Friday, June 19, 2015

International Box Day - June 19

Mr Kitty - a big cat in a small box

 For kitties, everyday is box day!  Boxes are better than any toys we could have - we can sit in them, nap in them and hide in them. 

Al in his nap box
 Wishing cats everywhere Happy International Box Day!

Two Spot taking up all his box.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mr. Kitty's Scary Mancat Story and a Georgie Update

 The warm weather is here so we don't have the windows open anymore for fresh air but Aunt Cheri lets us cats go on the back porch from early evening on.  I enjoy this and stretch out, scratching on the wood of the porch.

Then my next job is introoder alert.  This is very important.  My Mom told Aunt Cheri that I would chase everything and anything that came into my yard back in my old house.  I am fearless.

 While I was on the porch this day, a big black dog came into the yard.  The other kitties all ran inside the house but I stayed and hissed and growled at the thing.  No one messes with me.

Auntie heard me growling so came to make me come inside.  "Do I haveta?" I pleaded.  She wouldn't listen to me.  Inside I went with the doors locked.  Auntie kept looking out the window where all the cats were now looking safely inside.

Then...she saw it.  It wasn't a dog after all.  It was a black bear!!  Auntie figured out it must have been just outside the door of the house maybe heading for the trash can.  When I hissed and growled, he ran up the embankment.  Bears are afraid of bobcats and mountain lions so my cat sounds scared him off.  Auntie had noticed the trellis for the climbing veggies in the garden was moving back and forth even when there was no wind.  That was when he bear ran by!

 Now that we were all indoors, Auntie Cheri ran to get her camera and took this photo of the bear.  It was getting dark and all you could see was his light brown snout against the dark woods.  Then Auntie yelled and banged on the screen to scare him away!  He lumbered slowly into the forest.

I got praised and told how good I was at my job as snoopervisor of the house and yard.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Auntie is hoping the bear does not come back again.  He won't, cuz I am here to guard everyone!

P.S.  We have a short update on Georgie...she is home, eating (tuna only but at least eating) and acting more and more like herself.  She is not a docile cat (except when she is sick) and is pretty fiesty if you try and hold her.  Two nights ago while the beans were feeding her with a syringe via her feeding tube, she jumped down off the table and ran down the hall with the syringe still in the tube!!!  Horrors!! Auntie was screaming and running after her.

Georgie seemed OK but Auntie took her to the ER vet to make sure the tube didn't come out.  It didn't - whew!  Now they wrap her in a towel when they feed her - better safe than sorry.  Georgie goes back on Tuesday to her internal medicine specialist to have a recheck.



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