Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tortie Tuesday with Chica

It is me today on Tortie Tuesday.  Mom has been real busy with all kinds of social stuff - work parties, dinner with friends.  We also got a new back door - one with lots of glass for us to see the woods behind us.  We got locked up all day in two rooms while the construction guy and Pop put it in. That was not fun!  I have been in charge of snoopervising all the cats for Mom.  I keep watch on things from my window seat.

I know I am very spoiled.  Being my advanced age, Mom feeds me every few hours and brings the plate to me whereever I am in the house.  I appreciate that but I do go find the food and water bowl on my own too.  I am still pretty agile and active.  I am going to the vet weekly for sub c fluids but I like our vet so I don't mind going in the PTU.  In fact, Mom leaves it out so I can go in it anytime I want.  It is a great place to snuggle up and get away from all the other cats.


I hope you enjoyed your visit with me.  I will be celebrating my 20th birthday next week on the 23rd so do mark the date on your calendar.  Big party, contests, give-aways and more.  After all, how many of us get to be 20!  P.S. Mom recently found a 27 year old cat that has his own Twitter account.  I guess I could be around for a few more years huh?

Mom here - I have been having trouble leaving comments on many blogs and others have had the same problem.  Many of you know Blogger shut our blog down not too long ago for 2 weeks checking it for spam.  Since then we are trying to be ever more vigilant in keeping spam out so we have left up our word verification.  We have tried changing our comments to pop up but some folks still can't comment so it is back to the defrualt setting.  If any of you cannot comment, please let me knwo via email or on our Facebook page  Cats of Wildcat Woods.  We will keep trying to find a way for all to comment.


Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Chica!! 20 is an amazing age!! Me and Charlie are so priviledge to be able to share your happy day next week!! Yay!! You are just lovely!!!! Have a lovely day, take care

Hannah and Lucy said...

You don't look your age Chica and we are sure you don't act like a "mature" lady. We hope you will come to out 2nd birthday party on Thursday - we will save you a special seat where you can chat with all your furrends. We are looking forward to your 20th Party - what a milestone.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fuzzy Tales said...

Chica, it's great to see you. We'll be here for your b-day next week...We'll be on holiday with our grandpa, but definitely will stop in. (And Derry turns 4 on the 24th!)

P.S. We're thrilled you have a new back door, for better bird TV!

P.P.S. We don't think it's possible to please everyone with the commenting, so do what works best for you!

Mariodacat said...

WOW Chica - you are absolutely amazing. One kitty before me lived to 19, but htat was the oldest. Other than getting sub fluids, you look amazing and seem to be doing great. It will be an honor to celebrate your birthday. If you are on Twitter - look me up - @mariodacat.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

20 is a simply wonderful age ~ we will be there to help yoo celebrate for sure. Smoochies.

The Monkeys said...

Chica, we are SO excited about your 20th birthday! It is the same day as our Bella's 12th birthday.

We know you're going to have many, many more birthdays, beautiful girl.

Marg said...

Chica, you sure look wonderful for your age. Glad to hear you are doing so well and that Mom is spoiling you which is very necessary at the moment. Interesting about the cat that is 27. We sure will be back for your big party. Your new door sounds great. Take care.

My Mind's Eye said...

Chica...20 years....oh my goodness. I think you must be royalty in the feline world. You are certainly beautiful.
I hope blogger will be nicer to you very soon.
Hugs madi

RoySr said...

Chica is beautiful, and No I did NOT know she was going on 20. My little Granny Kitty, Princess Ebony had just turned 21 when I had to put her down, so I know what problems the little ones can have at that advanced age. Power to the little Lady Kitty. I hope she beats PE's record and then some. With the love and attention she's getting I'm thinking she will make it with time so spare. Our little one was on her own in the house while we both punched time clocks away from home.

Didn't know the Blogspots were down for two weeks. Well, I wasn't here after all. Now I am back. Real Life problems taken care of so to speak, and we've a new PC to do the blogs, the web, and the forums, so I'll say "We're Baaaaack!"

Y'all come see the 6 Mouskateers at Five Oaks Manor at their blog, KnightOwl at his, and our little MikiCato on his guest spot at House Panthers.

Our love to all that worried, and thanks too for the welcome backs.

We'll be back .......

Mr Puddy said...

20 !!!! me and my mom is dying to know what the secret to keep you good health, Chica
That's amazing !!!!!!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Wow! 20 years old! Super job!

A couple of days ago... On Sunday mommie cat had trouble commenting. Everywhere she went she had trouble. It seems to be working today.

Brian's Home Blog said...

It's always great to see you pretty Miss Chica and I can't wait to help you celebrate your 20th birthday!

Sparkle said...

Chica, you are an amazing kitty! Twenty years is impressive, and I can't wait for your party! Mine is the day after yours, except I will only be 9.

P.S. One thing I've noticed re commenting on Blogger, is that if I click to comment and it tells me to sign in - and I know I am already sign in - I go back and click on the comment again, and it sends me right to the comment page. Annoying, but I DO get to comment, it just takes the extra step of backing up and clicking again.

Webbthistle said...

Awwww, Chica! I am so excited thinking about celebrating your
20th birthday next week.
That new door is a HD bird TV- what a great birthday present!
And I agree - you dont look your age!
Hugs and prrrrs from us!

Tigger said...

Happy Early B-day, and congrats! I'm an old kitty too, and I thoroughly play on the "spoiling" thing! We deserve it! Love your new back door too!

CCL Wendy said...

You are simply amazing, Chica! You look very good for your age and not old at all.

I think you deserve to have your own purrsonal servant after all these years. Good for your Mom, stepping up to the plate (so to speak)!

It's also wonderful that you aren't stressed by going to the vet. It makes it easier all around.

We'd be delighted to come to your 20th birthday party. Can't wait!

The Island Cats said...

Chica, we're so glad you are doing so well! And 20 is a great age!! Our mom had a cat that came before us that lived to be almost 21. We can't wait to celebrate your birthday next week!

Athena said...

Chica, I am thrilled to see you doing so well! I can't wait for your party, beautiful girl!

Gigi said...

Hola Chica! It is furry nice that your Human takes such wonderful care of you! I think she must love you lots and lots.

You might be "mature" in years, but you're still a very pretty girl (I am fond of older women!) and I see you can still do a mean job of snoopervising!



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