Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Hunt - Black

We joined in on the Photo Hunt today and this one was sooo easy...the word is black!

We have 5 black cats living in our house..... This is Ivy when she still lived outside. It is hard to take photos of black cat indoors since they don't show up well unless you use a flash and then you get red eyes or eyes closed cuz of the flash!

This is tiny Sweetpea, our long haired petite cat. She is 10 this year.

Lovely Minnie has deep green eyes and fur like velvet but it is so hard to capture them in photos.

Mamacita is a younger kitty rescued with two kittens from our yard. Both kittens had severe respiratory illness when we brought them in.

Our senior Chica is a black tortoiseshell and very much the boss cat in the house.

Rosa is Mamacita's baby girl cat. We lost her brother Manny to urinary blockage when he was only 2.

If you want to play Photo Hunt too visit Tnchick for the details. We also joined in on Camera Critters and Pet Pride today too. Happy Caturady!

Happy May Day too! Mom did a post on her other blog about this old fashioned holiday and the flowers in our yard! Go see.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoko's Portrait

You think I don't know you are there Mom with your flashy box? Even with my eyes closed I can see you!

OK, That's better...I will go back to sleep now.

(Yoko will be 17 on Mother's Day this year - she acts older these days, sleeping most of the time. Even her sister Chica who is 19, acts younger than Yoko. Please stop by for Yoko's 17th Gotcha Day on May 9 - we are having a big party here.)

We are participating in a new meme called Face of the Week. Stop by and see what it is all about!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tabby Tortie Tuesday

Hello, this is Chica the tortie in this post. I am the senior cat of the group here...will be 19 this summer. I prefer to be alone or with Mom. I guess I would have liked to be the only cat but...Mom has to help all the poor strays and ferals!

Tabby Tabitha is the newest to come in the house. She is five and very sweet but awfully lonely. I think she misses her Mom Lily (who lives out in the super shelter we have) but Al was picking on Tabitha so much we had to bring her inside with us.

When it is time for the beans to go to bed, I get up there for some cuddle time with Mom. Tabitha thinks she can horn in on that and siddles up to me on her tummy hoping I will give her a cleaning.

Sometimes I do but not for very long.... Tabitha just about throws herself at can I resist?

That is enough for tonight Tabitha. Now I just vant to be left alone!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watching for Obama

The President and his wife Michelle are in town this weekend and we are all watching for them!

He is staying at the hotel Mom works at and she saw him briefly last night - playing golf and eating dinner. We heard they went to a BBQ place and then for a hike after.

Mom had Pop drop her off at work to avoid all the stop and search events but he came back to drive her home and got to go thru the car search with the dogs. The FBI guys asked Pop if he would mind if they planted a bag of gun powder on the car to give the dogs something to do and keep them alert. He asked if it was a trick and they smiled and said no. So they hid the bag on the car and let the shepherd mix dog find it - he did and got lots of praise for his work! Pop thought it was cool.

There have also been rumbling noises of jets flying overhead all night and day! Lots of excitement here. Happy Caturday to you! We will keep you posted!

For more photos of great critters please visit Camera Critters.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hey there - Ivy here today. It's Earth Day isn't it? Pop is an old hippie and Mom has been a nature lover since the beginning so they do a lot to help Mother Earth daily! Here are some ideas they use to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Recycle your pet food cans - most areas now have recycling stations to bring those used cans. If you are like us and have lots of cats - those cans can add up!

Buy natural and environmentally safe litter - we use World's Best Cat Litter made from corn but they have litter out there from pine, wheat and old recycled newspaper. Pick one and try it!

Use your own bags when you shop - don't use plastic bags unless you have to. They just don't break down and end up being around a long time.

Buy fresh local foods in season and avoid packaged foods if you can - we have lots of farms nearby for fresh eggs, cheese, meat and produce. Pop is a Chef and he doesn't like packaged foods so unless Mom sneaks in a mac and cheese in a box we make our own.

Grow your own foods organically - Pop has had a garden forever and uses things like kelp and fish emulsion for fertilizer. He buys his compost and soil enhancers form local stores and not the big chains - they say they are organic but have harsh chemicals in them. Pop uses straw for mulch and even uses straw to plant in (he is trying straw bales gardening this year). Our beans even grow wheat grass for us!

Shop at consignment and thrift shops - we are tough on furniture and stuff so Mom decorates like Shabby Chic with funky flea market stuff that looks better all banged up. She also gets used cat condos, kitty beds and towels and blankets for comfy bedding at these stores. She likes vintage clothes and buys a lot of her stuff there too.

I bet you can think of lots more things to do each day to help keep our planet healthy and green for a long time! Happy Earth Day from all of us at Wildcat Woods.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Pop left his T-shirt from the local BBQ place on the back of this chair and Darby moved right in. Couldn't resist!!!!

Check out more great shots for Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trading Places with Al and Two Spot

Two Spot here..even tho our days are warm and sunny the nights are still cold so Mom has left the plastic cover up on our screen porch. On really warm days she pulls down the corners and opens up the vent doors for us to get fresh air. I got myself a good spot here on the cage - great view of the birdfeeder!

Uh oh, here comes that scapegrace, Al. I don't like to mess with him. He wants my spot I bet!

Yup - he thinks he can just take whatever he wants! I don't want to fight about it today - I am a lover cat not a fighter! I'll find another spot and Al can have this one. Anything for peace.

Al surveys his kingdom at Wildcat Woods.

Today's new word for the day is

scapegrace\SKAYP-grayss\ , noun;
1.A reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.

Hope you all have a peaceful day. (Mom likes to read and learn new words so this may be a regular feature on the blog... )
For more cat posts be sure to stop by Gattina's for her Cats on Tuesday!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo Hunt - Covered

This window sill is covered in cats!!!!! Mamacita is on the left, Joey and then Sweetpea. For more photo interpretations of the word covered visit TN Chick! And for more critter shots visit Camera Critters.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's the Vole???????

Hope you enjoyed the furry gang vole spotting on the screen porch (still covered for winter). Be sure to visit here for more Wordless Wednesday. And for more white Wednesday photos visit the lovely blog Faded Charm!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two for - Tabby Tuesday

It's me Joey - the tabby in the front of the basket.

You remember Tabitha. Mom brought her in a while back cuz Al was picking on her. Well we have become basket buddies - sunning in the window together. She is a bit young (I am 11 and she is 4) and still has to learn her manners with us older cats tho.

She is also very squirmy and never sits still - I just want to chill out and nap. She just doesn't get it! First her foot is on me, then I get almost shoved out completely! Sheez - young 'uns!!!!

Oh well - Mom and Pop love her so I guess she isn't all bad. She just has to get used to being a little more gentle and quiet with us senior cats. Time will tell! For more Cats on Tuesday be sure to stop by Gattina's!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Floofy Friday!

Al here - this is me when I was just a kitten - all of five years ago. I love to get inside pots, pans, baskets, bowls. For some reason, Mom put flowers in this neat I just pulled some out and sat on top of the rest of them.

Hope you enjoyed my floof too - Mom thought I looked a bit like a mad scientist with my furs all over the place - so I got named after Albert Einstein - Al for short. Our vet couldn't remember Al so she calls me Einstein - she is the only one who does tho!

Thanks for stopping by! We are taking part in Camera Critters today so do go by there and see more lovely animals of all sorts!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Only and Two Spot

These two brothers love each other so much and spend all their time together even tho they have completely different personalities.

They were in the third litter of Lily's (read Lily's story) along with Smidge and Tabitha - a litter of three white cats and one tabby. The only way Mom could tell them apart was little black smudges on their heads when they were kittens - hence the names. Only had one spot in the middle of his forehead and Two Spot had two - not very original but it would help tell them apart or so she thought.

As they got older the spots disappeared and now there is no black on them at all. But Mom knows who is who (see her story about that).

These guys were born under our house in the crawlspace in early fall of 2005. Mom had caught the second litter before and brought them inside - otherwise Lily would run them off if they interfered with the new litter. Feral life can be tough. Lily was a great Momcat and brought all the kittens up on the back deck to eat and play during the warm days.

By the time the kittens were a few months old, Mom wanted to try yet again to catch Lily before she got pregnant and had more. She was very good at avoiding the traps! This time she was more used to Mom and so were the kittens. Only and Two Spot loved Mom and would let her play with them.

She would prop open the back door to the porch and entice them inside with toys. She was hoping to catch them this way and she did. She stood inside the house with the door shut but a string was tied to a small piece of wood holding the porch door open. She got Only and Two Spot inside and way in the back of the porch so they would not get caught in the door. She pulled the string and the prop holding the door open moved and the door shut! Boy were those two kittens freaked out!!!! They ran everywhere trying to get out, yelling for their mom.

Now Mom and Pop had to catch the kittens and put them in their own room for safety. That was not easy - they were scurrying around and hiding in and under everything. It was pretty funny to watch - we could all see from the windows onto the porch and supervised the whole thing. After a long while they finally caught the kittens and took them inside the house. She fixed up two big kennel cages with water, litter boxes and food for them. This would help her tame them - otherwise they would just hide from beans and no one could touch them.

They settled in pretty quickly and over time let her handle them. She eventually caught the rest of the gang and Lily the same way! They are all very loving and affectionate cats - especially Only and Two Spot.

Only is kinda nervous and a little shy. He loves attention and does a little dance for Mom when she comes near him. Two Spot is very sweet but he is an on the go cat - always things to do and places to go. He never sits still long enough to pet him! He loves to play and run around the shelter. He doesn't let anything bother him. Only gets stressed out easily and has UTI problems if he is not careful. Mom has to feed him special food for that.

Hope you enjoyed our story today! Visit Gattina for more Cats on Tuesday!



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