Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Wanderings - Church Street

First off - it is not Snowball's Gotcha Day - the CB calendar is incorrect - his Gotcha Day was in September and we had a party then for him.

Now that you are here tho - welcome to the bean's weekend wanderings post - this week it is Church Street in Asheville NC.  This street has hosted several congregations since the mid 19th century!  This first building is not a church but sits at the head of Church Street.  The scroll around the building is pretty cool with faces and leaves - bignify to see better.

The Central United Methodist Church met in a frame building beginning in 1837, but the current building was not erected until 1902. Designed by Richard H. Hunt of Tennessee and built by James Madison Westall, the imposing limestone church presents Romanesque Revival style massing and forms, but the detailing more closely reflects the Gothic Revival style. 

In 1884, the leaders of First Presbyterian Church commissioned a new building to serve the growing congregation and to provide space for the increasing number of tourists who visited Asheville each summer. The Gothic Revival style brick nave and tower feature deep-corbelled cornices, hood-molded windows and blind arcading at the eaves. Built at a cost of $8,000, the new church could accommodate 600 worshipers. As the congregation has continued to grow steadily, so has the church building been renovated and enlarged over the years.

Huge tree in front of the Methodist Church

Trinity Episcopal Church stands on the southeastern corner of Church and Aston streets. Nationally known architect Bertram Goodhue of the New York-based firm of Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson designed the building in 1912. The Tudor Gothic Revival style brick building with granite trim features a simple, gable-roofed sanctuary with transepts and a short corner tower. The interior opens to an attractive hammer beam ceiling and panel tracery fills the stained glass windows  (info from

Have a great weekend ya'll!


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Snowball we are going to wish you an ungotcha day. We tried to meow at Mommy that the calendar was wrong but would she listen. NO!!!!!!!

But we really think ungotcha days should be celebrated there are 364 of them and only 1 gotcha day.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Thank´s for the walk on Church Street !
It´s looks purrfect for walk´s :)
Wish you a pawsome weekend !

Barb said...

I don't go to the CB anymore but they have several of my cat's dates wrong.

Ashville is on my list. I've actually had a trip planned twice and had to cancel them. Bugger. I can't wait to go and see for myself!

Marg said...

Those are some mighty good pictures and pretty churches. Ashville is really pretty. Hope you have a great week end.
We have moved to Blogger now.

Brian's Home Blog said...

That really is such a pretty place...I still need to get out more often!

Old Kitty said...

These are beautiful churches with rich histories - thank you for sharing these pics and info! Take care

Mr. Black said...

Hey Snowball. Happy day anyways!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Beautiful! This looks like a place our Mommy would luv to visit. XOXO

The Island Cats said...

What pretty churches! The mom says she hears Asheville is a very historical city and would love to visit someday.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Ashville looks lovely and Mum loves the curved window in the first picture.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Donna said...

Those are very pretty. :)



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