Friday, August 29, 2014

Formerly Feral Friday with Ivy

UPDATE Sept 4 - Mom forgot my Gotcha Day!!!  Oh well at least she posted this last week.  Shame on you Mom!  (Mom here - thanks for remembering her special day even tho I forgot.  I usually check the CB calendar each month but didn't get to it for Sept.  Happy Gotcha Day my sweet girl.)

Sorry for no posts until this one this week.  Mom's been working more and not getting things done online!  Today the post is about me - Ivy.  As a formerly feral kitty, I lived outside with the colony for seven years before Mom took me inside. I was pretty wild so she thought it would be best for me to let me live outside.  That was until out head cat Big Guy passed away.  They all the other male cats tried to take over the remains of the colony and the yard.

My buddy Nick was not well so Mom brought him inside before me.  I got to stay out for that last summer and it was fun but scary since I was alone out there.  All that is in the past now that I have been inside for nine years now - holy moly.  How did I get to 16 and have FIV?  Good care I guess.

Some tidbits about me now...

I have no teeth anymore.  Most fell out when I lived outdoors.  When Mom first saw me I had too many teeth and very large ones.  Thank Cod we have no pics of me then.  Mom said my teeth all stuck out of my mouth and I looked real scary.  She thinks it was from inbreeding whatever that is.  Our colony all had funny teeth - missing ones, really large ones, too many, etc.

I like to hang my head off the furniture like Snoopy did on his dog house.  Mom worries 'cuz it looks like I will slide right off but I usually don't.  I think it feels comfy to have my head lower than my body.  Anyone else out there that naps like this?

Me and Angel Joey in front of our heater.  I miss Joey.
I love to be warm!  Laying in the sun feels so good.  In the winter I love to sit right and I mean right in front of the heater when it is on. Mom is worried I will burst into flames 'cuz I get so hot.  So you can see I have lots of personality and love my new indoor digs even tho I lived outside for years.  Us ferals can always be tamed but it can take months for some.  Me ,I am easy!

Our dear friend Sparkle went over the Bridge recently and her family is having a memorial commnetathon for her.  Please stop by!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Light Has Gone Out - Farewell Sparkle

(Courtesy of

The cat blog world has lost a dear friend. Sparkle ruled the world as only cats can.  Through her human's voice, she gave advice about how to care for cats, always left wonderful, often funny comments on all our blogs, and spoke out as a voice for abandoned and abused cats, helping them find a loving forever home. Sparkle had a tremendous impact on so many - bloggers, cats and humans all over the globe.

Sparkle's Credo Says it all -

Sparkle's Credo (must be followed by all fans):

1. I pledge my allegiance and loyalty to all felines around the world... and beyond.

2. I affirm that cats are superior to the human race, and that humans were put on this earth to serve cats.

3. I shall groom frequently, so I am always clean and presentable.

4. I shall play hard, nap hard and purr frequently.
5. I will always lend a helping hand to a cat or kitten less fortunate than myself.

6. I will show my claws - and use them - when someone is being cruel to another cat.

7. When a human is neglectful of his or her duties (i.e., changing the litter box, purchasing quality cat food, supplying sufficient cat toys, etc.), I shall make this fact known in no uncertain terms.

8. If I am a human, I will make sure my cats have pristine litter boxes, the highest quality premium cat food and an array of cat toys so they don't get bored. If I am neglectful in any of these aforementioned responsibilities, I will not complain when I receive the appropriate consequences.

9. I will do all in my power to rid the world of kill shelters, and to strive for all cats to find homes where they are loved, appreciated and served.

10. I shall always behave with dignity, and expect the respect I deserve.

(Courtesy of

We'd like to think that you are among the stars now, where you belong, shining down on all of us, making sure your credo is being kept.  Sending deepest sympathy to Mom Janiss.  RIP sweet Sparkle.  You live on in our hearts forever.

Please leave your comments here.

To view other tributes to Sparkle and add yours visit Glogirly.
Sadly Mom was not able to figure out how to add the link!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Terrifying Tuesday - NOT

This is Only on the left and Georgie on the right under the chair in the screen room.  No one was vacuuming or doing anything thing that would scare them but when I went looking for them, I found them like this!  Eyes wide and all scooted back under the chair.  Who knows what was going on?

Click on pic to bignify for full effect!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful Garden Thursday

Snowball here today with our garden post.  We are grateful that our yard is full of lovely flowers which draw bees and butterflies and hummingbirds!  Bees are so important to our food system - no bees, no food.  Honey bees are in serious decline right now.  We use only organic fertilizer and no pesticides to protect all the bees and wildlife.

We are thankful that the previous owners of our land were landscapers and gardeners - so much of what we have now in the yard was planted and tended to by them

Gerber Daisy in our planters


A bee in the Phlox

Shasta Daisy

P.S. Mom has allergy eyes and can't see very well - blurry and runny.  She is going to the Dr. this morning and will be by to visit later.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Feral Flash Back Friday with Sweetpea

This is kinda a before and after post with me Sweetpea hosting.  Mom trapped  me as a feral kitten living with a colony of cats in the woods behind her house and brought me to live indoors.  She was scared I would not live through the winter that year,  especially after the whole group disappeared for days after a cold and snowy day.    We must have found a warmer place to go 'cuz we all showed up again in a few days but Mom was sooo very worried about us especially me "cuz I was so tiny.

I lived in the  bathroom for a few weeks until I got used to being handled and petted.  The vet had to sedate me to examine me and told Mom to bathe me quick while I was still out like a light.  I guess I was dirty, full of mats and had a skin condition.   I was fierce even though I was small.  Bit by bit I got better behaved and was allowed out to meet Angel Chica and Angel Yoko who were a bit older than me.

This is me now 15 years later - not much bigger than then but all growed up!  I love my peeps and will sit in their lap whenever I can.  I love Pop and want to sit on him whenever he watches TV.  So you see feral cats can be tamed - even older ones.  next week we will tell you about some other ferals in our house.  Have a super weekend!



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