Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wordy Wednesday with Al

As you know we planned on seeing the Acro Cats over the past weekend.  We found out online that they were auditioning local cats for guest spots with the Rock Cats band so we took our Al in.  He is deaf but we have trained him to respond to hand signals and his lack of hearing makes him immune to the noise of the crowd.  Maybe he won't hear the music he makes but he can bang the drums!

We will share some pics of the Acro Cats in action while we finish telling our exciting story about Al.

We went the the theater early and sat thru various other cat's auditions.  When it came to our Al's turn, he did wonderfully!  He caught on quickly and never even wandered from his seat.  After answering a few more questions, we were very excited to learn they had chosen our Al to guest star on Sunday's late show!  That gave them time to work with him a bit.

Flash ahead...time for the show and the theater was filling up quickly with people of all ages.  Samantha began with the star Tuna and introduced each of the cats with a wonderful acrobatic routine.  She even has a groundhog named Garfield, some tightrope walking rats and a chicken named Gregory Peck.  All of her cats are rescues and she told us each of their stories.

Then...drum roll...the highlight of the show - the Rock Cats. The guitarist and keyboard cats came out and finally Al on drums.  He looked specatular!!  It was quite the event to see them all playing along with Tuna on cowbells and Sookie on chimes.

Al wasn't happy with the pink collar he had to wear but all went smoothly and no one knew it was not the actual Rock Cat drummer Dakota until they revealed his identity at the end of the show!  We are so proud of our Al!

This was a April Fool post from 2013 when we went to see the Acro-cats.  Al does look like their white cat but all of this was made up by our Mom!



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