Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Cold for Comfort Tuesday

View looking across the street.

You can see the snow being blown across our road.

We got 4 inches of snow on Sunday and then the Arctic blast blew in with temperatures in the mid teens for a high.  (Our average high for this time of year is 50 degrees!) Mom and Pop worked hard to make sure our generator was all clear, running and hooked up in case we lose power (which happens a lot out here).

The screen porch on the cat shelter.

Only snuggling on top of mom Lily.

They made sure the shelter was all snug with lots of cubby holes and fleece blankets for us white cats to nap in.  Don't worry it is heated and insulated but the screen porch is not - just a plastic cover over the screens. We stay indoors unless the sun is out and then it is toasty 70 degrees!

Mom in her L.L. Bean 30 below zero coat!

Mom went out to feed the birdies and secure all the loose items - wind gusts could get as high as 60 MPH!

Woody is checking out the feeders!

What were we all doing? Napping in our favorite spots, wacthing the birds at the feeders or jostling each other for the best spot on the heater!

Joey has dibs on the heater.

Snuggle time with Mamacita, Rosa and Yoko.

Hope you all are staying warm. This winter better not be a repeat of last year!  We may have to ask to move to Florida!


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh look at you precious babies! I know my mom is itching to roll on the floor with a cat pile on her so she can snorgle and love on all of you. Me..I would just join the pile.

Your mom and I had close to the same weather. About 5 inches here, and 8 degrees in the morning. Got up to 20 today. Not much better tomorrow.



It's going to be 20F tonight in Northern moving here might not be a good idea!



Kea said...

Brrrr! Everyone had best snuggle together and huddle by the heater, to stay warm!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Burr humbug! I hope y'all keep cozy and warm...and I sure hope the power doesn't go out. We'll be thinking of you and sending warm purrs!

Deb said...

They all look so cozy. Stay warm. It's very cold here too. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5 Ottawa

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Brrr, it looks really cold in the first two pictures.
It was in the high eighties here almost like another Summer day.
I hope all of you precious sweet babies snuggle and stay warm.

Ramblingon said...

One of my boys is a teacher, living in Charlotte. I go by Asheville as I am over the mountains on my way every 5-8 weeks or so. Not right now though. Too cowardly about the weather. Two years ago IN APRIL!!!! seriously snowed at the top of the mountains as I made my way up, on I-40. We were all of us creeping along about 30. Maybe. I lost 3 of my lives getting thru that. APRIL!! (early April)

Faythe said...

wow, you are lucky your pawrents have a back up generator to keep your furs warm! I needs one of those, I have the same weather.bbrrr!

Ellen Whyte said...

It's nice to see you are warm and snuggly. Didn't you have bears last year? Do be careful!

Sparkle said...

Wow, you are getting more than your share of winter weather! Stay warm, all of you!

Cat said...

It's great to snuggle with kitties when it is cold and blustery outside!!!

Cara n Crew said...

Stay warm! The snow looks very beautiful but we're kinda glad we don't have to deal with that here!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) said...

We understand. Five below zero this morning for a wind chill temp. More tomorrow. Love the pic of the blowing snow. We had alot of that on Sunday. Tomorrow on the blog, there will be a picture of our Amelia looking out at the frigid world (quite happy to be inside).
Great pics.

The Chair Speaks said...

Snuggly together is a nice way to get warm.
We are in the tropics so it is always hot! We are blowing warm winds to you!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww lovely pics of Only, Lily, Woody, Joey, Mamacita, Rosa and Yoko!! Such sweet snuggle kitties!! Please take care and keep warm! Brrrrr!!! And thank you for thinking of the birdies - poor things!!

Hugs! x

SeaThreePeeO said...

Brrrrrrr! That makes us cold just looking at those pictures. Keep warm!

Unknown said...

Well, seeing as how it's 26 degrees in my part of Florida right now, you are better off staying put lol! Keep snuggling and being such cute kitties. :)

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

We purray that you will all stay safe and boys can't relate to that kind of weather, but mama says she can.....she grew up in South Dakota a gazillion years ago.

Mama loved your mom's is such a pawsome color!!!!!!!!

We luvsy'all bunches and bunches.

PeeS Mama will try to get the latest memory buttons done soon....she's been really "scattered" lately, and we have trouble getting her to settle down and be organized!!!!!!

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi to you all....goodness me what odd and scary weather all around the US. I heard on the news last night that 39% of the USA had snow...what is up with that? Today we expect temps to be 30 with wind chill too.
No snow here but we are hearing rumblings of a wintry mix Wed. night/Thursday morning.

You all stay nice and Moms arctic coat.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Marg said...

Yikes, you poor things. We had all the wind and cold yesterday and last night but so far we haven't gotten the snow. It was 15 this morning. Not fun. The poor goat just stands there and shakes. They go in the barn but it isn't much warmer. I worry about four of the cats that will NOT come in. But they can get in the hay in the barn and under the house. Hope things get a little better for you but I hear we are having another storm on Wed. night. Take care and try to stay warm.

SuziQCat said...

The cold wouldn't be so bad if we could get some pretty snow to go with it :)

Hope you all stay toasty warm and don't lose power.

Katnip Lounge said...

Brrrrr! I remember that awful cold from living in Chicago...Bundle up and stay inside! The deep freeze will be next...then it's the long wait for April. Kitties, time for a nap!

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, I don't know what's up with the weather this year -- it went like straight from fall to Arctic temperatures! I'm used to a more gradual introduction of winter.

It's lovely that your kitties can snuggle up with each other, too. Body heat is the best, no matter what other heat sources there are.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We like seeing that picture of the you snuggling on top of mom! So cute and sweet! Here we don't much like each other. So when we sleep we don't touch each other. We hope your power stays on. Long time ago Mom used to live in a place in the woods where the power would go out a lot.

We love Luna said...

Wow dear friends!
Please stay warm!I think winter scenery with all snow is so beautiful but it's also so cold! brrrrr
mommy there is beautiful with in red!I love all pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

woah, you gots the BRRRRR's over there! hope you can all stays nice and super warmies. we gotted your Catmas card and putted it in our bloggie post today, come by and see!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh BRRRR! Those pictures look cold! It is super cold here too, but we don't have too much snow. We think you are all very smart to stay in where it is warm and snuggle! And that is great that you have a generator in case the power goes out - our dad keeps saying we need to get one of those!

catsynth said...

Wow, that looks really cold. Makes our chilly rainy weather mild by comparison.
Hope you all stay nice and warm inside. I do have to admit, the white cats complement the snow quite nicely :)



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