Friday, August 26, 2011

We are Back (sort of)

Me, Chica after getting sub c fluids - I look like I have no neck!
Mom got the old computer back but it cost a lot of money - there were 3 viruses in all three hard drives - don't ask why we have so many hard drives????  We still may need a new computer but this one will do for now.  Mom still has to put some programs back on to the computer so we can post pics etc.  This is an old photo already in the files.

We missed so much - Beignet and Miss Peach ran off to the Bridge, a special hatting day for Judi...we have to catch up.

We are not in the path of the hurricane coming but so many of our blogger friends and others are - sending lots of protective light and energy that they will be safe.

We will be up and rolling for sure next week.  Mom is off for three days after today and get get our computer set up and ready to go.

Have a good weekend, be safe and see ya next week.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Glad you're back and up and running. But we're getting that same malware alert when trying to visit you via Google Chrome. See our two posts today, or our comments on the CB site for today. To fix it, you have to remove Daisy from your blog roll/link widget temporarily--it's coming from her blog. But she wasn't hacked, a site she links to WAS. So now a number of blogs are getting a huge red malware alert when trying to visit via Chrome.

Marg said...

Yup I am here. It worked this time. So it must be Blogger doing this and whoever is linked the one that had been attacked. Cause I can't get into Daisy's either. So removing all your links must have worked.
Maybe you should get Google Chrome. It seems to protect people from getting attached to the hacked blogs. Take care. Don't work too hard this week end.

Admiral Hestorb said...

I am so glad to see you and Chica too, again. Miss you guys.

HH and The Boys said...

Yes, sending safety purrs to all our friends in the north.

It's good to have you back.

And thanks to Fuzzy Tales for the alert about Malware. I'll go take Daisy off temporarily too.

pawhugs, Max

Old Kitty said...

Awwww great to see your beautiful pic, wonderful Chica! Yay!

Me and Charlie are so annoyed with all these viruses and what-have-you infecting so many bloggers' PCs lately - it's so so bad! :-( We hope that you get your pc up and running and virus-free soon!

We are also purring and praying for all those affected by the hurricanes! Take care


Sparkle said...

I am keeping my paws crossed that everyone in Irene's path stays safe!

Vanillabeanseed said...

Glad to hear the computer is starting to come along. Arnt these things confusing? We let out human daddy do all the hard work. Human mom isnt that smart! MOL

Brian's Home Blog said...

Hey, we've been missing you!!!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Ours crashed too. But not through blogging. Mommy was doing research and got sumthing that crashed hers immediately. Glad you are back up and running. We hate viruses. Bleh!Purrs going out to efurrybody on the East coast!

Unknown said...

We has missed yous guys! Glas yous is back and hope your Mommy has *fun* getting everything up and ruinning!

The Chair Speaks said...

Oh, it's so good to see you Chica. Keep well. Purrs to you and your mom!

Mr Puddy said...

Woo Hoo ! you are back : ) I miss you.
About the Malware, now Daisy fix her site, and no evil Malware, she and Harley hiss all off. You are safe to have her back now.

Have a lovely day, I will stay tune to here from you guys

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are glad you aren't in the path of the hurricane. Glad you got your computer back - it's such a pain when they misbehave - had to get someone in to help me early this week when the internet disappeared!! Fortunately it was found quickly (after I had tried all day without luck).
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Kwee Cats said...

You guys are ok! We get, well, Mumsy gets behind we are sure you have noticed. And we miss stuff all the time!
Have a good weekend!

Noll's Nip said...

Welcome back! Bad, bad viruses!

Gigi said...

Glad you're (sort of) back! My Human is using an old creaky computer and thinks that some green papers are going to have to fly out the door pretty soon to get a new one.

Chica, **we** think you look grrrrreat, neck or no neck!

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi to our NC mountain cats...we survived that witch Irene with just lots of rain and wind and lots of debris in our yard. She out stayed her welcome but the sun is shining to day.
Hugs and we hope you get your 'puter issues solved soon.
Madi and Mom


We are so glad you are back and that you were not affected by Irene. BAD virus BAD!




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