Monday, October 3, 2011

Going Pink for October

It's me Joey today for Mancat Monday and we are going PINK for October!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All us Mancats are secure enough in our masculinity to wear the color pink, especially if it is for a good cause.  Mom's friend Emily recently lost her fight with breast cancer so we want more women to be preventive - get those mammograms, MRIs or thermagrams, check yourself regularly at home for any anomalies, exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Mom did a special page about the best cancer non-profit organizations to support, utilize and promote - ones that don't test on animals and that don't spend all their donations on salaries.  The two worst offenders are the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  All the others are listed here.

Are you going PINK?


Brian's Home Blog said...

That is such a wonderful cause, and pink is my favorite Mancat color!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Apparently the Canadian Cancer Society spends a huge amount on admin costs too--most of the donation dollars, actually. There was a news report on this in the summer. Actually, it was quite appalling, how much was spent on admin *and* marketing.

But then I don't know the ins and outs of the organization, either--maybe it's necessary?

Hannah and Lucy said...

That is good that you like pink - our mum has just been for her mammogram.
We are sorry to hear about your mom's friend.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Good advice for all of us. We are proud of you for wearing pink for such a good cause!

Real mancats can wear any color!!!

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Joey what a lovely....and beautiful pink roses. One day there will be a cure we just have to keep working and helping each other.
Hugs Madi

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I agree with Brian! There isn't a better cause to wear "Mancat Pink" for!


Old Kitty said...

Yay for pink and breast cancer awareness month!! Hi Joey! Take care

Mariodacat said...

This is a great cause. We need to get rid of cancer period! Lovely post.

Marg said...

Joey, you do look good in pink. We certainly want to take part in this breast cancer cause. We will have to get to work on that. Thanks for this great post. We will look at all the good places to donate to for research, etc. Have a great week.

Sparkle said...

Thanks for that awesome list - my human did not know that the Susan G. Komen Foundation was not a good place to donate to!


Pink suits you really well!
We think you are super special to do this post today!
Mom does agree about how so much of the donations go into paying salaries and admin costs. If ALL the money went to seeking a cure think how much further along we would be.
It's the same thing with the national level animal societies. If you look into their history you see that they don't do what they claim. But local charities are different. We also love giving directly like to the animals that are in need we know. It feels good to know that 100% is going exactly where you want it to go.
Sorry for being so long winded!

Mr Puddy said...

My whole family like Pink : )
You take care my friend and Thanks for your post.

The Island Cats said...

Real mancats can wear pink! We are sorry about your mom's friend. Our mom has lost a friend to breast cancer too...and has other friends who have fought or are still fighting the battle.

Team Tabby said...

Our mom supported a young lady who was participating in a 'run for the cure' for breast cancer. Her mother, gone from cancer earlier this year, was a good friend of our mombean's.

We think pink is a lovely color, the best.

Unknown said...

Wes all ways goes pink!

Anonymous said...

Lots of men wear pink in October. You are looking mighty handsome with your pink flowers. It is for a great cause. Hugs and nose kisses

catsynth said...

There is nothing about the color pink that should threaten anyone's masculinity, whether a man or a mancat :)

Thank you for the link to the list of groups. We are inundated with solicitations all the time for very worthy causes from groups that clearly spend a lot of their funds and administration and additional fundraising compared to the cause itself.

Thoughts for all those who are working to survive breast cancer, or have lost someone to this terrible disease.

Ellen Whyte said...

Quite right. There are too many charities that are in business to collect money to pay huge salaries to a few people. Good post!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What an excellent idea ~ we will do some pink posts to support you.

amanda said...

Hola Joey! now thats a good cause to wear pink for! purrs, Rio from Barcelona



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