Friday, July 10, 2015

Ivy as Caturday Art

For this week Caturday Art Ivy is our model.  I processed this photo as a watercolor.  Ivy seems to get smaller and smaller as she ages.  She is 17 this year and with CRF and being FIV+, I think that is pretty incredible.  Her fur is getting more white and her tiny  body is getting thinner even tho she is eating well - but she is as feisty and active as ever.

She loves butter and gets some when I have my muffin for breakfast and then again when she gets her sub c fluids twice a week.  She knows and waits for the butter.  She has such a huge personality - quite a character.  

We are having a heat wave and the cats spend their day sleeping in air conditioned comfort.  Hope every one stays cool and and has a restful weekend!  Happy Caturday.  

To join in Caturday Art stop by Athena and Marie for their blog hop. And we joined the Sunday Selfie by Cat on my Head.



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