Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day to Mamacita and Rosa - Remembering Manny

Rosa in the front and Mamacita in rear

Mom almost forgot that today was two special girl's Gotcha days - Rosa and her momcat Mamacita.  They have come a long way since we took them inside 11 years ago - but still run and hide when things get busy at the house.

Mamacita was a tiny little cat sneaking over to the back door of our old house, 11 years back to eat whatever the feral cats left.  Mom put a special dish out for her and before she knew it, Mamacita moved two tiny kittens over to the neighbor's rickety old shed.  They were wild wild wild but would come out for food.  The kittens both had URIs so Mom set a kennel cage out to catch them and their mom to bring them inside.  Rosa and her brother Manny had to have antibiotics and eye ointment for weeks. It got so they hated to see Mom and would run from her.  We can't blame them.

Mamacita on the left, with Rosa and Angel Manny on right

Mamacita and Rosa are our shyest cats and often don't come out when there is lots going on.  They prefer quiet.  They love to be petted and to eat (heehee you can see that from their sizes.) 

An old pic of Rosa and Angel Manny

Angel Manny loved to play with the laser light toy and would snuggle with the best of them as long as it was another cat. We lost  our beloved Manny, from a very serious urinary blockage when he was two, but he is forever in our hearts

Angel Georgie and Angel Manny snuggling in our old house. We miss them both.

Thank you for stopping by to wish them a Happy Gotcha Day! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Today is Remember Me Thursday set up by the Helen Woodward Animal Center to shine a worldwide light on orphan pets  waiting for their forever homes and for those who never made it out of the shelters to a home.

Angel Yoko

As most of you know, our kitties were formerly feral cats or strays that I rescued over the years.  Our Angel Yoko was the only one we adopted from the Naples FL Animal Control as a tiny kitten.  She was the light of our lives until she passed at the ripe old age of 20 in 2013.  She lives on in our hearts.

We are fortunate in our area to have  wonderful no kill shelters for homeless pets.  Brother Wolf Animal Rescue does tremendous work helping people find ways through their community outreach program to keep from surrendering their dogs and cats.

Senior Annie is available for adoption
Another no kill rescue, Boxer Butts and Other Mutts works mainly with shelter or rescued dogs in need of medical attention.  They provide care and love for however it long it takes to get them healthy enough to be adopted out.  Both groups have Facebook pages to keep you updated on the latest.

Duncan is available for adoption

On September 22, 2016, let’s get the entire world talking about pet adoption, so the world can shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues right now.  To remember your adopted pets, light a virtual candle  on the Remember Me Thursday web site here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Meow Like a Pirate Day

This day be made fer me. Me moniker be Dread scurvy pirate Snowball Flint 'n I be th' baddest bucko around. Ladies swoon at th' mention 'o me moniker 'n men run fer fear I gunna pull out me sword.  T' last wench port her heart on me arm! See fer yerself.

Come on th' poop deck me ship Th' Dark Lust 'n I gunna regal ye wit' tales to curl ye toes 'o all me adventures on th' high seven seas. Don't pay no mind to me faithful trusty parrot Torgay - he be tame unless I shout th' word.

I gunna spin yarns 'o me travels to far off places, th' ships I plundered 'n th' wenches I loved. If I like ya enough I will give you a clue t' where me treaaye chest full o' jewels and gold be buried! 

 I be th' scurvy pirate 'o band 'o pirates 'n none gunna ever top th' likes 'o me. Away with t' unless ye be a lady - you can meet me in me quarters! Avast Matey!!!!



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