Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Fly Free Sweet Woody 2006-2021


 Our dear Woody was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and chronic renal disease in 2020. His CRD progressed rapidly in spite of all our efforts administering fluids and medications. He was so very thin and weakened. We let him go on August 4 at the cat clinic. Both of us were allowed to be with him for the procedure. 


Woody was the runt of his litter, the second litter from mom Lily. His brothers were Norm, and Sam named for the guys on Cheers. And sister Georgie. The kittens were born under our deck behind our house in spring 2006. 

Being feral. We were not able to touch or get close to them but did interact with them through the glass door and large windows. I made a weather proof feeding station on the deck as they got older.

I remember one spring morning when Lily guided the kittens off to do some exploring in the woods behind our farmhouse. All but Woody who was afraid to leave the safety of the deck. Lily called to  Woody to join the little family in their outing but he stubbornly refused. The group finally left him behind. Woody spent the day crying and whimpering under the deck or by the stairs. I felt so sad for him.

When Lily and his siblings returned hours later, Woody was overjoyed to see them, running part way out into the yard and back again vocalizing. What a long day for him.

We trapped Woody and his siblings in 2007 along with Snowball to get them spayed and neutered. The males lived in a cat house with a screen room and indoor area until we caught all the cats and moved to our present location in 2008.

We kept the siblings together in their new cat house but Al became aggressive with Woody and Tabitha who was from the last of Lily's litters. Lily was a mastermind at out maneuvering any trap we set out. We moved Woody indoors to our house with Tabitha.




 Woody latched on to Tabitha at this point in his life and never let go. She was a plus sized dominant female and protected Woody. They were inseparable, sleeping, eating and playing together. Tabitha tolerated his attention but occasionally would swat him to leave her alone. He always wormed his way back. 

Woody had such a joyful unique personality. He loved to eat and was the first cat in the kitchen at mealtimes, head bumping the others. He would shimmy his tail, and stomp his back feet, alternating right and left. This was his "Woody dance".

If you cannot see the video please go here.

He was very vocal, meowing in the kitchen if he wanted more food. Or if he didn't feel well he would tell us.

He drank water out of a bowl with both front feet immersed, lifting one paw to lick the water off it. 

His expressive tail showed his every mood, thumping, swishing, tapping. He walked with his tail straight up, the end curled like a lemur. He chased his tail like a dog, going around in circles or rolling end over end on the floor. See below.

If you cannot see the video please go here.

Woody loved sunpuddles indoors or sitting on the back porch. He found any sliver of sun for a nap. In winter he sat on or in front of the heater. I worried he would catch fire he got so warm. 

He loved to chase the laser light toy. And sitting in the window watching birds at the feeder. Woody enjoyed boxes, cubicle, any small spot for his naps. He could be found tucked in the baskets or cat beds with his sister Tabitha.



In the evening when I read in bed, Woody would make biscuits on my reading pillow and snuggle in next to me. 

On his last day he spent some time on the back porch in the fresh air and sun. He ate a good breakfast but his body temperature was low and he was very weak. It was time. There was no more that we could do for him. 

The vet gave a bit of Catit salmon squeezed on a towel. When they gave him the sedative Woody fell asleep licking this treat, his little pink tongue sticking out. Don and I had our hands on him sending Reiki as he breathed out his last breath. It was peaceful and quick. 

Woody is buried with pansies and rosemary tucked in his paws for remembrance. I had recently found Snowball's favorite frog nip toy so added that for him to pass on to his brother. The grave is next to Norm's. I left a bunch of wildflowers on top with a crow feather I found near our pet cemetery. 

I felt that finding the crow feather meant that Woody has  crossed over and was OK. I found this online - Angels communicate with us in a range of different ways such as coins and feathers appearing in our path. Seeing a black crow feather is a good omen. It means you are being protected, kept safe. And for me -  it means angels are with you during the healing process you are going through.

A joyful presence has left our lives with Woody's passing. He brought so much love and light to our lives. I know his mom Lily and litter mates Norm and Georgie were with him as he passed to guide his crossing to the other side of the veil. Until we meet again sweet boy. We love you forever.



Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving him a beautiful life. I absolutely adore the way he drank water! Sending love and purrs.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful sentiment go such a beautiful cat he had a wonderful life with cheri and don and now he is at peace

pilch92 said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome boy. XO

The Florida Furkids said...

We are so sorry that Woody has gone OTB. That feather was definitely a sign.

The Florida Furkids

JC said...

What a marvelous life he had with you taking care of him. I am so sorry that he is gone. By the way, he looks so much like my Ashton. I don’t know if you remember him but they could have been twins. As you know, I lost three of my lives last year, so I know the love and the loss all too well. XO, JC

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Such a sad loss. So sorry. Fly free beautiful Woody.

Mishkat said...

This is a lovely tribute. Very sorry Woody is gone, but glad that he had a peaceful passing. Sending much love and many purrs.

Unknown said...

Moving piece about a wonderful cat. Blessings to you, Woody! And to the humans who took such good care of you.

Kea said...

I'm so sorry, Cheri. What a sweet boy he was; you were both lucky to have met each other in this lifetime and had these years together. Sending Universal Light, hugs, and with purrs from Derry. ♥

catladymac said...

Oh Woody ! You received - and gave - so much love on your own terms. On to your next adventure with purrayers as you go !

The Creative Cat said...

What a wonder that you could share your lives for this long. What a joyful being to remember forever.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We are so very sorry about Woody. Purrs of comfort and paws of sympathy. We think the feather was Woody's way of telling you he is still watching over you and will always love you.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Woody sounds like a character and he looks a lot like Bear! I'm sorry for your loss. We remember him with you and send hugs.

Marg said...

I am so sorry about Woody. It is so hard to lose our fur friends. We send lots of good thoughts to you. And he sure had a wonderful life with you. Big hugs.

Timmy Tomcat said...

We send our purrs and prayers of support at this sad time. Woody was a dear kitty that made that rare transition from outside feral to inside and loved. He gave back that love in spades and we feel the loss with you. We hope you dont mind if we make a badge from a photo.
Timmy says he was welcomed at the Bridge by all his friends and they got him his new wings and showed him the best places to have fun and the different treat Stations.
Angel Timmy, Dad Pete, Toby, Rumpy, Miss Fitz and Einstein

Brian's Home Blog said...

We really hate that about dear Woody, such a sweetie. Love and hugs from all of us.

My Mind's Eye said...

My deepest sympathy at the passing of Woody


Will never be forgotten
Oh such beautiful eyes
Oh what a fine set of curb feelers
Devoted family member
You gave and received unconditional love.
Hugs Cecilia

The Swiss Cats said...

We're so sorry for the loss of your sweet Woody. We send you comforting purrs and gentle headbonks. Purrs and hugs

Gidget Blue Sky said...

wut a hansum boy


I am so so sorry of the loss of your sweet Woody. What a character he was and I understand deeply how missed he will be in your lives. My deepest sympathies.

Service Cats U.S. said...

We are so sorry fur your loss. We're sending hugs and purrayers.

Luvs ya'

RaenaBelle and Zebby

meowmeowmans said...

Oh Cheri and Don, we are heartbroken over Woody's passing. Thank you for loving him so much, and for giving him such an amazing life. Surely that feather was a sign of love from your special mancat. With much love and gentle purrs. - Kevin, Tracey and Ava

The Chair Speaks said...

We're so sorry to hear about this sad news. Woody had a good life and very much loved. Purrs and hugs!

John Bellen said...

What a beautiful story Woody's life made. That he loved having a family is clear from the tale of his family trooping off to the woods without him. I am glad that he spent most of his life indoors and safe. It's fitting if he loved his food that he passed away with one last taste on his tongue. Godspeed, Woody, and may you now find endless bowls of food and one sunpuddle after another.

Katie Isabella said...

I didn't know about precious Woody until I read it on Timmy's blog. I loved every word of your trinbute to him, and I have tears rolling down my face. God Speed dearest boy.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Such a beautiful tribute to a lovely boy. Woody will be greatly missed.
I am sorry to be so late with my condolences, I have been mostly offline for the past 2 weeks.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

woody; we are truly sorry. your mom wrote an excellent tribute for you and we enjoyed reading it; and seeing your movies { sauce of fishbone used to chase his tail too } with hugs and loves to you, as you start your tenth life in heaven, with hugs and loves to mom and dad, and the family you leave behind here on earth ♥♥♥♥♥♥

dai$y, tuna, mackerull, dude, sauce and boomer

da tabbies o trout towne said...

we wanted ta say how veree thanx ful we iz that ewe taked de time ta leeve a message on me good bye post. we a purreciatez it mor N ewe noe. bee happee & healthee & blessed bye me heer roe st francis. lovez two ewe all wayz frum de food servizz gurl and mee; tuna ♥♥



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