Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Doggone escaped felon Two Spot

Drum roll please.......debuting for the first time...our 2013 Halloween costumes!

Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl Ivy

Scurvy Pirate Georgie

Mom will add her pic later when she is dressed in costume - come on back for that!  Now for some fun photos of  a house Mom passes by on her way to work.  They decorate with lights from Halloween thru St Pat's with colors and lights for each holiday!

Have a fun, spooky, scary Halloween!  Hope you get lots of treats. Y'all come back for Snowball's Gotcha Day on Nov. 2 - we will have  Day of the Dead theme party. Boo from all of us!

Her is Mom as Batgirl!

All Hallow's Eve's Eve

Vampire Cat Tabitha

Another blast from our Halloween past!  Some years Mom would use online programs to do our Halloween costumes rather than try to fight with us to get and keep costumes on!.  As you can see, these are way scarier than us wearing something silly like a witch hat!

Mamacita locked inside the crystal ball!

Al made to look like a ghost!

P.S. If you guessed that Woody was a "quarterback" you were right.  Get it - a quarter on his back!  Come back on Thurs for the big Halloween post with this years real costumes!  And some local  spooky decorations too. Even Mom is dressing up - her pic will be posted later when she gets ready for work!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Day Before The Day Before Halloween!

Can you guess what Woody is here?

Mom is very busy this week but doesn't want to miss out on her annual Halloween posts.  We are reminiscing about some of our unusual (or lame) costumes from years past.  Since we don't do costumes, Mom has to be very creative with us to do something with as little as possible on us or use the photoshop thingy.

Can you guess what Woody is in this pic?  More Halloween to come on Wednesday!

Snowball as "Kitty Bank"

Angel Joey as "The Candy Man"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wordly Wednesday with Sweetpea

I wanted to show you all what I do every morning while I wait for Mom to fill up  our food plates and bring us breakfast!  I like to lay in the floor in the middle of the kitchen and play with the zipper on the jacket over the back of the chair.

Mom is not so happy I do this cuz she has to step over me when she gets our food ready.  I don't know why I like this game so much but I do.  I tug and pull on the zipper and roll over and gets all dusty!  But when the food is ready - I stop and run to my plate before anyone else can get it!

Mom thinkks this is a weird game I play but she lets me do it anyway!  She also said I could fill you in on our lives - been a busy few weeks so we have not posted and Mom has not gone to visit much.

Here goes - Mom was working a lot but then she broke a tooth with an old filling over a weekend.  She had to wait until Tues to get the dentist and then he had to pull it out (ouch) cuz the root was exposed and she was in lots of pain.  After they pulled it she had to take antibiotics and eat mushy foods.

That took up the better part of a week.  Then Pop and Mom had to get our screen room ready for winter by putting plastic up over the outside and add windows so the whitesters could see out.  This room gets nice and warm with the sun on cold days.  They still have an indoor heated room too.  Putting up plastic is a lot of work and takes about two days. 

We will show you our screen room after the plastic is up later.

We will be down in the 30s for the first time this year on Wed night!  We are ready - kerosene for the heater, all our fleece blankies washed and the plants taken inside or covered up if they will be out for a while.  Days will still be in the 60s and 50s for a few more weeks.

Everyone is doing OK!  Yoko is eating well and a bit peppier - whatever she had is gone and she seems to feel better.  Lily is adjusting to being  in the house and the whitesters have gotten over missing her.  I think that is about it for our update.  I hope Mom can get by to visit (she does lurk) but I can't make any promises. She seems to like Facebook as it is easier to comment there than on blogs but she keeps up with you guys. We love you all and will do our best to get Mom to be more regular with the blog!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

National Feral Cat Day 2013

Today is a very important day for us - it is National Feral Cat Day!  As most of you know, all but one of us (Yoko) are former feral cats.  If you have not read about our story - check out the interview on Mousebreath listed in the sidebar to the right.

Big Guy, Nick and Ivy living outside.

So much has changed over the years, thanks to Alley Cat Allies.  When Mom began working to get us all trapped, neutered and released, 14 years ago, very few local humane shelters would do anything to help ferals.  Their first reaction was to euthanise.  Mom ran smack into a wall with her local shelter.  They told her we did not have a worthwhile life, living outside without human contact and we would best be put to sleep!  That made Mom mad!

Lily's group

She found Alley Cat Allies online.  They were instrumental in helping her figure out the best way to trap us humanely.  Mom also found a kind veterinarian in our area who was willing to work with her for a nominal fee to get us all spayed and neutered. Years later, the Director of  that local shelter came by our house and was surprised to see us all living happily and healthily in the shelter Mom and Pop built for us, playing, having a great time. At least she had a more open view about feral cats than she did before.

Our present day cat shelter

Alley Cat Allies plays a tremendous role in educating the public about feral cats and dispelling myths.  They advocate vigilantly to end the killing of feral cats and get legally involved in cases where cats have been harmed to change laws to protect ferals.

Lily's kittens all grown up - Woody and Tabitha

Alley Cat Allies promotes humane care for ferals with programs like Campus Cats, Every Kitty - Every City and the Feral Friend Network.

They provide educational tools and brochures to guide feral cat caretakers.  You can get information on how to TNR, colony care, veterinary care and even how to socialize feral cats and kittens.  People used to think feral cats could not be tamed, but hey, look at all of us!  If you want to read about another feral cat that was rescued, saved from death in a shelter and tamed - check out Panther's story!

All cats deserve a chance at a happy healthy life, even ferals.  Help out when you can - get involved, spay and neuter and maybe someday all pets will have homes!  We can dream can't we?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

National Grouch Day - Oct. 15

Mom has been out of commission with a bad tooth so we are reposting this  from a couple of years back.

Tabitha here with my grouchy face on.  It seems that today Tuesday  October 15 is National Grouch Day. A day for the public to celebrate grouchiness and the things that make you grouchy! Here goes -
I don't like...

-having to wait until the older cats get served stinky goodness first - I am the biggest so I should eat first.

-being told to go away when I just want lovin'. A girl has needs.

-Pop sitting in my chair. I should get my chair when I want my chair. Find your own chair Pop!

-Woody sitting next to some other ladycat. He is MINE!

-being told to stop playing in the water bowl. It's fun! I don't care if everything gets wet.

I think I have covered it all. Go ahead be grouchy today. That is what today is for! What gripes have you got?

On a more serious note...Wednesday Oct 16 is National Feral Cat Day. We are all rescued ferals at our place and we know how hard life can be. Stop back by tomorrow for our special post. In the meantime, do something kind for the ferals in your community.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Formerly Feral Friday


This is not about us but a great story about a rescued feral cat!   Back in April, Brian from Brian's Home blog posted about a lovely black cat who had nearly been euthanized not once but twice in a South Carolina shelter.   If you don't recall this post - go here to read about him.

Well long story short, Mom's friend Donna in North Carolina adopted him and it has taken all these long months but he is now letting her pet him and love him up.

He had his own room for the longest time but her other cats could come in if she was there too. Donna made him some hidy places so he would feel safe but that she could reach under and pet him.  At first he only would let her pet him thru the blanket but eventually she could put her hand under the blanket and pet him directly.  Donna knows it takes lots of time, effort, patience and love to win over some cats.

Panther had been adopted out but was living outside again on his own with a group of feral cats when he was found.  He had a microchip and the lady who had originally rescued him was called.  She no longer worked with feral groups but tried hard to find the best home for him. One thing led to another and Brian's peep was involved.

Panther looking out at Spunky!

We are just sooo happy to know that Panther is loved, appreciated and has a forever home indoor only with his Mom Donna and other kitty brothers and sisters.Give a shout out to Brian and all the other bloggers who work tirelessly to help find homes for abandoned dogs and cats!



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