Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forever Friday - Beatrice

This lovely cow cat is Beatrice and she is at the Asheville Humane Society. Uunfortunately it is not a no kill shelter but all the more reason to help find homes for the loving cats and dogs that are confined here.

Beatrice is about 4 years old, a large girl and sadly has been declawed. She could really use a forever home so let's send her purrs, prayers and lots of vibes that the right person finds her.

For more info on adoptable pets please go to Asheville Humane Society.

Au and Target from Katz Tales gave us this fun award. It comes with three rules....

Rule #1 - Thank the person who gave it to you.
Big thanks to Au and Target.

Rule #2. - Share 9 things about yourself.
We will share 9 secrets of us cats......

1. Lots of folks wonder about our name Wildcat Woods. Well, Mom's friend Emily is an artist and wanted to know what we were going to call our new home which sits at the edge of 8 wooded acres. Emily called her abode Hobbit Hill and created a lovely sign that sits beside her long driveway. Since we are all feral and wild (not really) Mom decided on Wildcat Woods. Hopefully Emily will paint us a really cool sign with the name on it one day!

2. Joey, our mancat tabby in the house, gives love nips, especially to Mom. He once bit her nose when she was holding him in her arms. She has to be careful if he gets that look in his eye...a nip is coming.

3. Sweetpea falls alspeep in the weirdest place and then falls off! One time when we had company, she was asleep on the shelf by the door. We were telling our friends about how she falls off things and the next thing we hear is a thump and there she is on the floor. Most times she does land on her feet even asleep! Everybody laughed - she didn't like that.

4. Mamacita thinks her name is "Lookout" That's cuz she always runs in front of Mom when she is putting food down or getting ready to feed us and Mom has to keep saying "lookout" or she will step on Mamacita!

5. Al, our deaf cat, loves to use his paw to push small things off the table, shelf or counter and watch them fall to the ground. He doesn't hear the crash things make when they break. All the other cats run away from the noise. Mom stopped putting breakables out - Al doesn't mind - it's the falling he likes!

6. Georgie is really the most perfectly proportioned cat we have. Mom thinks she is the most beautiful. The shape of her head, eyes and everything is just right. Isn't she lovely?

7. Chica plays catch with the cage balls - when Mom throws one to her, she stands up on her hind legs and catches the ball with her two front paws. Even now at 19, she still plays.

8. At feeding time, Snowball and his three brothers - Norm, Sam and Woody - gather around the dry food bowl and eat. Pop uses this time to love them up and they get so excited. He is petting everyone and they are all rubbing up against each other and him all the while munching down on dry food. Feeding frenzy for sure! (We need to video this one time!)

9. Mom thought Smidge was a boy - even up till she was neutered. She is Only and Two Spot's litter mate and acted tough and bossy and rough like them. Even tho she has a sister Tabitha, Smidge played rough with the boys. Mom was sure surprised when they told her he was a she!

10. Sam is the only one of the cats that had his ear tipped when he was neutered (what they do to ferals in colonies so they know they got TNR'd). Mom had the vet do it cuz she couldn't tell him apart from Norm. Now we know who Sam is by his ear.

Rule #3 - give this award to 9 other bloggers.
We hope you enjoyed this tell all and would like to invite anyone else to take this award and join in. So many of you already have it.

Please keep June 24 open - our Chica is 19 this year and we are having a huge celebration for her that day plus a give-away too. Come on by!


Ellen Whyte said...

Wow you guys have interesting histories - and habits. Imagine falling off a humiliating!

The Chair Speaks said...

Congrats on the award. Your cats are lovely. Yes, now I can see you have several similar white blobs! :)

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow - what a brilliant award - congratulations!!! Me and Charlie love these 9 things from all you gorgeous cats of wild cat woods!!

Aww Joey - you get that look in your eyes and nip! Oh dear! LOL!

Sweatpea - we love you name!! And we shall try not to laugh when you fall over while sleeping! :-)

Mamacita!! We think you get all excited when it's nomming time and so quite rightly change your name to Lookout! :-)so your mum would know you're there!

Awww Al - we like that you are playful with the breakables - heheh!

And Georgie. We agree with your mum. You are perfect in every way! Beautiful!

Chica - you may be 19 but you have the heart of a kitty - yay for you!

Snowball, Norm, Sam and Woody! - Awww! We love that you get extra loving from your dad when nomming!

Smidge - you're adorable and a bossy honourary mancat!

And Sam - you are just lovely!

We hope you get your "WildCat Woods" sign soon!

Take care

Old Kitty said...

p.s!!! Oh we are purring, purring, purring for sweet Beatrice! We hope she finds a forever home soon (and all those at the shelter).

take care

Brian's Home Blog said...

Congrats on the award, your answers and pictures were wonderful! I will tell everyone I know about poor sweet Beatrice!

Kea said...

We're sending lots of purrs to Beatrice, that she finds her forever home. She's a beautiful girl!

Congratulations on your award! We LOVED reading those 9 things; you're all a wonderful fur family. :-)

We love Luna said...

ohmigod,Beatrice has such a lovely eyes!I hope soon someone really special can adopt her!
And concatulations for so cool award!
Happy weekend,
Luna - We love Luna

Hannah and Lucy said...

Congratulations on your award- we enjoyed reading your answers - it's great learning new things about your friends.

Anonymous said...

::purring for Beatrice::

love these entries where you guys tell all about yourselves. must admit, there's so many of you it is verreh hard to keep straight, so these posts are wunnerful!

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on the award and we really enjoyed learning so much more about you guys...So many beautiful babies at your house!...We love that Chica still plays catch=what a fun, gorgeous girl she is; we will definitely stop by for her party!...Happy weekend sweet friends...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

Long post, we almost forgot=Good luck to Beatrice too, we will purr loudly for that sweetheart...xo...CHS

Cat said...

We LOVE learning all that stuff about you guys!! There are so many of you we'll never remember all your names, but at least we can start!!! You are all so pretty! Do you all get along well? I don't know how you do it...we are only two and we just can't help teasing each other. You guys are so good!!! Purrs to Beatrice..we hope she finds a forever home very soon!! Lautrec and Tiny

Katnip Lounge said...

Your Al & My Chuckles must be soul brothers. Chuck LOVED to test gravity! One of his nicknames was "Newton" as in Sir Isaac Newton. Of course, he never heard the crashes but he was always interested in the smashed remains.

Noll said...

We enjoyed reading all those wonderful stories. Have a happy weekend efurryone!

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Cheri what interesting and entertaining information on you all.
Happy Father's Day to the human dad of Wildcat Woods.
Madi and Mom

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Mama fell in love with Beatrice and wishes we could have her, but our landlord says not fair......we are purring that she will find a wonderful forever home soon.

Kudos on the award and we loved learning more about y'all!!!!!!


Marg said...

Congrats on the awards and we loved hearing all about all of you. You sound like a great group of cats. And we want to thank your Mom for taking you in and giving you such a great home. Dad too. We do like people that take cats in.
Have a great week end and we will be back for the big birthday.
We are also sending tons of purrs for
Beatrice. Gosh, we hope she can find a home.

Annie Bear said...

We so hope dear Beatrice gets a forever home!

Fun post reading about all the kitties. We had a white cat, Mr. Kitty. He wasn't deaf, but he also loved to knock things off counters just to watch them fall. He loved tipping over glasses of water to watch the water. Chica is so cute the way she catches her balls. Too funny about Sweatpea.

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about the kitties.
Chica is 19 Wow! My daughter's cat is 18. I hope Chica has many more years.

Paws & Whiskers,
Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

The Island Cats said...

Congrats on your award! We sure enjoyed learning more about all of you!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Congratulations on the award. It is always fun to learn more about our friends! We are especially interested to hear about Al.

We hope that Beatrice gets her forever home!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

What a nice family album you shared with us! And concats on the awardie, too!



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