Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two Spot on Thursday

It is me Two Spot today lounging in my hammick!  Things have quieted down a bit at our house this week.  Yoko seems a bit better from her urinary/kidney infection but will check in with the vet on Monday.  Now Rosa has a UTI!   And Lily is adjusting to being inside the house with the older cats.  Her kids Tabitha and Woody do not remember her or she them.  It has been a while since they came in.  Outside int he cat house we are all getting used to not having Lily with us - Only and Smidge miss her most.

I think I will just lay here and use the cat tree for my scratching post.  Kinda hot today so I am just going to hang out and chill!  Have a great weekend y'all.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Catch -up

Yoko snoopervising Lily's kennel cage. (And bored)

Been a very long and busy week for us here. The beans had company in town for the week, plans to visit other people out of town,  Yoko's UTI and vet visit, an unauthorized charge on the debit card (meaning we had to cut up the old card, order a new one and wait for 10 days using only cash or checks) and then a bully in the cat house.

Yoko is doing better with a new vet.  He still thinks it is a UTI but we will bring another urine sample in this week to see if all the new remedies have made a difference.  If not then perhaps and x-ray or another type of antibiotic.

Lily, the mom cat of all the white ones has been being bullied by Norm of all cats.  He was one that was picked on by Al before we made Al his own room.  A very bitter attack had Norm and Lily falling off the wall shelf onto the counter and then floor.  Luckily no one was hurt but poor Lily was terrified. 

We gave it another day but things did not improve so we brought her inside since we were down two cats (Joey and Chica)  She has been in a large dog kennel for a few days but is doing very well when we let her roam the house.  So far no one has done more than a hiss or swat.  Her two "kids" are Tabitha and Woody but they do not recognize each other. It has been too long.

Lily - the new member of the house.

In the cat house all is quiet now - don't know what brought this on from Norm but he has tried to assert himself with Snowball who just smacks him or pays no attention.  Anything could have caused this.  Seeing another cat outside (like our neighbor Jack) for instance could set Norm off. Lily seems to feel OK - sometimes a sick cat will be picked on by others.

Yoko on the kennel cage - sorry Lily is blurry

We may take in another of the white cats if anyone seems overly upset that Lily is gone.  Only and Smidge were closest to her but Only seems to have taken up with Georgie (poor girl).  Smidge is on her own and may be the one to come inside next.  Let's hope we have a quieter week this week.  What have you been up to?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fly Free Dear Abby

Our friend Abby of Manx Mnews as gone to the Bridge after an illness.  Her Mom is devastated in this loss.  Please go by to offer condolences.  For you dear Abby...

A Bridge Called Love

It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.
And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.
There is a bridge of memories
from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps our dear ones near us
It's the bridge that we call love.
    Author Unknown

Monday, August 12, 2013

Purrs for Yoko Please

UPDATE - Long day and thank you all for your purrs.  I had to work tonight after taking Yoko to the new vet who was very kind and gentle with her.  She does have some dental issues (tooth abscess)  that will need to be addressed but he did find bacteria and crystals in her urine - so we are on 2 weeks of antibiotics, which will help her mouth and UTI plus something called D mannose to help rid deep bacteria from her bladder and possibly kidneys - I guess bacteria are attracted to this and attach to the D mannose and get flushed out.  Then he put her on another immune boosting algae supplement. We have to bring a urine sample back in 10 days and then see what is going on. Yoko already seems a bit perkier and hopefully we can stop this low grade infection once and for all. 

In June Yoko who has CRF and high normal thyroid, had symptoms of a UTI and the vet started her on antibiotics.  I continued it for 4 weeks as she also had white blood cells in her urine.  We stopped the antibiotic and withing a week her symptoms were back.  Another round of antibiotics and this time she seemed to be over it but today the symptoms are back after 2 1/2 weeks of no symptoms.  We will be trying a new holistic vet to see if he can find out what this is.  I don't want to have to keep dosing her with antibiotics.

She went thru this last year in August with major symptoms - incontinence, vomiting, straining - the works.  After 4 weeks of antibiotics she was much much better but all along the urine showed no bacteria altho one vet said if it was in the kidney, the urine might not show any bacteria.

We are just hoping we can help make her more comfy and find out what is going on here.  Keep her in your thoughts.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy World Cat Day - 8/8/13

Today is World Cat Day (thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this fun graphic) and we are celebrating cats in all colors.  We have white cats, black cats, a torbie cat and tabby cats and even a grey and white tuxie cat. We are all very different in looks and in personalities.

Since many of our cats do not get much blog time Mom is going to feature a few of the quieter ones here with a little more about them.  Top row - left to right is Sam napping with Snowball.

 Sam is the only one with an ear tip so Mom could tell him apart from the others.  When we were all younger it was very hard to tell one white cat from another but now we have such distinctive personalities and  looks she does fine.  Sam is very quiet and hisses at the peeps when they first approach him but it is all show. He really wants loving but is too shy!

Back to the pic - next is Tabitha, Only, and Rosa and Mamacita in one pic.  Second row down is Minnie, Yoko, Darby and Norm.  Now Norm is Sam's littermate and is also very quiet.  He prefers to hide and run away when the peeps come by.  He LOVES Snowball and follows him everywhere but Snowball is not so keen on all the attention he gets from Norm!

Next row is Al, Woody, Georgie and Lily.  Georgie is a girl (Georgie Girl the movie)  and is Norm and Sam's littermate.  She is very pretty, dainty and a girly cat.  She is also very quiet and kind of gets lost with all the boy cats in this group.  Lily is the Mom to all the white cats except Al.  Sometimes she is a fussy Mom and likes her alone time without the kids pestering her.  We kinda feel bad as in a feral colony, she would have left the kittens when they were old enough to fend for themselves and got on with her own life.  Now she is stuck with them all.  We home to bring her in the house when some of the numbers go down to give her some peace.

Last row is Smidge, Two Spot, Snowball and Sweetpea in the small pics and Ivy last.  Smidge is Only and Two Spot's littermate and is a quiet yet feisty girl.  She is small boned but can hold her own with her brothers.  She makes a lot of noise howling and hissing when they mess with her.  It scares them off. She can take care of herself and loves to be loved up by the peeps.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about our gang.  Happy World cat Day from all of us at Wildcat Woods!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Trouble on Tuesday!

 Only here today.  I am gonna go sit in the cubby hole in the cat tree - my favorite spot.

 But wait...someone is already in there.  A few whaps will get them out.

Wahp whap whap..this is not working.

 Georgie is inside and she ain't coming out!

Oh well...I will just sit here ad wait. (She did scamper out when I left her alone!)

P.S.  An update on the crippled kitty from last Thursday's post.  She was adopted out to someone in SC.  Thanks to all the folks involved in trying to find her a home.We don't know if they will look into the surgery to see what can be done.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Our Lily

Lily here today. What a week and it is still going.  We are very thankful that we as ferals have a forever home and we are able to help a handicapped kitten find new home.  We have a story to share.....

A few days ago while Mom was at work, she got a phone cal from a rescuer in South Carolina.  Someone had contacted her about a kitten, very young, who was not able to walk.  It seems she was found alone in the woods and her back legs did not work.

The kitten who can't walk

She was taken to a vet who did x-rays and saw that her pelvis was missing a piece so there was nothing to move her hip and legs.  She was healthy otherwise and scooted along the floor sliding her back legs.  She sounded like the infamous Dot of Tabby's Place (who recently got adopted).

That was the first place Mom thought of so she contacted John of It's All Good blog to pass this info on to Tabby's Place and then Mom contacted our local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf about taking the kitten.  Before Tabby's Place got back to us and they did, Brother Wolf posted a pic of the sweet kitten and her sad story on their Facebook page and within hours we had several adoption offers!!!!  Mom relayed the info and contacts to the woman who was fostering the kitten We will let you know how this turns out but it seems like this sweet little girl will have a forever home in spite of her handicap.

The rescuer in SC also told her about  Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Greenville that would do a free consult, to look at the x-rays and decide if there is anything they can do for the kitten.  If she has a piece of pelvis, perhaps they can construct the missing section or make some pin to connect it so she can walk a bit.  A bit of hope! Even if she can't, we are purring for a loving forever home for her.

We will keep you posted! Thank you to John for passing on the info to Tabby's Place.  Thank you to Tabby's Place for getting back to us so quickly. And  a HUGE thanks to Brother Wolf for acting so quickly to  post on FB - they rock!

So do get involved in rescuing, transport pets, volunteer at a shelter, foster pets and share posts on Facebook and Twitter  - all these things work to help find homeless pets forever homes!



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