Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Floofy Friday!

Al here - this is me when I was just a kitten - all of five years ago. I love to get inside pots, pans, baskets, bowls. For some reason, Mom put flowers in this neat I just pulled some out and sat on top of the rest of them.

Hope you enjoyed my floof too - Mom thought I looked a bit like a mad scientist with my furs all over the place - so I got named after Albert Einstein - Al for short. Our vet couldn't remember Al so she calls me Einstein - she is the only one who does tho!

Thanks for stopping by! We are taking part in Camera Critters today so do go by there and see more lovely animals of all sorts!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Only and Two Spot

These two brothers love each other so much and spend all their time together even tho they have completely different personalities.

They were in the third litter of Lily's (read Lily's story) along with Smidge and Tabitha - a litter of three white cats and one tabby. The only way Mom could tell them apart was little black smudges on their heads when they were kittens - hence the names. Only had one spot in the middle of his forehead and Two Spot had two - not very original but it would help tell them apart or so she thought.

As they got older the spots disappeared and now there is no black on them at all. But Mom knows who is who (see her story about that).

These guys were born under our house in the crawlspace in early fall of 2005. Mom had caught the second litter before and brought them inside - otherwise Lily would run them off if they interfered with the new litter. Feral life can be tough. Lily was a great Momcat and brought all the kittens up on the back deck to eat and play during the warm days.

By the time the kittens were a few months old, Mom wanted to try yet again to catch Lily before she got pregnant and had more. She was very good at avoiding the traps! This time she was more used to Mom and so were the kittens. Only and Two Spot loved Mom and would let her play with them.

She would prop open the back door to the porch and entice them inside with toys. She was hoping to catch them this way and she did. She stood inside the house with the door shut but a string was tied to a small piece of wood holding the porch door open. She got Only and Two Spot inside and way in the back of the porch so they would not get caught in the door. She pulled the string and the prop holding the door open moved and the door shut! Boy were those two kittens freaked out!!!! They ran everywhere trying to get out, yelling for their mom.

Now Mom and Pop had to catch the kittens and put them in their own room for safety. That was not easy - they were scurrying around and hiding in and under everything. It was pretty funny to watch - we could all see from the windows onto the porch and supervised the whole thing. After a long while they finally caught the kittens and took them inside the house. She fixed up two big kennel cages with water, litter boxes and food for them. This would help her tame them - otherwise they would just hide from beans and no one could touch them.

They settled in pretty quickly and over time let her handle them. She eventually caught the rest of the gang and Lily the same way! They are all very loving and affectionate cats - especially Only and Two Spot.

Only is kinda nervous and a little shy. He loves attention and does a little dance for Mom when she comes near him. Two Spot is very sweet but he is an on the go cat - always things to do and places to go. He never sits still long enough to pet him! He loves to play and run around the shelter. He doesn't let anything bother him. Only gets stressed out easily and has UTI problems if he is not careful. Mom has to feed him special food for that.

Hope you enjoyed our story today! Visit Gattina for more Cats on Tuesday!



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