Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White Wordy Wednesday

Our beautiful Al doesn't think he gets enough blog time so we will let him host White Wednesday this week. He always looks so good on the blue blankets - they show off his eyes so well.

Looks like he is getting a bit bored with blog hosting so let's just tip toe away and let him nap!

It is also our 300th post (actually last Friday) so in celebration we want to give away a brand new copy of the paperback version of  Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper - about handsome house panther who is blind.  Gwen had spoken to Blind Cat Rescue in North Carolina before she wrote the book and promised 10% of her royalties.  Well, she gave them a $10,000 check last week!  Isn't that great?  So if you don't win this drawing, go out and buy a copy so Blind Cat Rescue will get even more money!

To enter the drawing just leave a comment and tell me you want in on the give away. It is open to all readers!  We will run this give away for the week.

We will be hosting a Mr Linky on Oct. 2 for Livestrong Day so do stop by and link up. We set it up to share Mr Linky on your blog too so join in on this day of cancer awareness and support for cancer patients.  Everyone knows someone who has had or has cancer so do join in.  Other blogs will be hosting a slide show, another Mr Linky and a special blog for Livestrong Day so check out the side bar and see what else is going on on October 2.

We are playing White Wednesday today so do stop by!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotcha Day and Blog Celebration

First of all thank you for your concern over our Yoko girl.  She is doing better after two does of the antibiotic and is out of jail!  We have left the dog kennel set up and Yoko and Chica are enjoying the comfy spot on the blankets I put n top!

Monday is the 5th Gotcha Day for both Mamacita and Rosa.  With all the posts last week about adopting less adoptable pets, we wanted to give you a brief recount of how we came to have both these beautiful house panthers.  Here goes......

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Mom was still feeding Ivy, the last of our feral cats living outdoors, when she noticed a skinny little cat sneaking up to the deck to eat the leftovers,and then running off across the street.  Mom could tell she had just had kittens and started to leave a bigger portion of food out for her all the time. Mom followed her but could not see where the kittens were.  She named her Mamacita cuz she was such a little cat to be a momcat - hardly 5-6 months herself.  Before long, Mamcita moved her two black kittens over to our neighbor's storage shed.  Mom put the food bowl over there so they could eat when they were old enough.

One day she noticed the kittens sneezing and coughing with runny eyes and that scared her.  Kittens can die of upper respiratory infections if they don't get medication. That's when she decided to catch them and bring them indoors even tho we already had plenty of cats.  She used a dog kennel cage and put a string on the door so she could pull it when they went inside.  She left food in there and hoped for the best.  Meanwhile Mom put some homeopathic remedies in the food but it was not enough and the kittens were getting sicker.  Finally it happened and all three of them went inside the cage and Mom caught them.  The kittens' faces were so swollen with infection.  Her vet gave her eye ointment and oral antibiotics to give them.  She kept them in a small room with Mamacita.

Unfortunately their first taste of people and being indoors was to get eye ointment put in both eyes and pills popped down their throats but they did get better.  They were very timid and scared of everything.  Mamacita was doing much better than they were but she was not sick. She gots lots of attention and treats not medication.  All three were moved to a larger room and they were spayed and neutered (not an easy thing to catch them!!!) at a clinic. We named the kittens Rosa and Manny and they got big and healthy. 

We lost Manny in 2007 to a severe urinary blockage and some vet errors He was only two and we still miss him.

Mamacita loves to eat, play with the laser toy and cuddle with Mom on the sofa or bed while she reads.  Rosa is still more aloof and hides in quiet spots most of the day coming out at night to join in the activities.  It will take more time for her to relax and be one of the gang but each day is a little better. They are inseparable and groom each other and snuggle together.

It is also our 300th post (actually last Friday) so in celebration we want to give away a brand new copy of the paperback version of  Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper - about another house panther who is blind.  Gwen had spoken to Blind Cat Rescue in North Carolina before she wrote the book and promised 10% of her royalties.  Well, she gave them a $10,000 check last week!  Isn't that great?  So if you don't win this drawing, go out and buy a copy so Blind Cat Rescue will get even more money!

To enter the drawing just leave a comment and tell me you want in on the give away. It is open to all readers!  We will run this give away for the week. Please help yourself to goodies and nip and have fun!

We will be hosting a Mr Linky on Oct. 2 for Livestrong Day so do stop by and link up. We set it up to share Mr Linky on your blog too so join in on this day of cancer awareness.

NEWSFLASH For those of you stopping by late, we just found out Huffle's friend Diamond is having his 14th birthday on Tues Sept 28. Please do stop by.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yoko's Trip to the V-E-T!

We weren't planning on posting until our big Gotcha Day/300th Post Bash on Monday this week but we had some excitement here.

On Thursday night Mom noticed our senior cat Yoko rushing from one litter box to another but not much was coming out.  She gave her a homeopathic remedy and watched her.  Yoko seemed to settle down and rest the rest of the night so Mom went to bed.

Yoko ate well for breakfast and had her usual bowl of water with a little milk in it  - she does not drink enough and gets a bit dehydrated.  After that Yoko started to try to pee again and nothing was coming out this time.  She was trying to pee on the bed, floor anyplace but the litter box so Mom called the V-E-T.  Mom uses a holistic vet if she can but in emergency situations she calls another vet that has all the equipment, lab etc. They were booked but said she could drop Yoko off.  So off they went and Mom had to go to work too.

Yoko still hadn't peed for them by the end of the day so Mom said to keep her overnight.  Poor Yoko - she is 17 and does not like to be at the V-E-T.  Mom called later and Yoko was resting OK  She called again in the morning and Yoko still hadn't peed.  They wanted to stick her with a needle toget the urine but Mom said not to.

By noon, Mom called and said why couldn't they just give her an antibiotic and let her go home.  We are used to rural vets who would just have called in our antibiotic to a pharmacy and we would not have had to take Yoko in!  City vets do it all by the rules.This place is open 8am-11pm so who you get as a vet changes each shift.  Mom liked the one on Saturday when she picked up Yoko - they had wanted to run tests, do x-rays etc the day before with another vet.  What did they find asked Mom.  I guess nothing really!  The vet said she thought Yoko seemed fine except for the UTI so we got to take her home and they didn't even charge us for the overnight.

Yoko is in a big dog kennel until she is peeing better - we have an open floor plan and have no rooms to shut her in except the bedroom and bath.  She seems content and we can see if she pees and how much.  Poor girl is worn out and just wants to nap on the bed.  Her pills are crushable so we can put it in her food - good thing cuz Yoko does not like to take pills! Pop had her on his lap all night while he as watching the game on TV.  She is Pop's girl for sure.

We are just very glad nothing worse was found except a bad UTI! Don't forget to come back by on Monday for party!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forever Friday - Adopt a Less Adotpable Pet Week

We will end this week with two great pets - one with special needs and the other one a breed that most people don't want. Did you know pit bulls have the highest euthanasia rate of all breeds in shelters?  Most people are afraid of them but we know some real sweeties personally - it is the owner that creates a dog of any breed to be a violent dog by how they are trained.

Quincy, an orange kitten,  was abandoned apparently at a produce market, and a vendor called  Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC. He had a very bad eye infection that didn't respond to treatment, so they had the vet surgically remove his eyes. He's about 3 1/2 months old now, weighs 4 lbs. And he is a gregarious, playful guy who doesn't let lack of vision impede his joy in life. Quincy's goal is to have fun, and he plays for hours. The black kitten in the photos is Gina, who was also found abandoned, and they are best friends. They don't have to be adopted together, but Quincy needs to go where he'll have another kitten/cat to play with. Contact his foster mom Robbie Coleman at 828 670-0080 for more information on the adoption process.

Looking for a Pit Bull in the Asheville, NC area to post for today, we found out about a great organization called S.T.I.C.K.S. Org.(Supplyng Tech in County Kill Shelters) - they supply digital cameras to rural shelters to help them get their pets on Petfinders for better exposure and they also pull dogs out of high kill shelters and foster them until a better place can be found.  This dog is one they rescued from a high kill shelter.

Chewie is a 9 year old American bulldog mix. She is low maintenance, likes to lay around, cuddle, go on light walks, wont run off. She gets along well with people, dogs and cats. Spayed,shots, microchip. Chewie will make a lucky person a wonderful loving, loyal companion. Her Petfinder page is here. Please donate so they can buy more cameras or support the dogs they have rescued.

We hope you have learned as much has we have about special needs pets and how great they are - it has been fun.  Thanks for joining us this week.

We have a double whammy coming up on Monday - Mamacita and Rosa's Gotcha Day and our 300th post (which is actually today) so do come back by and help us celebrate.  Mom is giving away a copy of Gwen Cooper's book Homer's Odyssey about a blind cat who had a tremendous impact on her life. 

Thankful Thursday - Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

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As most of you know we are all feral cats Mom rescued from our neighborhood - well except for the first two Chica and Yoko who were adopted when the beans lived in Florida.  We are very grateful that Mom helped get us all spayed/neutered and then let us live out our lives.  Some of us stayed outdoors in a cool shelter Pop built but when they moved two years ago they took us all with them.  None of her old neighbors wanted to help take care of us and if she took us to a shelter we would be euthanized cuz most shelters think we can't be rehomed, let alone tamed.

In honor of us we would like to post about a great shelter called Alley Cats and Angels near Raleigh, NC.  They have a great Barn Cat Relocation program to rehome feral colonies and also provide great info and assistance to those wanting to help feral cat colonies about TNR. They have adoption programs for strays and those who can be placed.  Please visit them and learn more about feral cats. And donate to their feral programs if you can - they rely solely on volunteers and do terrific work. If you live in NC and have a farm or barn that can provide shelter for a colony of ferals please do let them know. The also have a blog for Alley Cats and Angels so be sure to stop by. We follow them.

If you are posting about Adopta A Less Adotpable Pet Week link up below!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White Wednesday - Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

This is a pic of our Albert when he was a youngster.  He is now five and has been a handful, being deaf and slightly sight impaired.  White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf, with night blindness and sometimes immune impaired also.  Al has a hard time seeing at night and uses his nose to smell where things are.  Lights, shadows and things moving in the breeze can make him on high alert.  He has learned to respond to our hand signals but nothing works as far as disciplining him! He does what he pleases.  Mom took him in as a kitten because she too is hearing impaired and felt a kinship to him. We love him dearly but it has been a challenge to keep him out of trouble. Hearing impaired pets take a lot more time and energy to live with but the reward of their love is so immense.

Below are two deaf pets that  we hope can find homes from this great promotion Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week on Pet Finders.

Ahna is a beautiful long-hair white kitty with baby blue eyes. She is deaf, so she needs to be indoors only with no small children or dogs. She is a loving girl once she settles into her new home. Come make Ahna a permanent member of your family! She is in Sanctuary Animal Rescue  in Alabaster,  AL. Her Pet Finder page is here.

It is also Deaf Dog Awareness Week as well - check out a deaf dog rescue story and video on how to train a deaf dog at Pet Finders site. In honor of Deaf Dog Week we are featureing young Beck.

Beck and Bones are 10 week old male Aussie mix pups residing at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville NC. They are both completely deaf and visually deficient, most probably as the result of the backyard breeding of two Merle Aussies. ( When two merles are bred together, about 25% of the litter (statistically speaking) will inherit a merle gene from each parent (these pups are called “double” merles) and they will be so color diluted that they are mostly or all white. Of the double merles, the huge majority (reportedly up to 90%) will be congenitally deaf (and/or have vision problems). Because deaf dogs are harder to sell or place, many puppy-mill and back-yard breeders, and some “well accepted” breeders, simply cull (KILL) all the white puppies at birth.)

Beck and Bones are afflicted with the Double Merle deficiencies, which affected their hearing and eyesight. They can see well enough to get along if the lights are on, and have mastered the environment in their foster home with no problem. They do well with other dogs and love to play just like any other puppy. They would need specialized training and guidance -- either a deaf/vi rescue or a qualified home. They would do well as a companion to another tolerant dog or pup. For more information on Double Merling, visit www.lethalwhites.com/doublemerle.html.

Bones has been adopted so Beck is the only one still available.  Please post these great pets on Twitter and Facebook to help us find them forever homes.  If you are posting for Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week please join in and link with Mr Linky below.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Fer Tuesday - Adopt Less Adoptable Pets Week

Good day ya'll this is Chica speaking.  Instead of doing my usual Tortie Tuesday I want to feature two special pets for Pet Finder's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pets Week so I am calling today Two Fer Tuesday.

 As you all know I am 19 years old and am the superior senior cat in our house.  I have Chronic Renal Failure so I do need lots of extra attention and care but I deserve it and so do these two homeless pets.  Senior pets are the least likely to get adopted and next to them are pets who need medical care.  But we seniors are mellowed out and won't knock down furniture or cause any problems from being too rowdy.  We also appreciate any amount of love we can get.


Angel who is a tortie/calico like me is a young 10 years old who lives at Wautaga Humane Society in Boone, NC. Angel was found skinny and malnourished. She had a wound on her neck that has been treated and she is now on her way to recovery. Let's broadcast her plight all over the place and find her a forever home.


Senior dog Brewster is a spayed female hound mix who is 9 years old. She is at Wautaga Humane Society in Boone, NC. This is her story from her listing online....

Where do I begin... Brewster was turned into another shelter when she was 3 years old after her owner passed away. She has spent the last 6 years living in a kennel at that shelter. We moved Brewster to Boone in hopes she would find her forever home. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and then wants to be your best friend. Brewster loves her walks and playing in the river. Brewster does not like other dogs but we are working with her on that. Please come by and meet her!

PLEASE help find her a forever home to spend the rest  of her life in a loving caring environment!

We can make things happen - so let's do a little bit each and everyone of us to help these and all homeless pets find the right homes. Join in below if you are also posting about less adoptable pets.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week - Black Cats

Sweetpea here.  Even tho I am cute and cuddly and floofy, lots of beans would not like me cuz I am a black cat.  Isn't that ridiculous?  It's true. Did you know that black cats in shelters have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate?

Maybe cuz we don't photograph well indoors, or old time superstitions still play a part but it is just not the case - we make great pets. Besides black goes with everything. Black is beautiful - we come in all shades of black from blue black to shiny black with tiny white highlights. Every house should have a House Panther cuz we bring love and luck to your home. We should know- we have five of us black cats here from age 5 years to 12 years - Ivy, me, Mamcita, Rosa, and Minnie.

A while ago in early June, Mom featured a very plus size senior black cat from Animal Compassion Network in Asheville, NC.  Senior pets are the least likely to get adopted of all pets in a shelter. Well, Clubber, pictured above, still has not been adopted so in honor of Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week he is our first featured cat.

He has six toes on his front paws and is very huggable and lovable.  He just needs a calm quiet home to live out the rest of his life in.  Please pass this on and help find him a forever home.

Another cat we featured on our Forever Fridays is this lovely long haired cat below.  Shadow is a 1 year old Maine coon mix who has been adopted out twice but came back to the shelter for different reasons. He has been at the shelter since May this year and  is still there. He needs a loving home.

Shadow is available at the Avery County Humane Shelter in Newland, NC. Again - please pass this on in hopes we can find the purrfect home for him.  Please join us in blogging about this great theme this week hosted by Petfinders. Go grab a badge and join in!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Arrr, tis' meow like a pirate day. Gar.

Scurvy pirate Bloody Morgan Georgie here to welcome ye.

Ahoy Mateys, this day be a special day fer us band 'o pirates 'n we be havin' a grand celebration wit' grub, ale 'n a ruckas. Come on th' poop deck me ship 'n join in or swim th' plank.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow be here to host th' festivities. Beware ye wenches!  Aye, he tends t' lo'e em and lea'e em goin' off t' sail the se'en seas again, gar!

Arrr, what you be doin' on the special day t' celebrate? Yo ho ho, me Mom has gotten her own pirate name  Dirty Ethel Rackham - go get one fer y'r own - Ahoy, click har. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

Aye, have fun and be sure t' adopt pets - they be grand companions aboard me ships. Aye, me parrot concurs.

We be join'in in on Pet Pride today so git ove' thar to play too. Arrr!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forever Friday with Jack and Chloe

Next week Pet Finders is hosting Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet. Sparkle, celebrity cat extraordinaire,  is challenging all of us pet bloggers to do something this week to help get the word out about how great senior, disabled, and special needs pets and breeds with bad reps can be, when given a chance in a loving forever home. We know from experience since we have chronically ill cats, senior cats and disabled cats living in our home.

With that in mind we will be featuring a less adoptable dog and cat each day next week starting this Forever Friday with Jack and Chloe of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.

Jack is an purebred 8-week old (you guessed it) Jack Russel Terrier. He was found underneath a car, injured and frightened. He's now safe in a loving foster home, but this poor little guy had been hit by a car when he was on his own, and will need to have his leg amputated. Jack will do just fine on three legs - check out tripawds.com to visit a whole site dedicated to three legged dogs! - and he'll live pain free and happy. Donations are accepted towards his surgery costs which are estimated to be around $600. Thanks! Please help find a forever home for him and if you can donate towards his medical needs - his Chip-in button is on this page.

Chloe and her canine friend Abby (a 5 year old Border Collie/Lab mix) were orphaned when their owner passed away. Chloe is a lovely dilute tortoiseshell girl, around 3-4 years old, and is a 'special needs' kitty because she has been blind since birth. But it hasn't slowed her down and she's such a sweet girl! She has no problem using her litterbox or making her way around a house with just a little time to explore and get her bearings. She loves petting and is chatty when her fostermom walks into the room. Chloe would probably be fine with a calm dog, and possibly a gentle cat. Email Chloe's fostermom Jackie at solemn78@hotmail.com if you'd like to meet this awesome girl and give her a second chance at a wonderful life.

Brother Wolf is our only no-kill shelter in town and had been having financial issues but are doing so much better now.  Please stop by their web site to see what other great pets can be found there and pass the word on!

Let's take Sparkle up on his challenge and find great homes for as many special needs pets as we can! Go to Pet Finders and grab a widget and paste in on your blog!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Midnight Monday with Minnie

There are three kitties on this chair - can you tell which kitty is me?

Give up?  I'm the cutest one! 
Thanks for stopping by - we always love to have visitors.
Have a great day!

Be sure to stop by Mom's new blog for a looksee at great treasures to buy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Forever Friday - Avon

Avon is a short hair tuxedo cat available for adoption at Brother Wolf Rescue in Asheville, NC. This is her story:

I was rescued from an abusive home just days before I gave birth to 6 kittens. I arrived at my foster home with my six 3-day-old kittens and I then took on 2 more kittens who had been abandoned. I was a fantastic mother to these eight kittens. I am just over a year old. I am a VERY sweet gal. I love to cuddle. I talk to get your attention - I just love to be the center of attention now that my babies are on their own. Please call my foster mom so you can meet such a precious lady; her number is (828) 778-3011.

Please pass this on and help Avon find a forever home!

Happy Mo' Cats Day !

Thanks to Derby for starting this great day for cats - never will there be no cats day - but today and every day is Mo'Cats Day! Here are pics of us - Mom got tired of trying to find a pic of each of us but you get the idea! We IS Mo'Cat Day - we have the mostest cats we bet!

Some mo' cat trivia for today
There are approximately 93.6 million owned cats in the United States (only 7.7 million dogs)
Thirty-three percent of U.S. households (or 38.2 million) own at least one cat
Fifty-six percent of owners own more than one cat
On average, owners have two cats (2.45)

Do stop by our new Vintage Treasures blog to see what is new today!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tummy Tuesday

Sshhh! Darby is snoozing on the scratch box belly up and lost to the world! We think she has the cutest white fluffy tummy and toes - don't you?

Mom has started another blog called Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures to help raise money to care for us cats. Do stop by and see some of the things she will be selling on there. We had to move to a smaller place and have lots of extra things - some old, some new, some handmade and all cool. She will keep a link on this blog too. And don't forget to go by Jan's Funny Farm Fair for more great bargains!

Please stop by Gattina's for Cats on Tuesday - a place for people to blog about their cats even if they don't have cat blogs..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mancat Memories

These are old pics of our Albert when he was just a few months old. He loved to find the oddest places to nap - now he is a bit bigger and can't figure out why he doesn't fit anymore!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by for Ivy's Gotcha Day celebration. Hope you all had a good time! We appreciate each and every one of you!



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