Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We want to thank everyone for all your support concerning our lovely Chica.  She is doing so much better - Mom feels bad that she may have had a UTI for a while and we did not see any signs.  Chica is playing and acting very much like her old self.

Mom is a Reiki Master and knows of groups online that do energy healing along with other types of healings.  If anyone knows a person or animal that needs help you can go to this group - The Distant Healing Network.  Mom used to volunteer for them and they do great work.  You can also just let Mom know and she will pass the word on to the healing groups plus add to her own list.  Putting all types of good positive vibes out there can help in any situation!

We would like to focus on our friends Sammy and Andy who need our help desperately right now.  They are having financial issues and need lots of green papers to help them thru this.  They are having an auction - donate or buy something and then pass the word on so others will know about the auction. The auction will begin on Friday August 12 at Furiends in Need blog. You can make a donation now at their blog - Sammy, Andy's and Shelly's Place.  Their mom Judi does fabulous work with Photoshop and can create a new look for your blog for a donation.

We can all make a huge difference in each other's lives by helping any way we can.  Chica is a testament to that!  Thank you all for all you do.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day to all our kitty loving friends out in blog land.  We are celbrating today by featuring tortoiseshell cats with me Chica hosting. I had a very rough week but I am doing so much better. Thank you all for helping to pull me thru with purrs, prayers and donations.  This is Mom's favortie picture of  me taken a couple of years back.  I think it shows off my tortieness very well.

Some cool things about torties:

Poet Edgar Allen Poe wrote about cats as sinister in his poems but adored his cat Catarina who was a tortoiseshell.  She was the inspiration for his story The Black Cat.

Most people think that all torties are female but  actually one in 3,00 is a male. But male torties are not true males - tortie coloring requires two X (female) chromosomes and males have one X and one Y.  Tortie males owe their coloring to a genetic mistake such as an extra Y chromosome and are usually sterile.

Mom just found out recently that in animal shelters torties are next to the last to get adopted and black cats the very last.  Who would not want a tortie?

Those of you that have torties know they can be diva cats with attitude.  But we are also impish, playful, social and very loyal.  We have Tortitude!

Whatever kind of cat you have - please give them extra love, treats and playtime today.  We are here for such a short time on this Earth - appreciate each moment you have with us!

We will wind up today with this great poem -

by Patrick Reginald Chalmers (first published in Punch magazine, 4 March 1914)

The Tortoiseshell cat
She sits on the mat
As gay as a sunflower, she;
In orange and black you see her blink,
And her waistcoat's white, and her nose is pink
And her eyes are green of the sea.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight's coming and close of day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.


The tortoiseshell cat
She is smooth and fat,
And we call her Josephine,
Because she weareth upon her back
This coat of colors, this raven black,
This red of the tangerine.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight follows the brightest day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.



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