Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas Eve and a Thursday - very appropriate. We are thankful that we got thru the snow storm in one piece. It will definitely be a holiday to remember....

We were snowed in for three days but at least had electric power, so many didn't....our tree was up but all our decorations were snowed in our storage unit the next town over...after calling them for days we decided to go ahead and do the tree anyway. Finding lights was a problem Mom didn't anticipate. All the stores were completely sold out. We did find some LED lights at Home Depot. A very cold icy light but they did the trick.

To decorate we used dried flowers, candy canes, beads from the Dollar store, Pop's cookie cutters with red ribbon, and black and white photos printed wallet size and backed with card stock.

Mamacita checking out the gifts under the tree.

The finished tree - not bad!

Have a safe and warm Christmas and thank you all for sharing your adventures with us all year. We have met so many kind people and critters. Mom will be by to visit after the weekend is over - she has to work until Sunday.



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