Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hey there - Ivy here today. It's Earth Day isn't it? Pop is an old hippie and Mom has been a nature lover since the beginning so they do a lot to help Mother Earth daily! Here are some ideas they use to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Recycle your pet food cans - most areas now have recycling stations to bring those used cans. If you are like us and have lots of cats - those cans can add up!

Buy natural and environmentally safe litter - we use World's Best Cat Litter made from corn but they have litter out there from pine, wheat and old recycled newspaper. Pick one and try it!

Use your own bags when you shop - don't use plastic bags unless you have to. They just don't break down and end up being around a long time.

Buy fresh local foods in season and avoid packaged foods if you can - we have lots of farms nearby for fresh eggs, cheese, meat and produce. Pop is a Chef and he doesn't like packaged foods so unless Mom sneaks in a mac and cheese in a box we make our own.

Grow your own foods organically - Pop has had a garden forever and uses things like kelp and fish emulsion for fertilizer. He buys his compost and soil enhancers form local stores and not the big chains - they say they are organic but have harsh chemicals in them. Pop uses straw for mulch and even uses straw to plant in (he is trying straw bales gardening this year). Our beans even grow wheat grass for us!

Shop at consignment and thrift shops - we are tough on furniture and stuff so Mom decorates like Shabby Chic with funky flea market stuff that looks better all banged up. She also gets used cat condos, kitty beds and towels and blankets for comfy bedding at these stores. She likes vintage clothes and buys a lot of her stuff there too.

I bet you can think of lots more things to do each day to help keep our planet healthy and green for a long time! Happy Earth Day from all of us at Wildcat Woods.


Marg said...

Those are super duper suggestions. We try to do most of them. Recycling the cans is a great idea and we help Mom by saving all the boxes that come in here. We just sit in them.
Have a very Happy Earth Day.

Kea said...

Happy Earth Day!

Our city recycles and composts, so our human does that, she uses cloth/reusable bags for shopping, she doesn't have a car, so walks and buses, and she mostly hangs her clothes to dry. Plus she buys most of her stuff from Value Village, a great second-hand store in town (it's a Canada-wide chain and our store is particularly good).

So while we don't have any land to garden, and our human loathes--absolutely despises--cooking, she does what she can!

Anonymous said...

wow, it is so eco-friendly over at your place. my mommeh is impressed and envious.

CCL Wendy said...

I think when you love animals as much as you do, that it extends to the world at large. And thank goodness for that, and for you. You are true citizens of the earth, and we're lucky to have you on it.

Happy Earth Day!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! Those are some great ideas!! Our mom recycles stuff like our food cans...we like to help by licking the insides clean!

Happy Earth Day!

The Florida Furkids said...

Mom says the items from your local market look very nommmy!! We get lots of fresh veggies and great local fish!

Mom loves consignment/thrift shops too!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids



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