Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for Lots of Things Thursday

Yoko in her blankie.
Yoko here again. This has been a very busy week - Mom finally has two days of on Thurs/Fri!  She is thankful for the week to be over.

Chica double boxed.

Mom is also thankful Chica is OK.  After I went to the vet on Saturday, Chica had to on on Tuesday.  Chica was throwing up and trying to use the litter box and was very constipated.  Mom gave her laxatone and then later some pumpkin.  At her age, Mom was worried about her.  She took her to our regular vet and they gave her fluids for the CRF cuz she was dehydrated.  Chica screams and growls and hisses when they give her fluids but Mom didn't hear much this time.  They tried draping a towel over  her head while doing it and Chica was calm and quiet thru it all. All the effort paid off -  Chica was cleaned out!  Poor Chica - she was also wore out!.  She slept for a while but is doing good now. Mom is still keeping an eye on  her.

I am thankful that I am feeling better and the antibiotics are working.  No more UTI for me.We go back to check my pee this week.

Mellower Al in his tunnel.

The whitster guys outside are all thankful that Al is more mellow and not bullying them all the time.  Mom found a special treat called Composure by Vetri Science that helps to calm kitties.  It has B1 and theanine in it and it works on Al!  Nothing else we've tried has.

And finally we are so thankful to have all of you friends in CB and beyond to offer support, advice and friendship.  You guys rock!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank You from Yoko

Mom said I could do the post today even tho I am not a Mancat on Monday!  Sorry I look kinda scruffy - I don't groom myself very much anymore and I won't let Mom do it either! I am feeling much better - thank you for all the purrs and prayers for me over the weekend.  Thank you Brian of Brian's Home for telling CB about my trip to the vet. ( You can read that post here.) It made Mom feel better knowing you all were thinking of us.

I get very nervous going to the vet and Pop had to leave me there for a few hours so they could get urine from me.  I did OK but was really glad to see Pop again.  The vet was nice and said I had an infection in my bladder, some arthritis in my hips and maybe a heart murmur!  Mom wants to take me to our regular vet to see what we can do for all this but meanwhile I am on antibiotics.

I am resting a lot but am eating good.  Mom brings me food every few hours so I don't have to get up.  I have been snuggling on the sofa.  My pee is back to normal and I am glad.  I did not like to have to go to the liter box so much.  I will keep everyone updated when I go back to the vet again.

Mom is resting up too - she is in retail and worked all weekend.  She is wore out!  We will be by to thank each of you in person this week.  Thank you all again for caring about me.  We do appreciate your friendship!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yoko is Home - Purrs Needed for Yoko

UPDATE - 10:30 PM Sat
Yoko is home and on antibiotics.  The vet was able to see her tonight.  Her urine specimen showed an infection but nothing else seemed wrong.  He said she was very sore in her hind quarters so perhaps it hurt her to squat to pee and she may have been holding it.  We have noticed someone is peeing just outside the box, like they backed up too close to the edge and went over.  It must be Yoko.  She was not dehydrated and all else seemed OK for her age.

She went right for the food bowl when she got home as usual and ate and ate.  Pop took the bowl away from her for while cuz he was afraid she would be sick from eating so much.  If the vomit from earlier was her, it may have been a fur ball cuz nothing seemed wrong with her tummy.   She went right to sleep next to Pop on the sofa and has been there since.  She is Pop's girl - she is the only cat we got at a shelter and Pop picked her out.  All the others found us!

Cute story about tonight - Pop dropped Yoko off and was told the vet could not see her for a couple of hours so he ran errands.  When he came back he visited the sick kitties and pups in the vet's office, petting them thru the cage bars.  One tiny fluffy kitten was wailing his head off and the vet tech asked Pop if he wanted to hold the kitten to give him some attention.  They had been swamped with emergencies and had not spent any time with him.  Pop put the kitten on his lap the whole time he waited for the vet to see Yoko.  He had a good time with the tiny fluffball.  The office cat Fred was also on the waiting room sofa with him so Pop got a good dose of kitty loving!

Thank you all for your prayers, concern and purrs.  We think it helped.  We will post again to let you know how Yoko is doing but the worst seems to have passed.  We were worried it was another episode like Chica had when she was in ICU for three days!  At their age, you never know...

Mom has to work today but Pop rushed Yoko to the VET - she had been trying to use the litter box, threw up and then was dribbling blood.  We hope it is just a UTI but at 18 you never know.  Please send purrs for her to be OK!  She stopped to eat -- when she gets nervous, she eats so we think that is a good sign.

We will have to leave her at the VET - they were busy with emergencies.  Will keep you posted.  Please send purrs and prayers!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Turkey Day! (And Gotcha Day!)

You gotta love a holiday that centers around a large, flightless bird!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends 
from the Cats of Wildcat Woods.

(Mom used me for her Turkey Day poster but didn't even remember that it was my Gotcha Day too!)

Sorry Joe - we took Joey in from living outside with the feral group after he had been beaten up a few times and developed abscesses from the wounds.  It was Thanksgiving and while Pop cooked the fixings Mom lured Joey into the enclosed porch and shut the door.  Then she had to catch him - he hid behind the second refrigerator most of the morning but she manged to catch him before dinner and put him in a small room to get used to being inside.  His sister Minnie was already in and she helped Joe relax. We are so glad Joe is an inside boy now - he is a lover not a fighter.

And we have a winner - the Awkward Family Pet Photos book give-away  drawing was on 11/22.  Using, we put in the number of entries and the winner is....drumroll.......Alasandra, The cats and a Dog. We will contact them for an address to mail a copy to.  Congrats guys!

We will catch you all next week - Mom's gotta take a break - too much going on over the next few days!

(card idea from American Greetings)

Good-bye Holly

We want to say good-by to Marg's Holly who had to be helped to the bridge today.  

We just met her a couple of weeks ago when we visited Marg and all her critters.  Holly was very thin but so sweet, wise and loving.  She really liked our Pop and wanted to sit on his lap and be petted the whole time.  We are glad we got to meet her.

If you have not been by already, please stop by Marg's Pets to offer words of comfort and to say good-by to a very dear old ladycat. We lit a candle for Holly - to see it go here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Intruder on Mancat Monday

Snowball here with a serious Intruder Alert!  I spy some interloper on our territory!  Attention mancats!!!

Two Spot reporting for duty.  I got my eye on the intruder.

He is messing with the wrong mancats here.  Who does he think he is coming down to our yard, rolling on our driveway and acting all smug and cute for Mom?  Hey Jack!  Just make sure buddy, that you know this is our place and not yours!

Thankfully he gets too excited when Mom tries to pet him and nips!  She has to limit petting and stay back or he goes after her full force - trying to nip her toes - kinda crazy that cat!

Intruder Alert suspended for the day!  Jack has gone back up the hill to his place.  He better not be seen around here too often!  I don't care that he likes to hunt our mice.  Get your own mice Jack!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Snowball here today.  Guess What?  I won the Lamest Costume category in Hansel's Halloween Spooktacular contest!  I went as .......wait for it.......a piggy bank.  Think Mom is trying to tell me something?  This category was sponsored by the one and only Katnip Lounge!

Ivy checks out the box. (She's got some fur pulling issues)

Yoko gave the snuggle bag a big paws up!

We got their prize last week - a box chock full of goodies for both the outside kitties (that's us) and the older indoor ones.  No one is really outside - we have a shelter building with a screen porch for us whitesters and the senior cats are in the house with the beans.

Chica took charge of the toy distribution while Yoko looked on.

Minnie preferred the Valerian over the nip!

Katnip Lounge cats sent a set of everything for both of us - nip, an assortment of balls, Valerian, (do we detect a theme here?) treats, chicken jerky, a fleece blankie and they also added a snuggle bag that they did not want or use - we love it. The box everything was in was lots of fun too!

Two Spot and Only check out the goodies.

Uh oh...fight!

Al wanted the nip scented ball.

Thanks guys - you are super and we are enjoying all our goodies! And many thanks to Hansel for working so hard to put this contest together for us once again!

If you want to enter our drawing for the book Awkward Family Pet Photos - just go here.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third Annual Worldwide Moment for Furred, Finned and Feathered Friends

Thanks to Two Special Wires, the Third Annual Worldwide Moment will happen at 6 PM EST Monday Nov. 14.  It is a a moment to honor the animals we have known and loved in the past and to send out positive energies to those alive today the world over. We would like to share the story of Tarra and Bella.

Tarra and Bella

Tarra lives at the elephant sanctuary near Nashville TN.  Her best friend was Bella, a stray dog who wandered into the 2700 acre haven in 2003 and forged an unusual friendship with Tarra.  When Bella incurred a spinal injury a few years ago, Tarra stood vigil for 3 weeks just outside the office  where Bella rested and recuperated.

Recently, Bella was attacked and killed by coyotes.  From what the sanctuary administrators can gather,  Tarra found her body and carried her best friend back to her home.  Tarra has been grieving but the other elephants have been sharing their food and attention to help her through this.  Tarra and Bella's story teaches us huge lessons about love, friendship, loyalty, loss and grief..  Please take the time to read their story here.

Only meditation and sending our loving kindness to all beings.
"In their innocence and wisdom, in their connection to the earth and its most ancient rhythms, animals show us a way back to a home they have never left."  ~ Susan Chernak McElroy

We at Wildcat Woods are sending positive thoughts to Tarra and her elephant friends to help them through their loss and to comfort them and peace to all animals everywhere.   Thank you for joining us today in prayer, meditation, reflection or contemplation in this Worldwide Moment.

Darby sending purrayers for Tarra.

The two FIV kittens Mom posted about - Cobbie was one that Brian of Brian's Home asked for help to place and Mom took to a local no-kill shelter - both were adopted last week AND...they both retested negative for FIV!!!  How great is that?  Thanks for all your purrs, prayers and assistance with this!

Danica (aka Cobbie) has a new home.

Angelica was adopted with another kitten named Turtle!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Visit with Marg's Pets

Jasmine in front and Andy in back.

Chca Her telling this story:   The other day Mom and Pop (with flat Chica) took a drive down to visit Marg of Marg's Pets.  They had planned this a few months back but Igot really sick a few days before - one of two episodes this summer so they postponed the visit.  Mom wanted to go there before the weather got too cold and wintry.

Lovely Maggie!

Mahoney checking it all out!

It was a pretty drive and they got to meet lots of her critters. The first stop was the house where they met, Little Bit, Mahoney, Maggie, and Holly.  Andy and Jasmine welcomed them at the fence and were so excited to see us. (Woofies usually are!)

Maggie playing with Mahoney.

Holly getting loved up!

Little Bit - blurry - great shot Mom!

Mom had some camera issues and missed a lot of shots of Mahoney playing with the feather toy before she figured out what she was doing wrong!  Oh well.  Mahoney was adorable and Maggie so pretty.  Holly just loved Pop and sat on his lap all the time soaking up the attention.

Pop retrieving the buckets that the donkeys play with.

Smoke - how little they are!

Pop talking to Joe.

Orange Boyz showing us around.

Peppers hiding from Mom's camera.

The beans went to lunch at a great local place and when they came back took a tour of the barns and met Joe and Smoke, the donkeys and Peepers the goat.  Mom's camera scared Peepers who kept running away from her! Orange Boy took the tour with them along with Splitters.  (If we get any names wrong forgive Mom - she has a hard time remembering our names!!!!! )

Lucky peeking at us.

Tortie Spliters.

Tabatha and BG behind her.

Tabatha and BG were on the porch and Gertrude and Mewmew ran by but did not stay long enough to get a photo.  The folks did see so many of the critters and loved them all.  Marg was so wonderful - funny, easy to be with - every bit like her blog!  She prefers to remain a mystery so we won't show her here.  It was a fun day and Mom and Pop will be going back real soon!  Thanks Marg for a fun day!


We are running a give-away of the book Awkward Family Pet Photos.  It is available to all of Mom's blog followers.  If you want to enter the drawing - just mention that in your comment  below and follow one of her blogs - see the sidebar.  Most of you already follow us anyway!  For more info see our post here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bedtime Reading And Give-away

Sweetpea here today. Mom has been reading this fun book at night to us before she goes to sleep.  It is written by two screen and TV writers Mike Bender and Doug Chernack.  They have previously written the well known Awkward Family Photos book and have a website by the same name.

We laughed at the silly pictures of people and their pets along with some pretty funny stories behind the photos.  They have a section on pet portraits, holiday portraits and then just photos of  people with their cats, dogs, birds and even exotic pets.  Our favorite is this one with the poor cat sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap - bet he will never chase bunnies again!

We even recognized a contributor to the Awkward Family Pet Photos book - Karen Nichols of The Cats Meow blog and!  We give this book a full ~paws up~ for pet lovers!

If you would like to win your own brand new copy, just leave a comment below telling us you want to be entered in the give-away.  It's that simple!  We will pick the winner using on Nov. 22 during the week of Thanksgiving - just in time for Christmas.  Wouldn't this book make a great Christmas gift?

Another note of interest - we visited Marg of Marg's Pets yesterday.  Mom and Pop took flat Chica and went on a road trip to see all of Marg's great critters. It was so much fun. That story will be coming up later this week.  See ya then!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem 2011

We are participating in November 4th's  BlogBlast for Peace 2011 - a worldwide blogging event to promote peace begun in 2006.  Like the quote says, if enough of us dream this dream of peace, it will become reality!  So dream your dream of peace with us!

Tabitha and Woody

All we are saying is give peace a chance.  ~ John Lennon

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. ~ John Lennon

 If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace. ~ John Lennon

Mamacita, Rosa and Joey in rear.

If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal.  ~ John Lennon



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