Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week - Black Cats

Sweetpea here.  Even tho I am cute and cuddly and floofy, lots of beans would not like me cuz I am a black cat.  Isn't that ridiculous?  It's true. Did you know that black cats in shelters have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate?

Maybe cuz we don't photograph well indoors, or old time superstitions still play a part but it is just not the case - we make great pets. Besides black goes with everything. Black is beautiful - we come in all shades of black from blue black to shiny black with tiny white highlights. Every house should have a House Panther cuz we bring love and luck to your home. We should know- we have five of us black cats here from age 5 years to 12 years - Ivy, me, Mamcita, Rosa, and Minnie.

A while ago in early June, Mom featured a very plus size senior black cat from Animal Compassion Network in Asheville, NC.  Senior pets are the least likely to get adopted of all pets in a shelter. Well, Clubber, pictured above, still has not been adopted so in honor of Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week he is our first featured cat.

He has six toes on his front paws and is very huggable and lovable.  He just needs a calm quiet home to live out the rest of his life in.  Please pass this on and help find him a forever home.

Another cat we featured on our Forever Fridays is this lovely long haired cat below.  Shadow is a 1 year old Maine coon mix who has been adopted out twice but came back to the shelter for different reasons. He has been at the shelter since May this year and  is still there. He needs a loving home.

Shadow is available at the Avery County Humane Shelter in Newland, NC. Again - please pass this on in hopes we can find the purrfect home for him.  Please join us in blogging about this great theme this week hosted by Petfinders. Go grab a badge and join in!


Deb said...

Well, I love black cats and miss my old Darma who was a cranky, crooked ol' black cat when we adopted her. She was unforgettable.

Ellen Whyte said...

Ahhh, what a sweetie! Good luck finding her a home. She deserves it.

Sparkle said...

Clubber and Shadow look like PAWSOME kitties! What is wrong with humans - they should have been adopted long ago!

magiceye said...

love you guys and i pray you get wonderful homes...

woof woof
from bozo
Pet Pride

We love Luna said...

I'm sending purrs and prayers for these friends to find a sweet family to love and take care of them.
Good luck

Old Kitty said...

You are adorable, Sweetpea! You and lovely Ivy, Mamcita, Rosa and Minnie!! I so agree that every household should have a panther!! I was blessed with three of my own - each with varying shades of black and sprinkling of white bits. They are gone to the bridge now but my time with them has been precious and just lovely.

I don't understand how panther kitties are so hard to find homes for. It's the same here in the UK. It really is an odd and rather depressing statistic.

I wish with all my heart that I can have Clubber and Shadow. They are beautiful, have so much to give and deserve loving homes.

Me and Charlie will purr very hard that they do find homes soon.

Take care

Brian's Home Blog said...

I hate that for both of the precious ones. They both really, really deserve to be peaceful in their forever home...once and for all. Thanks for featuring them.

The Creek Cats said...

We can't understand why black cats are less adoptable. Black cats are so beautiful and very special. We have our paws crossed for Clubber and Shadow!

Our Ziggy will be on petfinder this week.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I do have a soft spot for midnight furries! At one time we had 4 here at the Casa (not fosters, mine).

Paws crossed for all the NC panthers!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We don't understand this about black cats - here in the UK black cats are supposed to be lucky.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I think black cats are beautiful. I hope that forever loving homes are found soon.

Amy & the house of cats said...

We think black cats are great - we had an all black kitty for a long time.We think that it is silly to not want a cat basedon color. And we think that senior kitties should have good forever homes just like little kitties do!

Anonymous said...

this is so verreh sad... i does not know what i would do wifout my little BA now. black kittehs are beautyful and deserving of loves.

Cat said...

I love black cats myself! I hope these two beautiful boys find safe and loving homes soon :-)

Marg said...

That is just nuts that people don't want black cats. I have two here and they are just super. Wish I could adopt all the black cats in the world. We sure hope all those kitties find home forever.
Have a great week.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Let's hear it for the black cats - they are FANTASTIC! Some of the best personalities hands down. Everyone, please don't let a little superstition keep you from adopting a black cat - they are so awesome.



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