Monday, January 25, 2016

Mr. Kitty on Mancat Monday

Mr. Kitty snoopervising the snow

We are doing fine after a 16" snowstorm  last Friday and Saturday.  We didn't lose power which is good cuz our generator broke and the part they sent us didn't work.  Mom was so worried - we went 4 days without power in 2009 and she didn't want that to happen again.

Two Spot

All the older or special needs cats are inside the house but the white kitties have their own house a short walk from the back door.  Pop would go out to check on them every couple of hours.  The kitties were all inside the heated room snug in their banana box beds.


Our driveway on Sunday

Mom put bird feeders all over the place and would go out to feed them too.  It kept us busy watching  bird TV so we wouldn't get bored with the snow.  It was very cold and windy and the snow froze so the beans have not been able to get out yet - hope they can go on Tuesday.  We are getting low on cat food!

Callie and crow

Just a quick update on me - I am doing fine after my procedure to drain my lump but..the lump is back already altho not as big.  I may have to have surgery to cut it out but I really don't want that at my age (17).  Besides where will the fluids that are in the pocket of the lump go if they cut the lump out and where is this gunk coming from?  The beans will get more detailed info on this before they put me thru surgery.  Will keep you posted.

Mr Kitty checking out our flattened boxwood

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Rubber Ducky Day - Jan. 13

Mr Kitty hugging his rubber ducks.

It is January 13 - time for our annual Rubber Ducky Day post.  

Rubber duckies have been around since the 1800s and the beginnings of  the rubber industry.  And don't  forget the song “Rubber Duckie” performed by  Ernie on Sesame Street in 1970?  This fun colorful bath toy has been an iconic American symbol since.

If you can't see this video then go to Youtube here.

Snowball is trying to ignore his.

How can you have some rubber ducky fun today?  

  • If you have some spare bright yellow rubber duckies, leave them around town today in unexpected places - in a puddle in the park, on a shelf in the Children's section of the library, or tie a cheerful note around one wishing the finder a Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
  •  Bake some Rubber Ducky cupcakes - visit for directions on how to make these cute and delish cupcakes.

  • Post photos of your cats with their rubber duckies on social media like us!
  • Take a relaxing fragrant  bubble bath today with your whole collection of rubber duckies in with you.

So is Two Spot

Whatever you do on National Rubber Ducky Day - have fun!  After all it is the middle of winter with the next holiday a whole month away!  Happy Rubber Ducky Day to y'all!!!!

Only just wants to snuggle with his rubber duckies.

P.S. Mr. Kitty is home and did fine with his procedure Tuesday. He was a bit groggy and out of it but should be back to his normal self in the next day or two.  He had no trouble eating tho!  Nom Nom Nom...
Thank you for all your purrs and good vibes for him.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mr. Kitty Needs Purrs

UPDATE TUES - Mr Kitty is on his way home.  All went well.  The fluid filled lump was sizable - about  2" by 1 1/2". The vet drained it rather than put him thru surgery to cut it out.  He will be happy to get back home to eat - he loves his food and was so upset we pulled the food up last night.  I had to shut him in the bedroom to feed the others this morning before I took him in.  After so many losses I was upset leaving him this morning and cried when I came out to the car.  It will take a while to relax at the vet I guess. It was not anyone's fault with Georgie - just a lot of complications.  The vets involved did the best they could for her.  I just have to let that go.  Thank you for all the purrs for Mr Kitty (and me).  Love you all.

Mr. Kitty has a lump on his neck.  We did a biopsy months ago and it is not cancer - just a pocket of fluid collecting there.  The vets drained it at that time while he was having his dental.  It is rather large again and in the way when we have to get blood from him etc.

Watching bird TV

Tues. tomorrow, we will bring him in to have it drained again. He will need a little anesthesia but not as much as if he had surgery.  Please keep him in your thoughts and keep those purrs coming for a easy procedure and recovery.

Sleepy boy.

At some point, if the lump seems to come back quickly, we may opt for surgery to remove it altogether but I hesitate to do this due to his age (17 this year) and his feistiness.  Recovering from full surgery would be stressful on him and us.  We will update this post and Facebook when he gets out of his procedure.



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