Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Naptime

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tortie Tuesday with Chica

Chica is doing so much better...thanks to all of you for your prayers, purrs and advice! She is eating and drinking on her own and seems even perkier. I just have to make sure she is hydrated and that she eats well to keep her chronic renal failure in check.

I took her to a new holistic vet in the area. I had a holistic veterinarian for ten years before we moved here and still talk to her for phone consults but it is too far to take my cats for exams.

Dr. Davis, our new vet, is wonderful. Very much like Maggie was - her office is a big open room with plenty of couches and chairs to sit and lots of windows. The exam room is the same - very little machines and metal tables - just a braided rug and some comfy chairs and her desk. Dr. Davis took off her shoes and sat on the floor with Chica to examine her. Chica was quite comfy herself and checked out the room thoroughly.

After we discussed our treatment plans and what to expect from this disease, I had a big surprise. I did not realize Dr. Davis was also an animal communicator but Chica knew - she sat sprawled out on the rug with her back towards the vet. Dr. Davis mentioned Chica was very in tune with what was going on. The vet told me Chica thanked me for all I was doing for her especially all the research on the computer for natural treatments. I just about fell off my chair! I have used animal communicators in the past for other issues but was not aware that my new vet was able to do this. What an added bonus! Dr Davis said Chica wanted to tell me that she did not like the other cats - I already knew that! She would have preferred to be the only one!

My heart was so touched by this opportunity to talk to Chica. Chica also said that she was not planning to leave this world anytime soon. Oh I was so happy to hear that - my eyes welled up with tears.

We decided to give Chica vitamin B12 shots twice a month, 250 milligrams of vitamin C a day plus her Standard Process Renal Support glandular and Renalix homeopathic blend. I purchased a sub-q fluid kit to have on hand but we did not feel I needed to do that on a regular basis just yet. I hydrate Chica with water or Pedialyte by plastic syringe throughout the day.

Chica's spirits are high and she is enjoying her life and all the extra attention. Thanks again for all your help. We will keep you posted!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Spot on Mancat Monday

Mom said I could be featured on Mancat Monday this week. I am so excited...gotta get all spruced up for my photos!

There now to find a suitable pose to show off my manly catness! Is this good?

Drat, Al is trying to steal the show by sneaking into the picture - he gets all the attention! Well at least I am in more photos today! Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sunning

It is a beautiful sunny day here in our neck of the woods and we are all enjoying the warm sun and nice breeze on our screen porch!

Norm is relaxing under the chairs in the sun.

I'm Two Spot and I like to stretch out in the sun!

Smidge likes to get all warm and cozy on the shelf.

Georgie falls asleep on her perch on the shelf.

Even big Al has himself a sunny spot to relax in. Hope he doesn't bother us today - he can be a bit too playful! Have a great Sunday ya'll! Happy Fall too!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Meet our flinty cap'n....

My name be Captain Lily Flint
E'en tho thar`s nay legal rank on this swashbuckler ship Cat o' Wildcat Woods, sea dogs an' land lubbers recognizes I be th' one in charge. Like th' rock flint, I be hard an' sharp. But, also like flint, I be easily chipped, an' sparky. Arr!

Ye can tell from me squity one good eye that I run a tight ship - nay messin' around or 'tis th' ganag plank fer ye! E'en me kids be havin' t' tow th' line - nay favorites - I be harder on them!

We be jus' a rag tag squadron o' ferals from th' wilds o' th' Appalachians an' now roam th' high seas, plunderin' an' swashbucklin' wherereour hearts take us! We be one tough bunch!

Happy Seafarin' heartys Tide all!
Ya horn swollgin' swabbie!

What else ye got? An' be quick about it, I be shippin' out soon!

Happy Pirate Day --- Arrrr!!!!

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P.S. We still need purrs and prayers for our Chica - she is not eating except what I can get into her in a plastic syringe. See the post below for more info. Thank youso much for your purrs!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Please send all your purrs and prayers for our 18 year old Chica - we had a rough night last night and I didn't think she was going to make it. She has chronic renal failure and last night she began vomiting watery foam, drooling, licking her lips. She was crying and growling and very uncomfortable. Her paws were cold and her breathing was shallow.

We called the ER for pets and they felt she was dying and said she may not make the night so we opted to keep her home with us giving her homeopathic remedies for kidney toxicity and nausea. I slept on the sofa near her. She refused to let me hold her and finally found a small spot to curl up in.

I got up during the night and she had gotten inside her basket and fell asleep. She was awake and aware this morning and so far has not vomited. She keeps drinking water and has peed. She even purred for me.

She will go to the vet and hopefully get some SubQ fluids to make her more comfortable. She had been diagnosed three years ago but had been doing well. This episode was quite sudden and severe. Has anyone else had experience with CRF? I had thought her disease progression would be slower than this. Thanks for your help.

Update Fri 9/18
We finally got IV subq fluids in Chica - it went easier than I thought. She is quite feisty even for her age and does not like to be messed with! She is wiped out and sleeping but ate a little and seemed more active and alert. We have a vet appointment on Tues to give her a complete check up and see what we can be doing to help her be more comfortable. The vet was out sick today so we had to make other arrangements to get her fluids. I guess I will be giving her the fluids myself which I have done before with other cats but not her. Thanks again for all your support and purrs! You guys are great.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing Ivy on Formerly Feral Friday

Ivy is about eleven and has spent most of her adventurous life outside with the feral gang. She was the head female cat of the ones in my backyard and the first one I saw when we moved into the old farmhouse in the mountains in spring of 1999.

She was a skinny mother with a litter of babies stashed away in the old shed in my neighbor's yard. My heart broke to see her so painfully thin and trying to find food for herself to nurse her little ones. I really did not want to get involved with this group who I thought belonged to the people who lived behind us but she tugged at my heartstrings and I relented. I began putting dry food out on the back deck for her and soon realized that there were many more other hungry kitties.

I never saw her kittens so I don't know how many survived. She thrived on the food and with winter coming I wanted to provide a shelter. (Turns out another neighbor was putting dry food out too but no one was spaying/neutering or giving medical attention to these poor kitties.) Not wanting to bother my husband with another construction project I bought several bales of straw and made an igloo of sorts that I lined with straw and covered with plastic. I faced the opening to the south to keep the cold north winds out.

Big Guy at the straw shelter.

We lost a few of the group come spring - wild animals, disease or they just wandered off. I felt that I had to do something to stop the litters so I talked to the veterinarian in the neighborhood and she agreed to work with me on a discount basis since she was doing this for the local humane shelter. I learned all I could about TNR (trap, neuter and release)and got started. I caught Ivy first in a wire kennel cage with string tied to the door - I could get closer to them by now and baited the cage with food. She went in and I pulled the door shut. She was wild -banging and slamming herself at the sides and howling so much all the others ran off.

The spaying went well and I released her the next morning. She had rubbed her fur off in spots on her head trying to push her way out through the cage bars. She was one tough and persistent little girl.

Her life went along smoothly as I caught and neutered the rest of the gang over a year or so. She loved to sit in the sun on the deck and look inside to watch our house activities. On hot days Ivy would sleep in the cool dirt under the hostas in the flower beds. She was a great hunter and caught voles, birds, mice, whatever she could find to bring to her feral main mancat Big Guy, a large tom - white with black markings. He was her constant companion. The group was obviously inbred with noticeable deformities like too many teeth, hearing loss, mishaped ears. Ivy had huge fangs and too many teeth - so much so her mouth would not close completely, giving her a constant grimace.

Years passed and all but three of her feral group were either inside or had passed on. One winter outside was a tough one and she got a terrible cold. I usually used homeopathic medicines or antibiotics in the food but she was so sick she would not eat. I was afraid were were going to lose her. I tried unsuccessfully to catch her many times. All I could do was to send healing energy to her in the form of Reiki and hope that it worked. Whenever I could, I would stand in the back window facing the shelter (which had become quite cozy over the years with insulation, windows etc.) and send the Reiki to her for as long as I could. It worked and she soon started to eat again, getting the medication she so needed. Finally she recovered with spring and warmer weather coming.

The newer cozy shelter and Big Guy outside.

I still could not pet her even though I could pet the others at feeding time. She was the most wild and distant feral yet my first so I loved her more. It was a tough life out here and I hoped she would make it.

In 2004 we had three hurricanes a week apart dumping over 20 inches of rain each time. The river in our neighborhood flooded and I was worried sick for the cats. The winds were strong but not as dangerous as the water. With the second hurricane which arrived at night, I kept shining a light out from the back window to see if I could tell if the cat shelter was still safe from the river. Come morning I could see they had spent the night on the upper level under the roof but the water had not reached them. They survived all three storms OK!

Big Guy died that fall - I found him lying in the shelter and not able to get up. I carried him inside, making a soft bed for him in the bathroom and sat next to him for hours. I had noticed in the weeks proceeding this that he seemed tired and was not as active. He passed away in my arms and Ivy lost her dear companion.

With Big Guy gone, another tomcat was trying to take over. Poor Nick was so afraid he hid, only coming out for food. I caught him one night in a Haveaheart trap and brought him inside. Ivy was so hard to catch and I am sure lonely alone. She was not using the shelter but staying on our deck and under the house. I kept telling her I wanted to bring her inside with Nick and one day she finally walked into the cage and let me catch her. I know how much she loved being outside and running free but I feared for her safety.

She has been inside now for four years and is the biggest mushball I could want! That totally surprised me but she loves to sit on my lap and get cuddled. She adjusted quite well to being with us and doesn't even seem to want to go out. She has FIV and thyroid issues but other than that seems to be happy and healthy. She loves the scratch post, her Busy Kitty toy and eating! Like I said she is one tough little girl and we love her so much.

Ivy and Two Spot enjoying life inside.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have a Winner on Wordy Wednesday

Our lovely elder cat Yoko won the Monty Q contest for 2009! We are so proud of her great pose and perfect form. Thanks to all who voted for her!

All the photos submitted were wonderful. We especially liked Little Bit's free form interpretation and Pemberley's winning Full Monty. Be sure to check out the other contests entries! Visit Doing the Q

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tosies Tuesday

Whose toes are these? Give up......? Joe and Mamacita - best buds forever!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mancat Monday Coup

Last week we had a rumble situation with Al and Snowball. Well... Al got the upper hand and things are a bit unsettled with the kitties.

Al loves to pick on Tabitha and Woody and we have to constantly check on them to make sure things are OK. He won't do physical damage but does chase them and ambush them if he can. He is a bullycat at times.

Looks like it will be a hidng in the box and under the chair week for us here. We'll keep you posted if Snowball decides he has had enough!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photo Hunt - Orange on Caturday with Chica

This is me doing my "Jabba the Hut" impersonation. We are also taking part in today's Photo Hunt - Orange. Obviously the pumpkin is orange and I have orange in my beautiful tortie colors!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Darby on Formerly Feral Friday

My favorite toy is a ribbon. I love playing with ribbons but Mom only gives them to me when she is around to supervise.

This is fun. I love ribbons..I love ribbons. I feel like someone's watching me. Who is there? Anybody?

I see glowing eyes...yikes! A boogey cat!!!! Oh it's only Mamacita trying to get my ribbon away!

She's a lot bigger than me. I think I will pretend to nap and maybe she will go away and leave my ribbon alone! I don't wanna mess with her!



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