Thursday, December 9, 2010

Femme Friday - Midnight with a Touch of White

Here are some more gorgeous ladycats in hats by Judi of Sammy and Andy's Place! Thanks Judi for doing such a wonderful job!

Mamacita looks very sophisticated in her silver hat.  She is one of our chubby cats - big rotund body, round face, no neck and short legs. When she and her daughter Rosa play, the thuds and bangs sound like huge Sumo wrestlers going at it on the mat!  She loves to be petted and sit on Mom's lap or next to her but is still very skittish and will run away to hide if things get too loud or hectic in the house.  She loves Joey and you will find Mamacita, Joey and Rosa smushed together on the chair sleeping.

Our second ladycat is also a house panther - Rosa, Mamacita's daughter.  Rosa has come out of her shell more these days but does spend a lot of time during the days under the bed or sofa.  Mom calls her our vampire cat cuz she prefers to come out at night!  She is also a plus size girl and is very close to her mom Mamacita.  They are usually together, napping, cleaning each other and just hanging out.

Doesn't Smidge look lovely and so feminine?  She is another tomboy cat who is the sister to Only, Two Spot and Tabitha.  Mom thought she was a boy and didn't find out for sure until she got her back from being uh spayed!  Smidge is a rough and tumble cat who likes her food and will growl and chase anyone away from her plate even tho she is a slim and tiny girl. She lets the boys know what they can do and not do. She has softened up a bit and enjoys it when Mom and Pop love her up.  She is usually with her Mom Lily or by herself - very independent!

We would like to remind everyone that Moosie is still looking for a forever home for Christmas - we need to keep putting her name out here and purring for a miracle for her.  Click here to read about Moosie. Don't forget to help out the homeless cats and dogs this holiday season by donating time, money or supplies.

We are all doing well - it has been very cold here nights in the teens and days in the 20s but we are safe and snug in our cat room and the house, napping and watching bird/pony/goat TV! . Mom is going to take a few days off this blog to work on adding more great things to sell on her Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures blog - we are donating 20% of our income in December to help Chrystal and her rescue organization.  Deb is also holding and auction to help Chrystal too so check out the great deals at Deb's Emergency Auction site.Please stop by and feel free to pass these blog sites on to other folks who might want to help out Chrystal and our feral cats.  Have a good week and see ya in a few days!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Memories

(Just is case you are wondering - the poinsettia is fake and is silk and Al is now much bigger at 6 years old) For more wordless visit Wordless Wednesday - they're back!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Helping Mom Decorate the Tree

Mom and Pop took a drive without us and came back with a real tree!  Tabitha and Woody were the most enthused of all of us. Tabitha went right up to it and stuck her face in the branches.  Must smell nice to her! This is Woody's first tree. He just ran around under the tree and got all excited.

The older cats slept thru it all - been there done that! Besides it was cold and windy and a better day for snuggling.

Darby was the only one who zipped here and there while Mom trimmed the tree.  Mom had all she could do not to trip over her!  A very diligent snoopervisor! All the ornaments are non breakable, mostly hand made and very colorful.  Mom collects them from all over - a lot of them are from Mexico! Last year was so snowy and icy before Christmas that she was not able to get the ornament boxes out of the storage unit and had to make all her tree decorations! She made sure she got them all out extra early this year.

There is still time to do your holiday shopping on our Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures blog - this month we will be donating 20% of sales to Chrystal of Winnie's Wish towards a new cat shelter. Lots of neat items -  new ornaments, jewelry, books, and more. Please stop by Jan's Funny Farm Fair too for great gift ideas! Her blog helps provide money for all her dogs and cats!

If you haven't picked up our online holiday card - please do.  Ann of Zoolatry offered to downsize the photo to fit better in the sidebar so you have a choice today. From top to bottom - large size, next is 300 px and then 225 px. Mom will be putting all of yours on the sidebar this week - we hope!  She is just getting sloppy about keeping up with the blog! Claims she has too much to do cuz of the holiday!  Sure Mom, whatever you say.....



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