Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Gotcha Day to Angel Yoko


 Happy Mother's Day to all mother beings on this planet.  
It is me Sweetpea hosting the blog on this special day.

Today would have been Angel Yoko's 23rd Gotcha Day.  She was Pop's Mother's Day gift to Mom way back in 1993.  They had gone to local shelter in Florida where they lived at the time to get a puppy, thinking Angel Chica would like a companion. Ha!

Amazingly there were no puppies to be had so Pop started looking at the kittens.  A shelter worker was cleaning cages and pulled Yoko out to have Pop hold while she moved the mom cat and her other kittens to a clean cage.  That was it - Pop fell head over heels for Yoko.  Mom had her eye on a black and white kitty but Pop could not be swayed.

So Mom's gift ended up being one for Pop instead.  Yoko and Pop were inseparable.  She slept on his chest like a fur tie when he was watching TV.  He could do no wrong in Yoko's eyes.  With Mom she would hiss, and growl if Mom tried to move her or give her any meds.  Pop could do it, no problem.  It was OK tho, Mom had Angel Chica for her best buddy and now Pop had Yoko.

The four of them lived in Florida peacefully until 1998 when they moved to North Carolina.  Things changed big time then.  Mom started TNRing the feral colony behind their farm house and  one by one brought us all in, much to Chica and Yoko's dismay! I was the first lucky one to be taken indoors. As time went on, the older two cats adjusted to all the incoming new kitties.  Yoko was really happy she was lost in the crowd since Chica did not pick on her so much anymore.

Both Chica and Yoko went to the Bridge in 2013, nine months apart.  We all miss them both so much. Mother's Day will always be a day to remember our sweet Yoko.  Mom thought of her as our Buddha cat - she did everything from eating to grooming in a very slow methodical thoughtful way, like a meditation. With that last image in mind, let's end this post with a quote from Buddha about love, mothers and all beings.



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