Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing with Chica

Chica loves to play hide and seek with mom. She runs and hides while mom pretends she can't find her. She gets in the bath tub and lays low with just her ear tips showing.

Can you see Chica hiding behind the curtain?

Uh oh, she's not even there....  

Gotchca!!! April Fooool!!!!!! (heeheehee)

. This is a repost from 2009 - only 5 readers saw this then so we thought it was too good not to do it again!

Happy April Fools from Chica and the rest of us!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

Sweetpea making a funny tongue face.

Today, March 26, is officially Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and we are proclaiming it to be National Silly Day!!! Sleep silly, walk silly, eat silly, play silly, make silly faces - be silly any way all day!  A little 'nip wouldn't hurt either...Have fun - we will!

Joey nipped out.

Darby snoozing we think

Only with his nip 'nana  (Looks like the dye came off on him!)

Two Spot hanging loose
 We joined with Camera Critters today. Please go see what other critters are up to today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Darby's 11th Gotcha Day and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Welcome one and all to my 11th Gotcha Day and our St. Patrick's Day Party. Mom said I was the Green Queen for the day and all my wishes would come true.  They have come true too cuz I was living under Mom's house in the winter and just a tiny kitten all by my lonesome.  A possum was living under there too and Mom was really worried if he would hurt me so she set up a trap on the porch for me and in I went and the rest is history.  To read the story of me Darby go here.

Mom gave me the catnip cigar to play all day with. That is so much fun! And then I get my favorite for all my meals - Temptations Treats!!!!! For all the party goers I will share my Catnip Treats with you.

And then my next favorite toy is my ribbon.  I love to chase it when mom twirls it in the air and when I catch it, I pick up one i end in my teeth and bat it with my paw!

Hope you are having as much fun as me today.  We are traditionalists when it comes to celebrating St. Pat's so we have green cake, green popcorn, green pizza and green beer (only for those of you old enough to drink), green everything!  Help yourself and I do hope you wore a bit o'green too.

Thank you all for coming and helping me celebrate my special day! I am a very lucky girl cat. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.
~Irish Blessing

One more thing before you go - our senior Chica earned Honorable Mention in Brian's Home's St Patrick's Day Contest for this photo.  She is very proud of this! 

Brian just told us that Joey also earned Honorable Mention in Best Green Apparel too!  Isn't that great for Joe!!!!  Thank you Brian for hosting this fun contest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011

We picked out one word to describe each of us kitties posted here today. Many thanks to Ann of Zoolatry and Judi of Sammy and Andy's Place for their great graphics!

Senior cat Chica here and my word in CAN TANKEROUS cuz I can be one crabby bossy lady when I want to be.  Not with my Mom of course but if any of the other youngster kitties mess with me, I will growl, mumble, grumble and whap some sense into them. In my younger days, Mom used to call me "Queen of Mean" after the famous cuttthroat hotel magnate Leona Helmsley! Stay outta my way and you'll be fine.

" you doin'?" I am Joey and as you can see from my heavy lidded come hither look I am the ladies mancat of this group, a regular Valentino. My word is PARAMOUR. Nothing I like better than a snuggle and a snooze with one of my ladies next to me. It doesn't matter if they belong to another. I'll take a little lovin' any day anyway. No ladycat is safe with me around! Um, excuse me...time for some more amore!

Mom thinks I am a SILLY goose but cute. I love lots and lots of attention and I just love Mom to bits. I run around her feet when she talks to me and get so excited I nip her but just little soft love nips. I don't just love Mom tho. I love to eat and run to everyone's plate to see if they got something better. Mom doesn't have to clean any plates cuz I do that for her. If Mom is petting someone else, I jump up and get in the middle of it too. I don't think I am needy - I just have lots and lots of love to give. If that is being silly, then that is fine with me.

I think ya gonna haveta move over Joey cuz I am the young mancat on the scene - me Woody. "If you're lookin' for trouble I'll accommodate ya." The ladies love my swaggering walk, my dance moves and the way I forcefully slam cabinet doors. The petticoats call me BANG BANG! (wink wink) "Whoa, take 'er easy there. Pilgrim" Don't get all riled up Joey. I think there are enough ladies to share!

It's me Albert, the wild child of this bunch and my word is CHEEKY adj. - cheek·i·er, cheek·i·est
Impertinently bold; impudent and saucy. That's me. I am brash and nervy and go where no cats dare. As my namesake Albert Einstein once said "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." I am a bold and daring adventurer and nothing intimidates me. I climb clothes drying racks and balance precariously. Hall trees hold no danger for me. I love exploring and get into all sorts of things. Mom's tried to discipline me with squirt guns, time -outs but it doesn't stop me. I am my own mancat and answer to no one.

Al enjoying the view!

I am Two Spot and I am a TRAVELIN' man! "Up with the sun, gone with the wind." Zip, zip, whoosh whoosh. I am on the move all the time! I ain't gettin' tied down. Got things to do and places to go. I will always stop for some loving but not for long. Always runnin' when things get too crazy. Having' fun on the run...see ya! Gotta keep movin'!

We only did a few of us cuz it woulda been a lotta work for Judi and Ann but this was fun.  We can't wait to see what everyone else picked for their word!  Please visit the Cat Blogosphere for more words posts.

We apologize for Mom being late to visit ya'll this week - she has been going car shopping with Pop.  They have been told their vehicle is on it's very last legs and must find a new one ASAP!  So days she is shopping and nights working.  She will be freed up later this week to get to blogging.

Please come back on Thursday for our St Patrick's Day and Darby's 11th Gotcha Day Party!  Wear your green!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day

Hi, it's me Yoko today.  Since I am the only shelter cat in our bunch (Mom rescued the rest of us as strays or ferals) I am hosting the Adopt the Internet Day.

In honor of their 15th birthday, Petfinder is asking people everywhere to pledge to spread the word online about adoptable pets on March 15, 2011.  Please join us -

  • Add a badge to your blog 
  • Take the pledge to tell just one person about Petfinder adoptions and have a chance at winning a Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum by Bissell
  • Caption a Petfinder photo and be featured on ICanHazCheezerburger
  • Update your status on Facebook with a pic of a pet in need of a home from Petfinder with a link to their info
  • Join in on Twitter

All this info and more is on their Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day page here.

As for us, we are featuring our sweet Avon from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of Asheville, NC who is listed on

Avon in her foster home.

She was rescued as an abused mother about to give birth to six kittens.  All her kittens have found homes but Avon still has not found a forever home.  She is a sweet, cuddly smallish tuxedo kitty, about a year old who loves dogs and lots of attention from humans. She is being fostered until they can find a forever home for her and her foster mom's phone number is 828 778-3011.

If you want to know more about Avon check out her Petfinder info here.

More than 320,000 dogs and cats are waiting on for their forever homes.  Let's spread the word to one and all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake Relief for Japan

Four Happy Cats Painting.

This post is dedicated to all the humans and fellow beings that perished in the catastrophic earthquake/tsunami in Japan on 3/11/11.

Please help in any way you can.  Red Cross is taking donations to help Japan - go to Red Cross.

Great blog article is How to Donate Money by Cell Phone to Quake Victims in Japan.

Another article lists Six Ways You Can Help Quake Victims with links to international aid organizations.

Thanks for the info on World Vets - they have a Facebook Page collecting donations for their Japan Relief and Rescue Fund.

Terry of Curlz and Swirlz has more animal rescue organizations helping in Japan.

Whatever your faith, send the people and all beings of Japan your prayers, healing light, Reiki or positive energy.  They will need every bit to recover after this huge disaster.

Go Forward With Courage

When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
So long as mists envelop you, be still;
be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
-- as it surely will.
Then act with courage.

Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800's to 1914)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Award on Wordy Wednesday!

The gang over at Chancy and Company gave us this award a few weeks back. Mom is running way behind with this kinda stuff. Good thing we didn't do her report card cuz she woulda flunked! She having a blog burnout but we hope we can get her back on track!

The rules are to link up with the one who gave you the award, post 7 things about yourself and then pass on to 15 others!

We just did one similar to this but there are so many of us we can come up with 7 more things about us.

1) Yoko eats very very slowly. She can be still at her bowl 5, 10 even 15 minutes later, still eating or drinking. Mom forgets to pick her dish up cuz everyone else is long done.

2) When Woody gets excited he wiggles his butt, shimmies his tail and lifts his back feet one after the other. We call is his Woody Dance and he does it when it is food time, or if the beans are sweet talking him. He gets excited a lot so we see him dance often.

3) Al loves mom's hairspray or shampoo (we don't know which). If she sits when he is on the sofa back behind her, he rubs his face in her hair and gets so excited he bites and gets his paws stuck in her hair. Pop has to extricate him from Mom's hair. She tries to make sure he is not near her she she sits!

4) Lily nips the beans to get what she wants. It is not a hard nip - just a light one. She nips if you are not petting her and she wants it. She nips if you are going to stop petting her. She nips if she hasn't seen you in a while and you just came in. She nips a lot!!!

5) We have probably said this one before but Sweetpea falls asleep sitting up, usually on a counter or shelf. Without fail, she will doze off and then lose her balance and fall. Once when we had company over, Pop said "Watch this" and sure enough Sweetpea fell off the table! Everyone laughed but amazingly she lands right side up still half asleep.

6) Chica catches kitty toys with her two front paws. Mom will toss her one and she stands on her hind legs and usually catches the ball. She can still do that at 19!

7) Georgie is a very quiet little girl and gets lost in the shuffle of all the boys with her but when she really wants something, she tugs at Mom's clothes with her paw. She can snag you good and you are not going anywhere until she gets whatever it is that she wants.

We will pass this on to
Pip, Smidgen and Minnie of Fraidy Cats,
Devon, Tanner and Smokey of Four Crazy Cats 
Tabatha, Mewmew, Black, Tees, Ohs, Khaki, BB, Lucky, Orangeboy of Marg's Pets 
That's 15 other cats so we made our quota!

Please send purrs for KC who is sick and check out our sidebar to help out Avon who needs a home and Boots who needs money for surgery!

Friday, March 4, 2011

After the Party

Thank you all for stopping by for Mom's birthday commentathon for Marg's Pets.  We got 99 comments from both our blog and on Facebook so Mom rounded it up to 100 even.  This means we raised $55. for Marg!!!!  Very appropriate since it was Mom's 55th birthday! Thanks guys.

Mom had a great day.  When she went out to the cat shelter to feed the white kitties Pop had decorated the place with banners and signs with Mom's gifts out there.

The kitties were a bit freaked out with all the decorations.  Some were trying to get into the cabinet. Snowball was hiding under the chair - he is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner but the decorations undid him!  Silly boy.

Pop got mom some fancy chocolates form a local store and a handmade wood heart of recycled materials from the Gallery where Mom works.

She had wanted this heart but came in one day and it was gone - sold.  Pop bought it but no one let on that he had it.  Mom was so upset it was gone and was she surprised that Pop had gotten it for her.  Mom loves art and handmade items from the local area.

Kitty book mark and pen from UK!

She got lots of goodies from friends and coworkers.  Pop took her for a day trip too - to a town they had visited 15 years ago when they were trying to decide where in NC to move to.  It was a cute town but kinda expensive.  They had lunch and drove on a scenic drive past lots of waterfalls!  The road was curvy and narrow with a rock cliff on one side and a huge drop on the other with just a guard rail!  Scary but fun too.

We were all glad they came home safe and sound to be with us.  (W were worried supper was gonna be late)  It was a great day for all and thank you for your part in it!



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