Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Adieu Mr. Kitty (1999 - 2018)

In his window seat

We lost our handsome 18 1/2 year old ginger boy Sunday night. It was unexpected but Don and I were sitting on either side of him on the sofa talking to him and holding him when he passed.

Sleeping with utter abandon

He had hyperthyroid (on Felimazole) and odd bouts with nausea, vomiting and loose poop off and on since we had him but nothing showed in tests. I managed his symptoms with natural remedies. Then a few weeks ago his left back paw and later his front paw became swollen and sore.  All tests were inconclusive.  We will never know what took him.

Begging for food.

Mr Kitty was only with us for two years and nine months but he ensconced himself into our home and hearts like he had always been here. True to his Maine Coon background his intelligence, friendliness, playfulness, curiosity and ability to live in the now captivated us.

Mr Kitty at his first home.

 Mr Kitty grew up in a household with two human brothers, Nate and Jason and their parents, Deb and Barry. Mr. Kitty was a gift as a kitten to Nate for his tenth birthday. Mr. K was so very loved and spoiled in his home. When Barry had an organ transplant they were not allowed to keep pets so I offered to bring Mr Kitty to our house for however long he lived.  He joined us at age 16 and adjusted well for his age.

Mr Kitty and Don

Mr. K was a social guy who loved people, especially men, greeting all guests with an opportunity to give him some love. Our ginger cat loved my husband Don with a passion.  They bonded on the two day trip to our house.  Mr Kitty always had to be sitting next to or on Don.  If Don went out, Mr. Kitty was on alert for the sound of the back door and would be right there to greet Don as he came in. When Don wore his baseball cap, Mr Kitty rubbed his face against the visor purring with pleasure.

He did not care for the other cats but Mr. Kitty tolerated Sweetpea for some reason.  They could be found spooning each other on the sofa while napping,  Sweetpea was with us on the sofa on Mr. Kitty's last night.

Mr Kitty with Sweetpea on the sofa

A purrfect model for holiday photos and special occasions, wearing costumes or bow ties, Mr. Kitty tolerated the fuss.  He wanted all the attention good or bad.  He had a habit of pushing things off the coffee table with his paw if no one was paying him attention.  He was a true attention hog.

His favorite place was in the office on the window seat catching the morning sun. or on cold days in front of the heater.  His time on the back screen porch was something he cherished no matter what the weather.

In his window

On the porch with Tabitha

In front of the heater

Always curious, Mr. Kitty loved to check out the grocery bags when we came home from shopping.  Once he pulled a full loaf of bread out of a bag on the floor and ran down the hall, dragging it.  The cat toy basket was a source of fun for him.  He would pull out several toys , digging around to find one that caught his eye to play with.

If you cannot see this video, go here.

These past few months his personality was mellowing out. He was less and less active. He had a couple of good days on Friday and Saturday.  He spent time on the back porch, was treated to cooked chicken liver, and sat in all his favorite places. He enjoyed his time with Don on the sofa watching TV. We did not expect to lose him on Sunday.

In all his gorgeous glory
We wrapped him lovingly in a soft fleece blanket with is catnip flower and buried him on our land next to the others we have lost.  Rocks cover his grave with a bouquet from our holiday wreath.  I have ordered a stone for his grave site to be put there later.

This big beautiful boy with a larger than life personality left a gaping hole in our hearts. I am forever grateful we were able to have him in our lives for the time we did.  He brought us so much joy, laughter and love.  Rest well Mr. Kitty, until we meet again at the 
Rainbow Bridge.

P.S. This morning before I woke I dreamt I woke up and Mr. Kitty was sitting on the end of the bed in all his glory looking so content just like in the photo above in his window seat.  When I did get up I saw him again in my peripheral vision next to my feet in the kitchen where he always sat waiting for his breakfast..  I know in my heart he is safe and young and happy once more on the other side of the veil watching over us.



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