Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whapping Tabby Tuesday

Tabitha and Woody are hoping for a bit of attention from Yoko who is lounging on her snuggle bag.

Tabitha gives up but Woody is more optimistic - he loves a grooming but he know that can come at a risk!

WHAP - that was what he got instead of some loving licks!  Oh well better luck next time.

Snowball is doing well - he is grumpy at the food changes but otherwise OK.  Last call for the auction for him - it ends at midnight on Jan 30!  Check it out and make the last bid.  Snowball's Auction Blog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calling Batman?????

We are holding an auction until Jan 30 to raise funds for Snowballs hospitalization for urinary blockage.  Stop by here and bid on great stuff.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowball Update and Auction

On a better day!

Snowball is home but very freaked out by this whole ordeal.  He is feral after all and not easy to handle normally.  He must have been very doped up or frightened at the vet cuz he did not give them any problems. They loved him and thought he was so easy!!! HA!!
Today so far he has been hiding under a chair in a cat bed.   He ate, peed and pooped but keeps away from us.  I did get his meds in him - for infection, muscle relaxant. Still have to give him something for his constipation and take the tape off one of his legs.  I got one off where the IV was but the pain patch is still on him. 
I am looking up and ordering homeopathic remedies for blockage to have on hand in case.  No more dry food, fish, grain or veggies in his wet food.  That will take time to sort out the best can food.  he needs to lose weight as well. My research says that horsetail grass is good for reoccurring UTIs and he does get L-methionine and herbs to prevent crystals.  He is on Transfer Factor Plus for immune support.  We may use bottled water..and oh yea... digestive enzymes, slippery elm and aloe for constipation.  Hope all this works!
At the vet - not a happy camper!
 Thank you for your ideas, concern and purrs!  This whole UTI issue is even more scary as I lost a cat a few years back from the vet not being able to get the catheter in and at the time had no ER vet nearby - it was a very small rural town and during a blinding January blizzard! I took Manny home rather than leave home rather than leave him at the vet if no one was going to be there to monitor him and he died in my arms.  he was only two.  I don't want that to happen again!
.My kitty fund is depleted after this and Joey's cancer last month so I have set up an auction blog.  The auction runs thru Jan 30 and has some new things on it as well as things from my sale blog.  Go check it out and share - I need all the green papers I can gather up!  Snowball's Auction Blog
P.S. I have not been by to visit everyone to thank you personally.  I will now that Snowball is home.  It has taken all my time to get him taken care of, set the auction up and let everyone know.  The next few days will be very quiet I hope so I will be by! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Purrs for Snowball

UPDATE The emergency vet was able to get a catheter in and he is unblocked but will have to stay there to be monitored for the next 48 hours.  Our bill is a mere $1200 **gasp*** rather than the initial $3000 they quoted us for the full surgery!!!  Snowball is resting and seems OK for now.  What a scare this was to think we had to do such drastic surgery or lose him!  Anybody have suggestions for food and treatment to keep this from happening?

Snowball has been getting UTIs lately and we thought this was just another one.  I thought he was acting funny and seemed to be in more pain so off to the vet we went today. He was blocked and they were not able to get the catheter in without damaging his urethra.

Phone calls and another trip to the vet.  We took the still sedated Snowball in our car to the emergency vet where he will have 24 hour monitoring.  They will try to do the catheter again but it looks like kidney stones lodged in his urethra.  The vets suggest doing the perineal urethrostomy - they shorten and widen the urethra so that this won't happen again.  Obviously they will be able to remove the obstruction while doing this.  Usually this is only done if they have reoccurring UTIs but in his case, he will not live if they cannot get the catheter in.

Being a weekend we don't have a choice of vets here - we have to go to who is available and open.  Please keep Snowblall in your prayers  that he comes thru this.  He is only 9 and certainly deserves many more years of love.

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for his graphic and for emailing everyone!  You guys are so supportive!  We will keep ya'll posted as we get more info.  What a long day.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's National Rubber Ducky Day - Jan 13

 It is that time of year again....Rubber Ducky Day!  Yoko says "For some reason these yellow things make me want to take a bath!!"

This day seems to have originated in 1970, when Jim Henson performed the song “Rubber Duckie” as Ernie on Sesame Street.  The rubber duck bath toy has been an iconic American symbol ever since.

 Al showed no interest whatsoever in his ducks - he would rather eat than play with them.  That sure is a funny duck on his back.

 Woody didn't want to get too close to the duck...these look more like cats?  Rubber dacks????

Snowball warmed right up to his bright yellow friends while Only wanted to nest with his flock of cat/ducks...um dats...or cacks???  What do you call these hybrid cat and ducks??


 One of the bigger ones escaped into the water bowl and Smidge cautiously checked it out.  She didn't like that thing floating in her water.  "Get it out Mom!"

Do you have any rubber duckies?  We think every day should be rubber ducky day, don't you?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garden Thursday with Tabitha

 What Mom???  You woke me up from my nap to host a garden tour???  I will make it a quick one.

Pop has planted broccoli and kale and they seem to be doing great this winter.  It has been a mild one with just a few cold nights in the 20s.

 I think the weather has messed up our flowers - the daffodils are coming out of the ground a couple of months early and the phlox is actually blooming!  We even had some forsythia blooms back in December.

That was it for the garden tour folks.  Back to my nap with Woody. Have a good weekend and don't forget that Sunday Jan 13 is Rubber Ducky Day.  Find a rubber ducky and join in the fun!  Feel free to steal the pic on the sidebar for your post or  blog.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hunting with Jack

We live in a clearing surrounded by acres of woods with a few neighbors behind us at the top of the ridge that  we can't see except for in winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

I was talking  on the phone to a friend last week telling her about our neighbor's cat Jack.  I told P that he often comes down the mountain to visit us and that he likes to hunt in our yard.

P responded rather vehemently :"He hunts in your yard?  And you let him? That's dangerous!"

Wondering why she was getting so upset I told her that he especially likes to go under the house in the crawlspace to hunt.  "What?" P exclaimed.loudly "Oh my God why?"

"Because there is lots of good stuff under there'" I explained calmly.  "Voles, mice, chipmunks."

"P"  I asked, "Did you hear me when I said Jack is a cat?"

" A CAT!!!" P stated back. " I thought you were talking about a person named Jack!!"

We had a good chuckle over this, imagining a human hunter, rifle slung over his shoulder, dressed in camouflage clothing, crawling around in the tiny space under the house looking for prey!

Jack the cat hunting for voles.
P.S. It looks like this is our 600th post!  Pretty cool that we have posted that many pics and stories about us cats!  Hope to be doing 600 more!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun with Sweetpea

If you can't see this, then go here to our Youtube Channel!

Sweetpea just loves to play with her Bizzy Kitty.  Round and round the ball goes as she slides all over the floor with it.  Rattle, rattle, rattle.  It wakes Pop up in the middle of the night as she smacks the toy hard trying to get the ball out.  Bam, it hits the cabinet. Rattle again as it slides across the floor. Too tired to get up and take it away from her, Pop keeps saying to himself "she will lose interest in another minute, she will stop playing soon..."  He is right, after a few minutes Sweetpea will give up and go play with something quieter!  Poor Pop!



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