Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Mr. KItty's First Gotcha Day!

Me last April.

A year ago today, Pop Don arrived home in NC with me in the car all the way from MA.  I had never taken such a long trip before and at my age too.   It has been quite a year.

On the porch where I saw the bear.

I miss my first Mom and Dad and human brothers but  things are OK here.  I had to adjust to a lot of things.  I lived in a big house with only one other kitty - my sister Squeaks who was supposed to come with me but she went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly before the trip to our new home.  Now I live with lots of other cats in a smaller house.  I tolerate the cats - everyone is really OK to me but I am just not used to so many.  Anyway I prefer people and when anyone comes to visit, I am the first one to greet them.

A rare moment when I am on Mom Cheri's lap

I was able to go outdoors at my old home but this is a wild and woolly place in the mountains so I stay inside.  In my first few weeks, I saw a bear.  Thankfully I was on the screen porch.  I still growled and hissed at him.  He ran away and kept looking back at me.  I showed him!

Helping Pop Don with his snack

I love Pop Don and spend all my time on his lap or sitting next to him.  Mom Cheri is nice too but I am used to guys more.  I am a man's cat mancat!

Me and Callie waiting for nibbles

I ate dry food before but Mom Cheri doesn't feed dry food on account of the male cats getting UTI's so wet food it is.  So I have lost a little weight.  I had some dental work too and even had surgery to remove a benign thyroid tumor on my neck.  It had grown too big and made me uncomfortable.  Turns out I have hyperthyroid so I take pills for that.  I love to eat so pill pockets work great.

With my scar after surgery

Mom Cheri texts and emails photos of me every week to my first humans.  They miss me so much but they cannot have pets due to Dad having an organ transplant and being on immune suppression drugs.  He may have another organ transplant this year.  It has been rough for them but they are happy I made this transition and that I am doing well here.  They know and I know I am very loved in this new home.

I am thrilled to have met all of you and get a kick out of having my photos on the Internets!  I am kind of a star now, I guess.  That's cool.  Thanks for coming by to wish me a Happy Gotcha Day.  Please help yourself to some tunatinis, ham treats and catnip cream cheese cupcakes!  

P.S. Mom Cheri is on Instagram more these days and posts 
daily with pics of us cats and of our mountains.  Check us out @wildcatwoods


Summer said...

Happy gotcha day, Mr. Kitty!

Marg said...

A very Happy Gotcha day to you Mr. Kitty. Glad you were able to come live with Don and Cheri.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr Kitty! You have a wonderful forever home, even though we realize you'd have preferred to stay with your original humans. We can well imagine how happy they are to get regular updates on you from your new mom.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration today!

Purrs and peace.

pilch92 said...

Happy first Gotcha Day cutie! I am glad you got such a wonderful forever home even though you miss your other family. XO

Hannah and Lucy said...

Happy, Happy Gotcha day Mr. Kitty we know you will be treasured by them always.

Fr. Tom Fish said...

Mr. Kitty, Happy Gotcha Day and many more! So glad you've been settling in well and I'm glad mom Cheri and Dad Don are sharing your new life with your former cat parents. We're sending hugs and reaching for the nip cupcakes! ~ Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin, Bridgie and mom Julie xx

Forty Paws said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Kitty! We are so glad that you received a new home with wonderful purrsons to care for you. We know that you miss your previous purrsons, but they had to let you go to a new home. Hugs to you! We are so glad that you are getting lots of medical intervention as well. It will keep you going strong for a long time!

From all of us at Forty Paws and Maw

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Kitty!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Happy Gotcha Day, cutie pie! You hit the jackpot with your peeps :)

Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Kitty! It's sad you had to be parted from a family that loved and wanted you, but you did hit the jackpot in your new home.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood.....we due knot hav an instagram a count but will ask de food servizz gurl bout gettin one...N speekin of food, de spred heer at yur partee iz awesum...THANX !!!! anda most happee day two ewe two day with best fishes, perch pie dishes N whitefish wishes !!! hope ya get spoiled two day with sum ham samiches....we look for werd ta heerin frum ewe durin yur next yeer & heerz ta happee nezz & health in it ♥♥♥♥♥

Maggie@shelter-cats said...

Happy Gotcha Day, handsome boy! You sure landed on your feets when you moved to NC.
Best wishes to your new family, your old family, and your fur family.

The Swiss Cats said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Kitty ! We're glad you found a wonderful home ! Purrs

Quill and Greyson said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Kitty!!!

The Island Cats said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Kitty! You sure were lucky to be able to find a new home with your Mom Cheri and Pop Don. Now let's party!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Mr. Kitty!!! Yep, you sure are loved there and you are most handsome pal. ><(((º>

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Kitty! We love you, pal, and are so glad you gotcha'd the best home ever!

Anonymous said...

We are happy that you were Got and that you are happy! XO!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Happy Happy First Gotcha Day Sweetie!!
Pawtastic Pawty!!!

Saku said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Kitty! We're so happy you are doing well in your new home Purrs for your first owners that all the health issues will be resolved pawsitively.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Happy Belated Gotcha Day Mr. Kitty!!!! So sorry we were late getting by, thanks for saving us some foods, it is all delicious. We thinks we would like to see a bear, can we go sit out on the porch and hope one ambles by?

catladymac said...

Happy Gotcha Day ! It is nice you can share the love with TWO families !

Deziz World said...

Sorry me's late. Happy Gotchaday gawjus Mr. Kitty. Hope your day was pawsum.

Luv ya'


Nancy said...

A belated Happy Gotcha Day!! What beautiful blue eyes you have!!

Debra Taylor said...

Hey happy 1st gotcha day! I'm glad it's working out for you.

Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona

Mr Puddy said...

Happy Belated Gotcha day, Mr. Kitty !
guess what your gotcha day is the day I did arrive in Bangkok =^x^=
Me is so happy with you



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