Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday News

Minnie snoopervizing the back yard.

 Mom apologizes profusely for not visiting this week but they have been scrambling to get some kitty projects done before the cold weather settles in for the long term.  Pop closed in our back stoop so we can go out there and keep an eye on things.  He had added a nice all glass door earlier this year.  We like this!

Sweetpea claimed the porch as hers!

Woody and Tabitha went to see if neighbor cat Jack was luring in the yard.

They settled in to keep a look out for Jack!
Then Mom put up all the plastic on our screen room for the white cats.  This keeps it cozy in cold temps and on sunny days it is nice and balmy out there.  She gets up on a ladder and staples all the plastic to the outside. She was "wore out" as they say in the mountains from doing this over several days this week!  But the cats are sooo happy to have their big sun room.  She still has to add some more windows to it so they can see out!

Whitesters screen room.

We like our window flaps.
We got company coming too over the weekend but Mom will still put up our week long Halloween extravaganza next week so be sure to stop back by beginning on Monday!  Have a super weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Celebrating 'Tock- Tober

Snowball, Norm, Sam and Georgie

We are participating in 'Tock-Tober, the celebration of Derby's birthday.  Have a look at our 'tocks!  Mom did not have as many pics of them as she thought she did!  We said enough is enough Mom - who wants to see our 'tocks anyway?

We wish Derby a wonderful 'Tock-Tober birthday!!!


Get ready for our week long Halloween fest next week!  We will scare you silly with our costumes and posts so be sure to check it out. Don't forget to enter Hansel's Costume Contest -see the sidebar for the details. Let's make it a super spooky Halloween!

Miss Chica



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