Thursday, February 6, 2014

Al, Ivy and Darby Consult with a Pet Pyschic


A few days ago we were contacted by Psychic Source, an online psychic group, for a free pet psychic consult with Nancy.  I was told to email a photo of the cats we wanted Nancy to read so I chose Albert, Ivy and Darby.  At the arranged time, I placed a phone call to Nancy and we began the 30 minute consult.  The cats were in the other room either asleep or watching bird TV.  I will write about what Nancy said and then after, how it related to the cat  and us.

Albert - Nancy honed in on Al, our deaf cat,  first and wanted to talk about him. She asked how long we had had him (since he was a kitten) and how old he was (9).   Before he came to us Nancy said that he felt rejected and without support, even by his mother.  He struggled alone and feeling excluded. Now she said he does get support from us.  Nancy saw a male figure in Al's life giving him steady reliable support. This male figure is Al's rock. He is dependable for Al and Al wants to please him very much. Their relationship is very stabilizing to Al.

She explained that Al does have a cold side to him, that he can be domineering, arrogant and cut off from his emotions.  Like a person who has shut down his emotions, he can be overbearing because of this. In his own room, Al is confident and peaceful: he feels safe. He loves his humans.  She said that when Al lashes out at the cats or us, it is fear based.  Some cats pull back in fear but Al becomes aggressive.  Nancy suggested trying to find an online support group for deaf/aggressive cats for us to help him feel more peaceful.  She stated that All needs extra loving to make up for how he felt in his early months.

Al was found by the side of a highway by me as a tiny 8 week kitten.  He may have been dumped there by humans or wandered off from his litter.  Obviously he had been on his own a while since he was covered in bruises and cuts and matted.  He was very passive and cute as a kitten but as he matured he began to become a bully.  Al is very close to my husband and they do have a special bond.  Al looks to him for comfort when he is upset.  Albert does not relate well to other cats, does not pick up their behavioral cues and ends up in fights with them.  Snowball is out dominant cat in this group but Al is always confronting him.

I think Nancy did get an accurate picture of Al - and his feeling rejected and dominant explains his aggressive behavior. We are going to try to find a support group online to help him - if anyone knows of one, let us know.  We love Al but he has been our problem child since he matured.  For his safety and the safety of the other white cats, Al has his own room and is let out only if we are there to supervise.


 Ivy - The first thing Nancy said about Ivy is that she struggles with her vision.  She described her as tiny and very loving with a strong bond with me.  Outside she explained that she suffered from the other cats. Inside with us Ivy feels special, protected and safe.  I asked if she was OK and Nancy replied that Ivy was content , feeling harmony and balance in her life.  Nancy felt that she is not ready to leave this earth and will be with us for several more years.  She told me that I look like an "angel" to Ivy and that I have done the best I could do to care for her.

I have noticed that Ivy seems to hesitate when getting up on furniture and often is startled when other cats come s close.  Her vision may be the reason so we will take her to a vet to check this out.  She is a small cat - at six pounds and in spite of being feral for seven years is affectionate and loving to both my husband and myself.  I am her constant companion.  Unless she is sleeping, she is right next to me or on my lap.She comes to me when she wants something quacking her funny quack.  She was the last of the ferals in this group to be brought indoors and I fear that her life was challenging.  Nancy was right when she said she was picked on outside - the male cats were trying to drive her off to start their own feral colony. Ivy is 16 and has FIV so hearing that she would be with us a while longer made me happy - I hope this will be the case.

Darby looking out the window.
Darby - Nancy saw that Darby was in great shape physically and was surprised that she was 15 years old this year.  She described Darby as a happy cat who gives much love back to us: she is very affectionate. Nancy did not see anything negative with Darby.  She stated that Darby had deep feelings and was very intuitive.  Darby can pick up on things without being told - she reads our energy.  In this way she felt that Darby is a healer, a cat that stays with us when we are not feeling well.  Nancy explained that Darby needed companionship, to be constantly reassured.  She learned to be quick and very sharp living on her own outside before we took her in.  She can take care of herself in spite of her small size.

Darby was found living under our rented house in another neighborhood, not a part of the main feral group.  She about six months old then and alone.  I thought she was a male cat watching her defend her territory with other cats twice her size, running them off.  She was the hardest to tame when we took her indoors, not even allowing us to pet her without smacking our hands. Now, she has a close bond with both my husband and me, sitting with us on the computer chair or on the sofa. She will seek one of us out always wanting to be near us.  If one of us is sick, Darby will be the cat sitting next to us the whole time, making biscuits and purring.

Nancy ended the session with a little more information about Albert and then about me.  Nancy said once again that Albert blocks off his emotions.  He is afraid to give of himself to only get rejected again.  She reiterated that Al had no loving mother and was lost and alone as a kitten until "angels" stepped in.  She mentioned seeing "angels" around my cats. Nancy saw me as an angel for these cats, helping them recover, bringing balance, health and energy back into their lives.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  This was great fun and I feel I learned a lot about why Albert acts the way he does.  I found Nancy to be easy to talk to, pleasant and very kind.  If you would like more info about this psychic group, click on Psychic Source.  Nancy's personal link is here.



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