Monday, June 29, 2015

Mr. Kitty on Mancat Monday and a Georgie Update

Me and Georgie enjoying the sun.

Mr. Kitty here - I seem to be sharing my Mondays with Georgie - I don't mind.  She is a sweet ladycat.  

Auntie Cheri has been very busy caring for her.  The ER vet has upped her insulin hoping that she will put on weight.  She was down a bit last week - not good.  If the new insulin level is not working to help stabilize her weight, then they will do a test for pancreatic insufficiency.  Scarier than it sounds - it just means she will need to take digestive enzymes with her food.  Before that  tho, Auntie has to do a "curve"  - something to do with the blood glucose.  It takes all day so that will keep Auntie and Georgie busy!

Georgie had been doing great - eating on her own and eating a good amount but they wanted to make sure so they left the feeding tube in her.  Good thing too cuz Sunday night she did not eat on her own and the beans had to feed her with the tube so they could give her insulin shot!  Hope this is a one time issue.  Auntie forgot a dose of the appetite stimulant.  I guess we can forgive her as Auntie was sick this week and went to the ER herself!  She is OK - just a stomach bug, and dehydration which made her pass out!  Purrs appreciated to Georgie that this can be resolved pretty soon.

Now to me!  Even tho it was a heat wave this past week I spent all the time I could out on the screen porch.  The beans wouldn't let me out unless it was cool - like in the morning and then later in the day.  I like the heat tho and lay tummy up soaking it all in!

For the International Box Day - Auntie made us all pose in boxes.  None of us were in the mood so she put catnip in the boxes to entice us.  She forgot and left the tub of catnip on the coffee table.  Oh boy! I jumped on this super opportunity to have it all to myself.  I knocked it off  onto the floor and low and behold, the top came off too!  Whoo whee - I was in nip heaven!  I rolled and rolled in the delicious fragrant nip.  What a feeling! Nothing like getting high!

Me in nip heaven!

Auntie rescued the rest of the catnip and I eventually passed out on the floor. It was great while it lasted!  Wishing you all a nip filled week!  See ya for the 4th of July!

Friday, June 19, 2015

International Box Day - June 19

Mr Kitty - a big cat in a small box

 For kitties, everyday is box day!  Boxes are better than any toys we could have - we can sit in them, nap in them and hide in them. 

Al in his nap box
 Wishing cats everywhere Happy International Box Day!

Two Spot taking up all his box.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mr. Kitty's Scary Mancat Story and a Georgie Update

 The warm weather is here so we don't have the windows open anymore for fresh air but Aunt Cheri lets us cats go on the back porch from early evening on.  I enjoy this and stretch out, scratching on the wood of the porch.

Then my next job is introoder alert.  This is very important.  My Mom told Aunt Cheri that I would chase everything and anything that came into my yard back in my old house.  I am fearless.

 While I was on the porch this day, a big black dog came into the yard.  The other kitties all ran inside the house but I stayed and hissed and growled at the thing.  No one messes with me.

Auntie heard me growling so came to make me come inside.  "Do I haveta?" I pleaded.  She wouldn't listen to me.  Inside I went with the doors locked.  Auntie kept looking out the window where all the cats were now looking safely inside.

Then...she saw it.  It wasn't a dog after all.  It was a black bear!!  Auntie figured out it must have been just outside the door of the house maybe heading for the trash can.  When I hissed and growled, he ran up the embankment.  Bears are afraid of bobcats and mountain lions so my cat sounds scared him off.  Auntie had noticed the trellis for the climbing veggies in the garden was moving back and forth even when there was no wind.  That was when he bear ran by!

 Now that we were all indoors, Auntie Cheri ran to get her camera and took this photo of the bear.  It was getting dark and all you could see was his light brown snout against the dark woods.  Then Auntie yelled and banged on the screen to scare him away!  He lumbered slowly into the forest.

I got praised and told how good I was at my job as snoopervisor of the house and yard.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Auntie is hoping the bear does not come back again.  He won't, cuz I am here to guard everyone!

P.S.  We have a short update on Georgie...she is home, eating (tuna only but at least eating) and acting more and more like herself.  She is not a docile cat (except when she is sick) and is pretty fiesty if you try and hold her.  Two nights ago while the beans were feeding her with a syringe via her feeding tube, she jumped down off the table and ran down the hall with the syringe still in the tube!!!  Horrors!! Auntie was screaming and running after her.

Georgie seemed OK but Auntie took her to the ER vet to make sure the tube didn't come out.  It didn't - whew!  Now they wrap her in a towel when they feed her - better safe than sorry.  Georgie goes back on Tuesday to her internal medicine specialist to have a recheck.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Georgie is Home

 Guess what?  I am home!!!  I got home Tuesday and I feel a lot better but Mom says I still have to eat more so I can get this tube out of me.  I don't remember much of my hospital stay cuz I was so sick that I was out of it.  But I knew when my humans came to visit every day and perked up.  The top photo is me waiting for my discharge papers.  Boy was I relieved to go home.

 I didn't even mind having to go into the PTU!

 It was Once I got home it was a lot of activity - the beans had to learn to feed me with my tube. Pop actually did the food warming and syringing since he is a chef and is used to making sure food is a good temperature for me.  It does feel funny not to be eating and having the sensation of food going down my esophagus and into my tummy.  This photo is me chilling after all the food, and medications.

Woody photo bombed this shot.

Mom put me in my own room but I got over the gate no problem.  So the gate will no longer be up - they don't want me to hurt myself trying to get out.  I get a buffet of food to choose from everyday.  I am picky and will eat maybe one food a little bit.  Mom is upset cuz she thinks this is why I got this fatty liver thing.  I would rather not eat at all than have something I don't like!  Anyone else have a kitty like that?  Mom would like some suggestions....

This is me right now sleeping after the whole ordeal of feeding me and then changing my bandage.  The beans did good though, right?  Thanks you all for thinking of me and purring and praying for my recovery.  I know it worked. 
My vet bill was very very took a lot out of our beans savings to pay it and we need to get some back in our kitty care fund.  With 18 of us cats, it is not easy to come up with green stuff to pay bills.  If you could share our donation page - it would help us so much!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mancat Monday with Mr. Kitty and Georgie Update

 I will give you a quick rundown of my life with Aunt Cheri and Uncle Don and then turn this over to the beans to give you a Georgie update. It has been five weeks since I moved here and I am settling in just fine.  I LOVE my Uncle Don!

I follow hm everywhere - to the kitchen, bathroom, office.  I even beg for food from him (with the other cats supervising of course).  I sit on his lap any chance I get - when he is on the phone, at the computer or watching TV.  If he ignores me (how dare he?) then I tap him gently with my paw.  If that doesn't work then I give him a love nip on his arm,.  That usually gets his attention! 

I do miss my humans from before but things are not so bad here.  When we had company the other day,  I met a nice guy who has hair the same color as mine!  We hit it off real fine!  Us gingers need to stick together!

As of Sunday Georgie who was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease and is in ICU at the vet's, has eaten a bit of tuna on her own - a great sign that the feeding tube might not have to be in long and that she is feeling better.  This photo is from Sat. and she is still a bit loopy from the anesthesia and not feeling well.  She looked so much better a day later and hopefully even better on Monday.

Monday we will meet with the internal medicine specialist to determine when she may be able to come home and how we will be monitoring her.  Georgie seems to know we are there and purrs up a storm, with little chirps every now and then.  There is another Georgie cat in the next cage who got bit by a snake so there is confusion when the vet techs call out "Georgie's parents?"  Two sets of parents answer "Here"! So now we are Snakebite Georgie and just plain Georgie.

To tempt Georgie to eat, she has a buffet of food in her cage at all times.  She is also fed through her feeding tube every couple of hours, plus insulin and other things running through and IV all the time.  I will continue to update on her and sincerely thank you all for your support, sharing of our donation page (see in the sidebar or under the blog header), comments and donations.  We are finding that treating this disease is very costly - we will be upwards close to $3000. by the time she is home.  Money well spent on our sweet Georgie.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Georgie Update

 Thank you all for the purrs, comments and graphics for Georgie.  She is still with us but has a long road ahead. When the internal medicine specialist did blood work, she found her liver enzymes high and in the untrasound, Georgie's liver was enlarged.  The vet asked to do a needle aspirate to find out if it was liver disease or cancer.  I took this photo above, thinking it may be the last time I saw her sweet face. 

My husband and I had decided that if it was cancer (most likely lymphoma) we would not pursue any treatment. If it was a liver disease then we would go ahead with a feeding tube and continue the treatment..  It was so very upsetting to leave her there not knowing what the outcome would be.  We kissed her goodbye and went home feeling very sad and helpless.  As we pulled into our town, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us with both ends visible!  Don and I chased the rainbow in the car like two kids on a scavenger hunt, looking for the pot of gold.  I took it as a good sign for Georgie.

We got the call from the vet saying that it was fatty liver disease and that she did put the feeding tube in.  Georgie will be monitored at the vet for as long as it takes to get all her blood values up to normal.  Then she can come home with us, using the feeding tube until she eats on her own.  Her being diabetic complicates this even more but we are up for the challenge.

We are very hopeful that she will recover as she is only 9 years old and has much of her life left to live.  Our bills have accumulated substantially and we have set up a  page to help us.  Even a dollar from each of our readers helps us tremendously!  With 17 other senior cats, many with special medical needs, this expense, however worth it,  puts us in the hole for the others.

Please share this link  - Georgie's Fund

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Purrs for Georgie

UPDATE THURS PM - We had to bring Georgie from her vet to another one open 24 hours.  She is not responding to her treatment as well as they would like.The ER vet suggested pancreatitis or perhaps hyperthyroid as the reason behind her blood sugar issues.  She will see an internal medicine specialist on Friday. Please keep her in your thoughts.

We have not posted this week cuz Georgie, who has diabetes,  has not been well.  She had constipation issues last week and then some  dehydration.  She seemed to perk up but then on Wednesday, Mom got real worried  and took her to the vet.  Georgie was very lethargic, vomited and wouldn't eat.

She is in ketoacidosis from too little insulin or her body is not processing it right.  We caught her in the early stages so she will hopefully not have to stay a full week at the vet like last time.  This is very serious so please put your paws together and purr and pray for her to be well. 

Thanks from all of us!

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this graphic



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