Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Wednesday - Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

This is a pic of our Albert when he was a youngster.  He is now five and has been a handful, being deaf and slightly sight impaired.  White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf, with night blindness and sometimes immune impaired also.  Al has a hard time seeing at night and uses his nose to smell where things are.  Lights, shadows and things moving in the breeze can make him on high alert.  He has learned to respond to our hand signals but nothing works as far as disciplining him! He does what he pleases.  Mom took him in as a kitten because she too is hearing impaired and felt a kinship to him. We love him dearly but it has been a challenge to keep him out of trouble. Hearing impaired pets take a lot more time and energy to live with but the reward of their love is so immense.

Below are two deaf pets that  we hope can find homes from this great promotion Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week on Pet Finders.

Ahna is a beautiful long-hair white kitty with baby blue eyes. She is deaf, so she needs to be indoors only with no small children or dogs. She is a loving girl once she settles into her new home. Come make Ahna a permanent member of your family! She is in Sanctuary Animal Rescue  in Alabaster,  AL. Her Pet Finder page is here.

It is also Deaf Dog Awareness Week as well - check out a deaf dog rescue story and video on how to train a deaf dog at Pet Finders site. In honor of Deaf Dog Week we are featureing young Beck.

Beck and Bones are 10 week old male Aussie mix pups residing at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville NC. They are both completely deaf and visually deficient, most probably as the result of the backyard breeding of two Merle Aussies. ( When two merles are bred together, about 25% of the litter (statistically speaking) will inherit a merle gene from each parent (these pups are called “double” merles) and they will be so color diluted that they are mostly or all white. Of the double merles, the huge majority (reportedly up to 90%) will be congenitally deaf (and/or have vision problems). Because deaf dogs are harder to sell or place, many puppy-mill and back-yard breeders, and some “well accepted” breeders, simply cull (KILL) all the white puppies at birth.)

Beck and Bones are afflicted with the Double Merle deficiencies, which affected their hearing and eyesight. They can see well enough to get along if the lights are on, and have mastered the environment in their foster home with no problem. They do well with other dogs and love to play just like any other puppy. They would need specialized training and guidance -- either a deaf/vi rescue or a qualified home. They would do well as a companion to another tolerant dog or pup. For more information on Double Merling, visit www.lethalwhites.com/doublemerle.html.

Bones has been adopted so Beck is the only one still available.  Please post these great pets on Twitter and Facebook to help us find them forever homes.  If you are posting for Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week please join in and link with Mr Linky below.


Sparkle said...

One thing I have not been able to figure out: how can a pet be LESS adoptable when it has MORE love to give? Because that seems to be the case with every cat I've featured this week on my blog - they may not be cute kittens or show-stopping purebreds, but they are all totally AWESOME kitties!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL!! Our first time using Mr. Linky and I spell our name wrong! *sigh*

No matter, it's the critters that are important and we're soooo glad to see so many of our blog buddies joining in on AALAPW!!!

Our paws are crossed for Ahna and Beck & Bones. What a wonderful testimonial about the challenges and joys of adopting a hearing impaired friend. Albert, you make us smile!

Mama Bear said...

Our white fluff cat is deaf and has been wiht us for 3 years now. At first I was worried about having a deaf cat but we've been patient and learned along the way. We have just added another deaf cat and she is in the process of settling into the family. So if any readers are thinking of adopting a cat but are concerned about him or her being deaf...please don't let that stop you. We do have a few different steps we take with our deaf sweeties - but it is worth it!

Ellen Whyte said...

How sweet they look! My mum's cat Quill is 18 and hard of hearing. It's OK, he just MEOWS louder!

Faythe said...

I pray for forever home for all the special need animals this week.

Old Kitty said...

Albert is just unique and lovely!

Me and Charlie hope beautiful Ahna and adorable Beck find good and loving homes. One of my previous kitties (gorgeous Cushty)was asthmatic and arthritic from when he was born. It was hard work keeping him healthy and alive but he was the best most smoochiest kitty on this planet ever! He gave me 14 wonderful amazing years and I miss him greatly - so I know that pets with disabilities are just as beautiful and give as much in return, if not more.

Take care

Marg said...

I bet that would be a challenge to have a deaf animal. But I bet it is very rewarding. We sure hope all three of those animals find a good home with some patient people. Those puppies are really cute.
The only deaf dog I have has was a really old one and she managed it very well.

Kea said...

Paws crossed for both Ahna and Beck! We hope they find wonderful forever homes very soon, just like Albert was lucky enough to find!

P.S. For some reason your page is having difficulty loading today. We had to highlight it all to see the text and find the "comment" link. Just a Google blip, we're sure!

Mishkat said...

We're purring very hard for Ahna and Beck. And we thank you so much for loving and caring for Al - he's a beautiful boy!

Brian's Home Blog said...

They are all so special and deserve every chance to prove it!

Katnip Lounge said...

Our Deaf Cat Chuckles was a joy to us...he was a smart boy, very visually acute, and a great sense of humor. I'm sure he often wondered what all the hand-waving was about...LOL!
That was VERY interesting about the Deaf puppies. Some sub-humans are cruel, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

They are all just so sweet and hope they all find wonderfully happy furever homes to live out their days!

My Mind's Eye said...

What a handsome fellow Al is...very regal as are all the beautiful white pets.
Madi and Mom

Hannah and Lucy said...

Beck and Bones are two cute puppies and we hope they will find someone who will look after them with understanding. We are also keeping our paws crossed for Ahna to be adopted too.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh we hope that both Ahna and Beck will both find wonderful forever homes! They are both very cute - we think that being deaf shouldn't be a reason for anyone to pass them up and are sad that it makes a difference.

Hailey said...

Who ever came up with the term "less adoptable???" - what do they think we are, chopped liver! It's such a wonderful thing you are doing to spread the word!!!! ^5!!!

Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

Peeeees thanks for stoping by my blog!! I amnow following you!



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