Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

Hi I am Tabitha and I like to hide in boxes mostly cuz my brother Al (the blue eyed deaf one) picks on me.

Looks like he is sleeping...I think it is safe to come out now!

Yup..He won't know I am out and will be napping for a while now. I wish he would be nicer to me. Some days he is but not on other days!


Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Nice to meet you Tabitha. I understand about having to hide from the brother. Ash likes to chase me a lot more than I like to run from him.

Country Cats said...

You are very beautiful, Tabitha. You have the same colors as me except I have a floofy white tummy and white paws.

The handsome (and single) Kaleb

BeadedTail said...

Hi Tabitha! Nice to meet you! I'm sorry to hear that your brother picks on you but at least you have cool boxes to hide in!

Halloween said...

Hello Wildcats and not so wildcats! Thank you for visiting my blog. You are very lucky to have ended up with such great people and kitties. We're looking forward to learning all about you and where you live.

Purrs, Halloween



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