did best on chicken breast, baby meats, and not so much cat food. Of course I am not advising this, every case it different. As he approached old age he suffered from chronic renal failure and was on sub-q fluids ,starting out two or three times a week and then as time passed, every day and sometimes twice a day. The good news is with all his health problems he lived longer than any other cat I have ever had. Mr Sunshine was born in 1980 and died in 2001. He was a wonderful cat. I will never forget him.

I hope the same for Chica.


CCL Wendy said...

Wow! Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all communicate with our kitties directly? I think it's a matter of practice and that we all have the innate ability.

It's wonderful that Chica could assure you she's determined to stay around. It must have alleviated lots of worry.

I'd love to have your vet, too, but unfortunately he's much too far away.

The Creek Cats said...

Sorry we missed the earlier post about Chica being unwell. We are so glad to hear you have found a wonderful holistic vet in your area. Oh how I would love one here! Even better she can communicate with Chica! Sending Chica lots and lots of comforting vibes!!

Pam said...

I am glad that Chica is doing so well now. : )

Annie Bear said...

Great news about Chica! Adorable pictures too, but of course we're partial to torties. :)

If you end up having to give sub-q, you may want to try something that I learned from a natural cat book years ago. I put the sub-q bag in a bowl of warm water just to bring it to room temp. Apparently, it goes in cold otherwise and is therefore very uncomfortable for the kitty. Just a thought. I'm just glad she doesn't have to have them regularly! It's so great that she's eating on her own and feeling better. Your vet sounds great! (I wish I could tap into some B shots myself.)

Cory said...

How wonderful that you have a great vet who is also an animal communicator! The only communication I do with my vet is meow, but I have so much more to tell.

The Monkeys said...

We're so happy you're doing better, Chica!

Debra Taylor said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment for me on my blog


And I am so happy to learn Chica is better. What a gift to learn of the animal communication skill in your new vet! I do Angel Communication, but have never been able to translate the thoughts of animals directly - only through the angels.

Prayers continuing here,

MonikaRose said...

G'day that is good news. Give all love and attention and she will be well. Thank you for keeping us posted. Good to hear that you can have a vet and communicator. I have not heard of one in AUssie Land. Have a great day both of you :)

Gattina said...

A good vet is very important. Great that Chica is better. I am also very lucky with my Vet lady. How old is Chica ? She looks exactly like my Lisa who is 18. Besides that she is completely deaf now, the rest still works, fortunately !



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