Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank You!

Me with a Thank You card for you.

Chica here and I want to give you all a great big THANK YOU for helping to make my 20th birthday party extra special.  I am pooped and resting up after the late night partying!  It was worth it tho.

We have some winners to announce!  You guys did great in the guessing games.  Here are the answers and the winners:

Mom found me in Florida outside a shopping mall.  The gang from  Marg's Pets was the first to guess right  and they win a nip cigar.  We will send that off to you guys this weekend.

The hidden mousie was in the photo of me on my back showing my belly.  Chloe and Cecil got that right first and win a couple of sheepskin mice to play with.

The answer to what kind of coat do I have is - brindle.  Artemesia's gang won the Play and Squeak ball.

The treat jar stumped all of you - the number of treats in the jar was 163.  No one got that right but the cats from Katnip Lounge guessed 152 - just 11 off the right number.  They were the closest and win bags of Temptations.

And finally, Mom chose a commenter using to let them choose who she will donate $20. to in honor of me.  That winner is 3 Kats and a Kwilter.  We contacted them and they would like to make this donation to Chrystal's cats of Daily Does of Dogs.  We can't think of a more deserving group - thanks guys to doing that!

Thank you all again for playing and joining in the festivities!!!  I am so lucky to have all of you as friends and hope to be around for many more birthdays!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 20th Brithday Dear Chica!

Wow, I am 20!  That is pretty amazing and my little sister Yoko turned 18 earlier this year!  Mom is having a special party for me, with prizes to win and lots of goodies to eat.  Our friend Judi of Sammy, Andy and Shelly  made this special badge to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you so much. (Mom realized that last year we celebrated my birthday on the 24th! We don't know the real date so it doesn't matter I guess.)

Me getting ready for the party!

I had a little set back a few weeks back with my Chronic Renal Failure but am getting subcutaneous fluids every ten days and am doing much better.  I don't like it tho and Mom takes me to the vet to let her do it.  I yell and squirm and make a big fuss - after all I am a tortie!  I am hoping I will be around for a long time to come.

Me at about 5 months.

I am going to share some inside scoops about yours truly....I am Mom's first cat and her first and only tortie.We don't have any kitten pictures of me cuz she found me when I was about six months old outside a shopping mall whapping the glass with my paws trying to get inside.  If you can guess what state we lived in then, there is a nip cigar in it for the first one to guess correctly!

I love people and will come out from wherever I am to see who is visiting.  I go right up to them to check them out.  Another thing I love is Christmas.  I love to play in the wrapping paper and hide my toys to try and find them under the paper.

Mom thinks this is my first Christmas.

Me in my first year playing with a nip toy.

I love to play. My favorite toys have always been boxes, bitty balls, nip toys and any kind of mice. I can catch bitty balls when Mom tosses them in the air. There is a hidden mouse toy in one of my pics today - the first one to find it will win a set of sheep skin nip mouse toys.

Sheep skin nip mouse prize.

Being pensive in my early years.

When I first came to live with Mom and Pop I did not like to be petted, picked up or sit in a lap.  If they tried to pet me, I would run away into another room.  I just preferred to sit near them in the same room.  As I got older I warmed up to them and now I love all the attention I get and sit on Mom's lap whenever I can.

I think I was a pretty young girl then.

I am what they call a black tortie cuz I have reds (or orange) and blacks, but no white in the traditional tortie coloring.  What is my coat pattern called?  You win a Play and Squeak toy if you guess right first!

I love showing my belly!

As much as I love people, I really don't care for other cats.  I tormented my little sister Yoko when we were young.  Here is a rare moment when I was grooming her.  In my later years I am getting a bit more accepting of other cats - good thing cuz we got lots!

Me grooming Yoko.

One more chance to win and then on to the party!  This jar is filled with my favorite Temptations treats.  If you are the first one to guess how many treats are in this jar, you win 3 bags of Natural Temptations treats in different flavors. (For the math whizzes out there the jar is 3" by 2 1/2" and 2 3/4" high.)

And now for the party...we have cake, shrimp, ham, tuna and lots of fun toys and games to play!  Have fun and stay as long as you want.  Mom will choose one of our commenters as the winner using and she will donate $20.  to a shelter or rescue group of the winner's choice in honor of me and my 20th birthday!  We will announce the winners this weekend.  Thank you so much for coming and making this a very special day for me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tummy Tuesday with Joey

Joey here - Mom snuck up on me and took this picture of me while I was snoozing in a sun puddle.  Really, Mom,  I have no privacy!

I don't remember who was napping next to me - there seems to be another foot in the photo!

I do have to say I have a very smushy tummy - just right for loving!  Before I go I want to invite all of you to a huge celebration we are having her eon Thursday June 23 in honor of Chica's 20th birthday.  There will be games, food and lots of party favors so mark the date on your calendar!



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