Monday, July 28, 2014

Thankful Mancat Monday

Snowball with Only behind him

 Mom didn't get to post this last night as we had BAD storms and even a tornado watch - very scary!  The storms lasted until 2 in the morning and ended with one huge clap of thunder that sent us all into hiding.  It sounded like something got hit right over us but this morning nothing looked amiss.  So us mancats are very thankful nothing was damaged in our area last night.  Wishing you all a happy week!

Two Spot hamming it up

Al napping - his ear tips get dirty - time to wash them.

Norm hiding in his box

Sam's usual hiss and growl greeting

Woody watching for storms

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mellow Monday and Turkey TV

One of Only's out takes from his 4th photo session - he just yawned but looks like he is sneering.

We are back.  Hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July  (for those in the states)  Pop did well in his surgery and is recovering nicely.  He has his staples out this week and hopefully will be able to get back to normal.  The doctors say they got all the cancer.  Thank you for all your wonderful purrs, prayers and get well wishes for Pop!

Only gave up on posing to clean his belleh!

Ivy is over her conjunctivitis - she had a ulcer in her eye from it.  Mom did good giving her antibiotics and eye cream herself!  Only is over his second UTI in a few months and is on a daily dose of d-mannose to keep it from happening again.

We have had an unexpected visitor to our yard the past few weeks - a young turkey, all by his or her lonesome.  Imagine - turkey TV!  She or he comes to eat around the bird feeder in late afternoon.  Pretty cool.

Of course Mom videoed her/him.  Check it out.  If you can't view this here then go to our Youtube Channel.



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