Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Thursday

Chica here today for your garden tour.  We planted flower plus  tomatoes and cukes that all have produced yummy veggies.  Mom loves her sunflowers and planted all colors and sizes.  Her black eyed Susans did well too.


Black eyed Susan

Pop is a big organic gardener and planted all kinds of tomatoes - fun exotic ones - orange ones, ones with deep grooves and big reddish brown ones.  The grapes were sour so we left them on the vine and some critters got them all - we have yet to get any grapes before the critters get them!


Pop will be planting our fall crops soon - lettuces, broccoli, spinach and kale.  It was a very hot summer so some things never got going like our pepper plants.  Did you get any produce from your garden?

Please be sure to visit Jonsie and the other garden posts here.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Have a super weekend and don't forget Monday is Talk Like a Pirate Day - get your pirate garb on!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tarzan on Tuesday

A friend of Mom's emailed us about a cat who was being fostered by her neighbor for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville.  His name is Tarzan and he is a black and white cow cat.  Even at his young age, he has already made the rounds of several shelters and now Brother Wolf has stepped in to help find a forever home for him.

His foster mom says he has a great combination of personality, affection and interaction.  He loves dogs.  His foster mom had a chihuahua and 3 pups staying with her and Tarzan played with them all very gently.  He is playful and cuddly - just an awesome cat!.  Tarzan is about a year old and a little small for his age, but great things do come in small packages! Please contact Tarzan's foster mom for info about him,

Feel free to repost this or post on Facebook or Twitter - the more the better.  Let's find this great guy a great home!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Our hearts are with those who lost someone on 9/11/01.  We pray that our world can find its way back to peace  -every little thing we do for peace helps bring peace to all.

"We must walk according to the highest light we have, encountering lovingly those who are out of harmony, and trying to inspire them towards a better way.Whenever you bring harmony to any unpeaceful  situation, your contribute to the cause of peace.  When you do something for world peace,  peace among groups, peace among individuals, or your own inner peace, you improve the total peace picture."

(She walked 25,000 miles across America for peace)



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