Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goat TV is Back!

With all the cold snowy and icy weather our neighbors the goats have not been out of their barn at all. Too cold and the snow froze into inches deep ice blocks so they could get hurt coming out.

We missed them. This week the weather warmed up enough to let them out. We were so excited and ran from window to window telling Mom!

We love to watch them play across the street in the pasture.

Hey Mom...the goats are back!

We also had another visitor - an opossum. Mom came out to feed us the other night and the little guy was sitting next to the door feeding on seeds from the bird feeder. He looked as startled as Mom. She didn't have her camera or we would have picts of him. We may have to keep him away as she also found a small hole in the corner of the gravel floor in the screen room. Norm was over there messing with it and Mom checked it out. One of us could have gotten out but none of us did. Mom filled the hole in with rocks inside and out. Maybe the possum was trying to come in where it was warm and there was food.

Photo from

One more wildlife adventure this week.... Pop heard a loud drumming noise and saw pieces of wood chips raining down from the old maple tree in front. He looked up and there was the Woody Woodpecker of woodpeckers - the pileated! They are big and so funny looking with a red crest on their head. He was busy looking for food in the dead branches of the tree. He kept us occupied (and the beans too) for quite a while. They were almost extinct but are making a comeback in some areas.

Photo from

Ivy watched from the bathroom window for a long while drooling over this BIGGGGG bird she couldn't have!

And that's our wildlife show for today! Happy Caturday! For more animal posts from all over check out Camera Critters. And be sure to visit Pet Pride too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hey everyone...Only here. Remember about a month ago I had to go to the VET cuz I was having to pee a lot and was running around like it hurt? Well I am feeling much better but Mom had to take some pee to the VET to see if I was getting rid of those bad crystals in my pee.

She was driving me nuts...hanging around whenever I was even looking at the litter box. She got some the first try by sliding a saucer under me when I was peeing ( how embarrassing) but got it all mixed up in the litter. She tried everyday for a week. Some days I just would not cooperate and wouldn't even go near the litterbox!

Well yesterday she finally got some pee for the VET - much better than having to take me there again. Turns out I am doing better overall but still have a little bit of infection and some crystals. I hate the food they make me eat but I guess I am going to have to chow it down whether I like it or not.

Dr. Andrea said it was an ingredient called D L methionine (an amino acid) that dissolves crystals and to mix the food in with other food and maybe I would eat it. She is a cool VET - she does people acupuncture and pets, Chinese herbs and is an animal behaviorist too. Lots of degrees and stuff. Maybe she can help Al be a nicer playmate to us all. He can be such a bully! Might just see what she can do.

Anyway I am very thankful I am getting better and hope we can solve this with the new food. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tosies, Tummy Tuesday with Darby

Oh Mom, what do you want now? I was sleeping a nice nap!

It's tummy tosies Tuesday is it? I will be happy to show off my fluffy white tummy and cute toes!

How was that? Can I go back to napping now? Happy TT Tuesday everybody!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Manly Monday with Al

All our ladycats have been swooning over Dante lately but we think our Al can give Dante a run for his money. Are you up for a little competition Dante?



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