Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More on Sweetpea....


For those of you not on Facebook or Instagram..we finally have a diagnosis for Sweetpea from the new holistic vet.  She is in chronic renal failure along with hyperthyroid.  Her liver values were up due to the thyroid meds so we have stopped that and the values have come down to normal.

Sweetpea is not a good candidate for radio active iodine treatment so we are going with Traditional Chinese Medicine and vitamin B. She is eating altho mostly baby food but we have gotten some good suggestions for food that we will try.

She is happy, acting her normal self so I am going with this less invasive route and hope that it will buy her some quality time with us.  At 17 we can't hope for a lot more in years but we want quality of life more than anything.

Thanks for all your kind suggestions, comments and calls.  We appreciate all of you so very much.  Blogging is tough when we have 15 senior cats to care for but I will try to do a post a week at least.  Love you all.



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