Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordy Wednesday with Sweetpea

Another cat tale - this time from Sweetpea!

I first showed up at Mom's house during the winter many years ago. I was part of a feral group living outside that Mom was catching and doing TNR. I was all alone, just a tiny little kitten - I am not sure what happened to my brothers ad sisters. Big Guy took me under his protection. He was the head mancat of our group. He was a very wise, kind mancat who we all loved. Mom thought he was my mother cuz I stuck to him like glue. Boy was she surprised to find out he was the mancat!

Mom was putting food out for us but it was a very snowy cold winter. Even though we had a shelter to go inside one day we got a huge storm and we hid someplace else that was warm and big enough for all of us to fit in. Mom was so worried, especially about me cuz she didn't know where we were and didn't see any of us for several days. When we showed up again she decided to catch me and bring me inside so I would be OK during the cold winter.

She left a doggie kennel cage out next to our food station and covered it with blankets and it was all snugly. I went inside there and she shut the door. I was not happy and howled and bounced off the walls but I was caught! My buddies all ran off. They were so scared, even Big Guy.

I came inside but was so wild that the vet had to sedate me to examine me. I got all my tests done and got sent home still sleepy. The vet said to bathe me now - I had bad skin and rashes so Mom and Pop did. They washed me in the bathroom sink, holding me up out of the water since I was still sedated. I knew what was happening even tho I was sleepy so I would not go near that sink for a long time after.

Mom kept me in a small room with a window and a nice comfy bed, litter box and food. I was lonely so I let them pet me and play with me. Pretty soon I could come out to meet Yoko and Chica who were much older than me. I was used to taking care of myself and being pretty aggressive to get my food and attention with the other cats so I scared the older kitties. I was always "in their faces" as Mom says. I wore them down eventually and we all got along.

Now we have lots of kitties in the house I can play with and more my age. Some even lived outside with me long ago. We are all kinda middle age now - I am ten but still very little. I only weigh five pounds. I have long fur and a spot of white on my chest. People still think I am a kitten! I love to eat, nap and play with our toys. I get very excited sometimes and try to boss the other kitties around but they don't pay much attention to me cuz of my size!

I am very happy with my home and all my brothers and sisters. It sure beats living outside in a snowstorm!


JC said...

Sweetpea you are absolutely Purrfect !! So glad that your Mom got you to be an indoor kitty.

Gattina said...

What a lovely story and you really had chance in your life ! White cats are rather seldom here in Belgium and hard to find and when they are white they are usually deaf unless they have yellow eyes. if they have blue eyes they can't hear anything. Breeders try to "make" cats with one blue and one yellow eye, then they can hear. With Arthur we were lucky he hears very well he also has yellow eyes. The one we had before was completely deaf and had blue eyes. He died after one year of a heart attack ! It was so sad ! I found him in our garden.

Noll's Nip said...

I love happy endings !!

The Creek Cats said...

Yes, happy endings are the best! You found yourself a great home, Sweetpea!

The Island Cats said...

Oh Sweetpea...the best day was when you walked into that doggie cage...cuz from then on, you never had to worry about being outside in a snowstorm again! Lucky you!

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Sweetpea, so glad that you are happy indoors now. You have a great loving home now.

Team Tabby said...

You are very well named, Sweet Pea. Nice to meet you.



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