Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Purrs for Sweetpea

UPDATE Fri July 1 - We got a second opinion on Sweetpea and I am so glad we did.  Dr Ann is a bit of a drive but well worth it.  We took a half hour just to go over all the tests and paperwork form the other vet - trying to make sense of it all.  Dr Ann had me leave Sweetpea with her for the rest of the day so she could run a few more tests of her own. Turns out Sweetpea is NOT diabetic but she does have elevated liver values and a mild UTI.. Sweetpea is on Clavamox for the UTI.  The thyroid meds or the not eating could cause the high liver numbers so for the next week we will make sure Sweetpea eats (she ate on her own tonight) and NOT give the thyroid meds.  We will take Sweetpea back to Dr Ann next week to get more blood work and see if the numbers are different.  At this point with all the crazy stuff going on from the old vet, I am sure she must wonder if she is hyperthyroid after all.  The old vet was one I had been seeing for years for many of the other cats and did not have any problems except some issues with Georgie.  At this point, I am not going back there for sure.  Dr Ann is worth the drive and I will be going to her from now on!  Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and support.  I have been a wreck this week!

Sweetpea was taken to the vet yesterday to find out why her appetite was off.  They found out that she has diabetes.  Her thyroid levels were perfect so that was one good thing.

She will be at the vet all day today and perhaps tongiht so they can do a blood glucose curve and determine what amount of insulin to give her.

Sweetpea is stable.  She had a fever but that has come down.  She is not eating on her own so they are syringe feeding her.  We are all hopeful that this will go better than Georgie's diabetes diagnosis.  Groegie went right into ketoacidosis and that complicated things a great deal.

We are sad this is happening to Sweetpea as she is not one to take meds or shots well.  If it becomes too stressful for for her at 17, we will have to think of all our options.  Purrs are greatly appreciated for her. Mom is going to visit her this morning and will have an update later.

Thank you Ann of Zoolatry for this graphic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Up

It is me, Only, today. Sorry we have been AWOL since our last post in May.  The beans have been on the road, traveling - first time they have gone anywhere together in ten years. In May it was a short trip to Highlands, NC  to try out the pet sitter, then it was a wedding in VA near DC. A family thing.  And then Mom headed out to Charleston SC to visit a work friend who moved down there last year.

Pop dancing with the bride, his niece, in VA
 Another trip is coming up - to visit Mr. Kitty's humans.  His Dad B. would love it if we snuck him in the luggage but no can do. B had a liver transplant last year and now needs a kidney transplant.  Mom's oldest friend D. is giving her kidney to her husband B.  They have been thru more than most people can cope with over this past year.  That was why they could not keep Mr Kitty if you remember.  No pets allowed now after an organ transplant. The surgery is scheduled for July so Mom may go back up to help them out.

Cats always find Mom like this one did in Charleston.  He was the Inn cat.

The beans  found a great pet sitter and we like her.  She is nice and quiet and makes sure we all get our meds and lots of pets.  She grew up on a farm and has a dog and cat herself.  We will be in good hands but it may be the start of some traveling urges for the beans.  Uh oh.

Mr Kitty zonked out on  the porch.

Nothing new with us cats.  Mr. Kitty is doing fine on his thyroid meds and so is Sweetpea finally.  Snowball is holding his own with his megacolon - no issues so far.  It has been very hot lately so we are enjoying the AC in the house and the cat house cats all have fans.  Their inside room is cool like a basement on account of being built into the hillside.  Mr. Kitty juts loves to nap out on the porch in the heat - funny guy.

Mom turkey and poults - see how mom is holding her leg up?

We have a mom turkey with a bum leg who has been visiting our bird feeder.  The beans will make sure she has food and water while they are away.  The turkey had six babies but only two are left.  They are getting big, can fly a little and are starting to look like turkeys and not just fluff balls.

Mrs Raccoon

A cute raccoon has been stopping by to feed too.  Mom seems to think she may have little ones in the woods but so far no sign of them.  No bear sightings but one did bend our bird feeder pole down to the ground.  We told the pet sitter to watch out.  She will not put food out at night.

That is it for us.  After the next trip, the humans should be home for the summer and hopefully will get to blogging again.  (Unless Mom has to go back to help out Mr. Kitty's folks.) Mom does post on Facebook and on Instagram so look for us there. We miss our blog buddies and hope y'all are doing good.  With luck we will visit you all in about a week. 



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