Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Light Has Gone Out - Farewell Sparkle

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The cat blog world has lost a dear friend. Sparkle ruled the world as only cats can.  Through her human's voice, she gave advice about how to care for cats, always left wonderful, often funny comments on all our blogs, and spoke out as a voice for abandoned and abused cats, helping them find a loving forever home. Sparkle had a tremendous impact on so many - bloggers, cats and humans all over the globe.

Sparkle's Credo Says it all -

Sparkle's Credo (must be followed by all fans):

1. I pledge my allegiance and loyalty to all felines around the world... and beyond.

2. I affirm that cats are superior to the human race, and that humans were put on this earth to serve cats.

3. I shall groom frequently, so I am always clean and presentable.

4. I shall play hard, nap hard and purr frequently.
5. I will always lend a helping hand to a cat or kitten less fortunate than myself.

6. I will show my claws - and use them - when someone is being cruel to another cat.

7. When a human is neglectful of his or her duties (i.e., changing the litter box, purchasing quality cat food, supplying sufficient cat toys, etc.), I shall make this fact known in no uncertain terms.

8. If I am a human, I will make sure my cats have pristine litter boxes, the highest quality premium cat food and an array of cat toys so they don't get bored. If I am neglectful in any of these aforementioned responsibilities, I will not complain when I receive the appropriate consequences.

9. I will do all in my power to rid the world of kill shelters, and to strive for all cats to find homes where they are loved, appreciated and served.

10. I shall always behave with dignity, and expect the respect I deserve.

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We'd like to think that you are among the stars now, where you belong, shining down on all of us, making sure your credo is being kept.  Sending deepest sympathy to Mom Janiss.  RIP sweet Sparkle.  You live on in our hearts forever.

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To view other tributes to Sparkle and add yours visit Glogirly.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Terrifying Tuesday - NOT

This is Only on the left and Georgie on the right under the chair in the screen room.  No one was vacuuming or doing anything thing that would scare them but when I went looking for them, I found them like this!  Eyes wide and all scooted back under the chair.  Who knows what was going on?

Click on pic to bignify for full effect!



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