Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tattle Tale Tuesday with Ivy

This took a loooong time to post.  We have been having problems posting photos on to blogger lately!  Anyone else having this issue?

Since we are getting older and taking up more of Mom's time, she is not posting as much as she was before.  She doesn't have the time to wait on Blogger to get things up.  She thought a regular post about some interesting tidbits about each of us would be fun and fairly easy to do!

This week it is me Ivy!

 I am 15 years old this year and am FIV positive altho no one would know this from how I act.

I lived outside as part of a feral cat colony in Mom's backyard for 8 of my 15 years.  I was one tough cookie.  I even have a BB pellet embedded in my right front leg to show for my time in the wild!

I am the black cat on the left.  The others are Nicky and Big Guy is the cow cat.

I also have had issues with FHS - feline hyperesthesia syndrome.  I tend to pull my fur out along my back from this.  I was even having seizures too but I am doing OK now. In flea season Mom has to be very vigilant in applying the Advantage and using DE to keep the fleas down, plus vacuuming.  This seems to help.

When I scratch myself  on my chest with my paw, it makes my tongue go in and out, in and out.  Mom laughs at me then.  She can make me do it too.

I am very vocal and have a strange repertoire of sounds - chirps, gurgles and quacks.  I don't meow like other cats.

I had very dark fur at one time but now it is reddish, especially on my tail.  The whiskers on my right side are curled and short like they were broken off or singed.  Mom has no idea how that happened.

I don't have any teeth left but do like to bite.  I put the bitey on anything you put in front of me including Mom's finger!

At night when Mom goes to bed, I run up on the bed and wait for her to play with me.  I like chasing the ribbon but I will also catch her socks when she throws them up in the air.

I am Mom's girl and want to sit on her lap allll the time!  She can't move and I am right there.  She finds this very hard to believe cuz when I lived with the feral cats, I would not let her touch me and would swat her if she tried.

I am a pretty unusual cat if I may say so myself!  Hope you enjoyed learning more about me.

On a sad note...our dear friend Sammy from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  He will be terribly missed by his fmaily so please so go by if you haven't already!  Sweet dreams Sammy.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

 Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we are most grateful for.


  The love of sweet kitties.

  Spring coming to the mountains

 Frisky ponies running the fields like crazy cats!

Mom's first tulips in her garden

And for friends like you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Tips - April 22, 2013

Hey there - Ivy here today. It's Earth Day isn't it? Pop is an old hippie and Mom has been a nature lover since the beginning so they do a lot to help Mother Earth daily! Here are some ideas they use to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Recycle your pet food cans - most areas now have recycling stations to bring those used cans. If you are like us and have lots of cats - those cans can add up!

Buy natural and environmentally safe litter - we use chicken feed for starter/growers crumbles, no medicinal additives  for cat litter cuz it is inexpensive and works as well as higher priced cat litter. We get 50 lb bags.  They have litter out there from corn, pine, wheat and old recycled newspaper. Pick one and try it!

Use your own bags when you shop - don't use plastic bags unless you have to. They just don't break down and end up being around a long time.

Buy fresh local foods in season and avoid packaged foods if you can - we have lots of farms nearby for fresh eggs, cheese, meat and produce. Pop is a Chef and he doesn't like packaged foods so unless Mom sneaks in a mac and cheese in a box we make our own.

Grow your own foods organically - Pop has had a garden forever and uses things like kelp and fish emulsion for fertilizer. He buys his compost and soil enhancers from local stores and not the big chains - they say they are organic but have harsh chemicals in them. Pop uses straw for mulch and even uses straw to plant in (he is trying straw bales gardening this year). Our beans even grow wheat grass for us!

Shop at consignment and thrift shops - we are tough on furniture and stuff so Mom decorates like Shabby Chic with funky flea market stuff that looks better all banged up. She also gets used cat condos, kitty beds and towels and blankets for comfy bedding at these stores. She likes vintage clothes and buys a lot of her stuff there too.

I bet you can think of lots more things to do each day to help keep our planet healthy and green for a long time! Happy Earth Day from all of us at Wildcat Woods. (Hope you don't mind that Mom reused this post from 3 years ago cuz they spent Sunday doing a kitty transport to save a shelter cat.)

P.S. Woody joined an event at the Tabby Cat Club today called What's in a Name - find out how he got his name.  This event is hosted by Oui Oui and Abbi.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Hunt - Wither

Tabitha's look is enough to make anyone wither!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aaah, Nothing Like a Foot Soak in the Water Bowl!

  Woody on Wordless Wednesday

We want to offer our condolences to Morgen and Eyad of Purrchance to Dream who lost their lovely Chloe suddenly Tuesday evening.  Please stop by.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mamacita on Monday

It is me Mamacita today.  When Mom got her new blog header lots of peeps asked why we only posted about some cats and many never got to be on here so this week we will feature the shyer ones like me.  I am a plus sized girl and will be 8 this year. I am still pretty wild but like to be out and about - just don't make any fast moves or try to pick me up. Then it is hasta la vista baby!  I like to sit on the chair in the living room with my daughter Rosa and hang out.  She is the other lump behind me.

 I also like to sleep with my chin on the arm of the chair and kinda watch TV with Pop. 

I love boxes and hidy spots.  Spiders and ants are very fun to watch but I can't resist them.  I end up stomping them and eating them......yum!  I will pester Mom into letting me be back on here soon. See ya next time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 9 - Happy Birthday to Marg!!!

Welcome to Marg's Birthday Bash!  All of her critters and friends are here to wish her the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year to come.  Since Marg loves horses and used to work with them, we figured that would be our theme this year.  Marg, you have been appointed Barn Goddess for your special day!

The donkeys Joe, and Smoke, Ande the dog and all the cats want to wish you a very Happy Birthday too! Maggie and Mahoney also want to meow  a big hearty Thank You for taking such good care of us!

As you can see, Marge has a lot of animals to care for.  But she also works hard to make sure any animal that needs help in her area gets it.  She gets the Blue Ribbon for compassion for critters for sure!

Now... on with the party, beginning with  delicious horse shaped cakes - enough for all....

horse shaped pizzas....

rice crispie bars that look like mini hay bales...

Cupcakes for horse lovers...

And a goodie bag full of toys and treats...

like these rubber duck/ponies....
And for all of you daring enough to do it, a real live horse for a quick spin around the pasture!  Is that Marg's Black on this horse?

Marg - Hope your day is as special as you are.  If any of you have a birthday post up for Marg today - please leave your link in the comments.  The more the merrier!  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to go by Marg's blog to wish her in person!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tell the Truth Tuesday

Me - Al

It is me Al and I want to set the record straight today.  Mom pulled a April Fools prank on you guys yesterday and most of you fell for it hook line and sinker!!!  Heehee

She had no idea of what she was going to do for April Fools until she saw Dakota - the me look alike drummer for the Rock Cats.  Then it all came together - this great big fib about me auditioning for the band etc.  You have to admit that I do have an eery resemblance to the lovely Dakota.

Dakota the Rock Cat
Hope everyone had a fun day yesterday and no hard feelings. it was all in good fun.   Did you pull any pranks on someone on April Fools?  Please do share them in the comments.

The other thing we wanted to share was our new blog header.  So many left nice comments about it.  Mom's friend Susanna is an artist and offered to do this one cat cartoon for her as a birthday gift, especially since Mom has just lost Chica on her birthday.  Susanna even added angels Chica and Joey to the drawing. It makes Mom smile.

If you want to see more of Susanna's work check out her web page or if you are on Facebook, check out her FB page.

That is all I am confessing to today!  See y'all next time!

Big News on Mancat Monday!!!!!

As you know we planned on seeing the Acro Cats over the Easter weekend.  We found out online that they were auditioning local cats for guest spots with the Rock Cats band so we took our Al in.  He is deaf but we have trained him to respond to hand signals and his lack of hearing makes him immune to the noise of the crowd.  Maybe he won't hear the music he makes but he can bang the drums!

We will share some pics of the Acro Cats in action while we finish telling our exciting story about Al.

We went the the theater early and sat thru various other cat's auditions.  When it came to our Al's turn, he did wonderfully!  He caught on quickly and never even wandered from his seat.  After answering a few more questions, we were very excited to learn they had chosen our Al to guest star on Sunday's late show!  That gave them time to work with him a bit.

Flash ahead...time for the show and the theater was filling up quickly with people of all ages.  Samantha began with the star Tuna and introduced each of the cats with a wonderful acrobatic routine.  She even has a groundhog named Garfield, some tightrope walking rats and a chicken named Gregory Peck.  All of her cats are rescues and she told us each of their stories.

Then...drum roll...the highlight of the show - the Rock Cats. The guitarist and keyboard cats came out and finally Al on drums.  He looked specatular!!  It was quite the event to see them all playing along with Tuna on cowbells and Sookie on chimes.

Al wasn't happy with the pink collar he had to wear but all went smoothly and no one knew it was not the actual Rock Cat drummer Dakota until they revealed his identity at the end of the show!  We are so proud of our Al!

 Looks like we GOTCHA!!!




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