Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Angel Chica!

Chica on her 20th Birthday

It would have been Angel Chica's 23rd birthday today.  She lived to be 3 months shy of her 22nd birthday in 2013.  Having had her with us so long, we have so many sweet and funny memories of her.

Chica at five months

She lived life on her terms.  She chose me when I first saw her in Florida, outside a strip mall as a young kitty.  She was thumping her paws at a shop window trying to get inside.  Once home with us, she laid the rules down quickly!

She loved to rip up toilet paper rolls - it was six months after she passed before we realized we still hadn't put the TP back on the roll!

Chica was fearless, nothing fazed her.  She was not even afraid of the vacuum cleaner!

Chica's first Christmas

Unwrapping gifts was fun for her.

She enjoyed life indoors but got outside a few times in her younger years.  A neighbor came to the door and as I held it open for her to come  in, Chica bolted out between our legs.  It was getting dark so I ran right after her even tho I was barefoot.  I felt like if I let her out of my sight, she was gone.  She was in different territory so stopped to check every new thing out.  I caught up with her in a neighbor's backyard and scooped her up.  She went right over my shoulder and was free again!  This time I scruffed her when I caught her and made it back inside, my heart and hers pounding in the excitement. That wasn't the last time she tried to escape!

On the fridge in NC

When we moved to North Carolina, she again made our house her home, scoping it all out and snoopervising the furniture placement.  

She was so unique in so many ways as torties are.  And she was my first cat.  That fact alone will keep her close to my heart, always.  Wishing my special girl a wonderful Birthday at the Bridge.

P.S. After this post, I will take a 2 week blogcation.  My husband, the kittie's Pop  will have surgery on Wed this week.  We can use all the extra positive vibes for him to do well and recover quickly.  Thanks from all of us. Feel free to email as I will be checking them.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Box Day!


Woody reporting today.  Sheeez...Mom almost for got our favorite day - International Box Day!!!  What cat doesn't love boxes - they are great to play in, nap and even hide in.  Whenever we get a package in the mail  it is the box we love best right?  So Happy Box Day kitties!


Snowball on left - Norm on right

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Pop and Al

All us cats think we have one of the best father's in the world.  He does so much for us day in and day out.  Pop drives all over town to find our special Pet Guard and Wellness food in large cans and hauls big bags of cat litter from the truck into the cat house.  Pop is the one who can catch us when we have to go to the V-E-T and puts us in the PTU!  Now that he is retired,  if Mom is working, Pop will take us to the V-E-T.  He doesn't like to do that anymore than we like to go but it can't be helped sometimes.

Pop loving on Snowball
He loves all of us and makes sure he spends one on one time with each of us every day.  There is a lot of us so that takes some time.  He helps Mom with the white kitties most 'cuz they share a man cave together (even tho the two girls Georgie and Smidge live with us too.)

Sweetpea hoping to get some of Pop's supper.

Pop will shovel snow to make a path out to the man cave and check on us in bad weather.  When power goes off, he even runs extra power lines for the generator. And every day he mixes Snowball's special food additives (to help keep him regular) into his food and gets him to eat.  We don't know what we would do without our Pop.  He is very special to us.

Wishing our Pop and all Dads everywhere a wonderful Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordy Wednesday - Tabitha Does a Canidae Review

Me, Tabitha posing with the sample Canidae Treats

Tabitha here today with this post.  Sorry we have not been around - Mom is busy getting things ready for Pop's surgery in two weeks.  He will not be able to do much for two weeks after and  it will be a month before he is back to normal so we will have to help mom take care of Pop and us!  We will fill you in closer to the date.

Now for our Canidae review -

We were sent sample packets of Canidae Grain Free Treats with Fresh Salmon and with Fresh Chicken.  Well the salmon flavor is almost gone already .  Mom had a hard time to take a photo of us eating them cuz we wolf them down so fast!

Callie is trying to will the bag open! (Kitty Vulcan mind meld maybe?)

The treats are small and heart shaped so we can eat them easily since most of us are seniors.  The crunchy texture helps to clean our teeth (for those of us who still have some...er.. teeth that is.)

Callie got the bag open!

For more info on these great delish treats by Canidae, go to Canidae web site or their Facebook page.  Canidae also hosts a Free Stuff Friday Sweepstakes.  They give away a Canidae item free every week.  You can enter here on Facebook  - Free Stuff Friday  We are certainly going to enter every week - maybe we can win some more free treats! Whoo Hoo - free stuff!!!

Ivy enjoyed them even tho you has hardly any teeth left.

We had no internets yesterday when we posted this so Mom will catch up today!

Darby was won over and listed them as her fav.



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