Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happt Birthday ML!!!!

Today is a very special day in the blogosphere - it is ML's birthday!  (Do go by and wish her a great day!) Without ML there would be no Cat Blogosphere and most of us would not have met all of our cat blogger friends.  She keeps this group running smoothly, lets us know of any events taking place and makes sure we are all taken care of whatever our needs are.  You are super, terrific and amazing ML!  Hope your birthday is as extra special as you are.

Happy Birthday from all us Cats of Wildcat Woods.  (Comments are off today!)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Midnight Monday with Mamacita

It's a tight squeeze but I got in the cat tree!

I am house panther Mamacita hosting the blog today.  Mom asked me to talk about Best Friend's Animal Society's Back in Black 2 - the second annual month long effort to showcase black dogs and cat in shelters and to get them adopted!

Black pets have a harder time to find new homes. Because many people adopt from online photos it hurts us  cuz we don't show up well in photos.  Ask Mom.  She tries so hard to take my picture and not many come out showing me in my best light. I have stunning eyes but they never seem to show up in my photos.  But I do have some very endearing qualities....

I love my ESS and often fall asleep on it.  I like the way it fits my portly shape.  For some reason I like to lay with my front paws up on something and this works fine.

I love my pal Joey.  He is a super snuggler and lets me use him for a pillow anytime I want.  I also have a habit of getting all excited and running in front of Mom when she is rushing to get ready for work.  She keeps saying "Look out, look out" for me to get out of the way so she won't step on me.  I think I thought that was my name at first cuz she yells it so much.  But I know it's not.

I am a plus sized girl, as you can see here.  I love to eat but I also like to scoop out a piece of dry food and bat it around on the floor.  That's fun!  It drives Mom nuts cuz she always steps on the food and crunches it to pieces.

I like to play with nip toys, boxes, the red lazer dot...just about anything.  I even like wrassling...with my daughter Rosa.  We look like two sumo wrestlers when we go at it on the floor.  Thump, thump, bang!  Rosa is my best buddy and you will hear from her later this week.

I am kinda shy too being a feral so I don't like to be picked up but will get up on the sofa or bed and sit next to Mom.  Sometimes I even get on her lap...but not too often.

I hope this shows how even feral black cats can be fun to have around the house.  Every house needs a panther!!!  Adopt black pets!!!  They deserve a chance too.

Oh and P.S.  Thanks for coming to the party for Yoko.  She was thrilled and had the time of her life!



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