Monday, August 19, 2013

Catch -up

Yoko snoopervising Lily's kennel cage. (And bored)

Been a very long and busy week for us here. The beans had company in town for the week, plans to visit other people out of town,  Yoko's UTI and vet visit, an unauthorized charge on the debit card (meaning we had to cut up the old card, order a new one and wait for 10 days using only cash or checks) and then a bully in the cat house.

Yoko is doing better with a new vet.  He still thinks it is a UTI but we will bring another urine sample in this week to see if all the new remedies have made a difference.  If not then perhaps and x-ray or another type of antibiotic.

Lily, the mom cat of all the white ones has been being bullied by Norm of all cats.  He was one that was picked on by Al before we made Al his own room.  A very bitter attack had Norm and Lily falling off the wall shelf onto the counter and then floor.  Luckily no one was hurt but poor Lily was terrified. 

We gave it another day but things did not improve so we brought her inside since we were down two cats (Joey and Chica)  She has been in a large dog kennel for a few days but is doing very well when we let her roam the house.  So far no one has done more than a hiss or swat.  Her two "kids" are Tabitha and Woody but they do not recognize each other. It has been too long.

Lily - the new member of the house.

In the cat house all is quiet now - don't know what brought this on from Norm but he has tried to assert himself with Snowball who just smacks him or pays no attention.  Anything could have caused this.  Seeing another cat outside (like our neighbor Jack) for instance could set Norm off. Lily seems to feel OK - sometimes a sick cat will be picked on by others.

Yoko on the kennel cage - sorry Lily is blurry

We may take in another of the white cats if anyone seems overly upset that Lily is gone.  Only and Smidge were closest to her but Only seems to have taken up with Georgie (poor girl).  Smidge is on her own and may be the one to come inside next.  Let's hope we have a quieter week this week.  What have you been up to?



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